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Seeking unbiased opinions of replacement tracks in Sonic 3

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Tralis, Jul 15, 2022.

  1. Forte


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    It's a very good remix, and it sounds great, but I still believe that the proto fits the stage better.
  2. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

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    S3&K is actually one of my least favorite OSTs in the series so I would be happy to say if the proto tracks were better. Carnival Night is more tolerable imo, and the other two are replacing two of the strongest tracks in the game (and in Ice Cap's case, the whole series.)
  3. Harmony Friends

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    I grew up with Sonic 3 standalone for Genesis and S&K collection for PC and I'd always had a bit of a soft spot for those weird intriguing different tracks, even if I didn't prefer them to the Genesis tracks. When the prototype hit it shifted my feelings; I like proto LBZ a lot more now and I straight up prefer proto CNZ to the final. (Origins versions kinda stink though, and I just don't like any version of non-Buxer Ice Cap period still)
  4. Taylor


    Musically I prefer the MJ compositions (not much of a surprise, since its coming from one of the most famous musicians ever, or at least groups affiliated with him) but in terms of what actually fits, I do think the SEGA compositions generally fit better. The exception is Launch Base Zone, kinda. In the final Sonic 3, where LBZ is the last zone, I think a more serious song like the MJ version fits better than the happy beat that SEGA went with. Of course, I don't think a lot of people are playing the final Sonic 3 in 2022, so...
  5. E-122-Psi


    I grew up with the MJ tracks so have the most nostalgia for them, though I do have this appreciation for how....Sonic-y the prototype ones are, I think they work and are pretty catchy and whimsical.

    I think the bigger downfall is the overall instrument choice. The MJ tracks had not just uniqueness in arrangement but instrument sets to give them a really atmospheric feel, while the prototype ones sound a bit like they're using barebones Megadrive soundfont. I feel it would be just as easy to botch the MJ tracks the same way but it's a bummer since these are technically the "official" versions of the prototype tracks right now (granted I feel the actual versions in the beta are only relatively better in this regard). So not BAD but kinda generic (though CNZ 2 has some nasty static going on in places, again likely due to poor instrument choice).

    Also minor nitpick, LBZ1 was likely not meant to loop its opening fanfare, kinda cuts the adrenaline of the tune, which is its bigger plus point over the MJ one.
  6. RetroJordan91


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    After watching this video and comparing the different versions, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Origins versions are still fairly good and the only thing holding them back is how muffled each track sounds. At the current moment, they sound the best in the actual 1103 prototype, which I wish SEGA used as a basis but for some reason they didn’t. I just hope they fix it so that the OST doesn’t sound so muffled in Origins. Presenting them in higher quality should give these versions more life.

    As far as the tracks themselves, I have no problems having these as a compromise for the lack of MJ tracks. They still fit each respective zone and the 1103 prototype legitimized them even further. I saw this coming the moment Origins was announced and it makes me wonder for the future of Sonic 3 now that these songs appear to be the default ones going forward.
  7. Tiberious


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    When I first heard the prototype music in S&KC, I figured they were replaced because of the Genesis's use of DAC samples that just didn't have GM equivalents. After all, where would you find the glass break sample in the MIDI set? And how would the Genesis 'originals' fare without those sounds? Of course, it's still very possible that these prototype tracks were used because the PC port team couldn't make the Genesis/MJ versions sound good with the more limited audio hardware.

    That said, Carnival Night 1, where you first hear this different soundtrack, stumbles immediately out of the gate with that obnoxious series of descending notes that brings to mind something like a balloon or a tire deflating, and the lowered key of the song (in general, but especially the notes immediately after this musical 'flop') just does nothing to help it, almost as if it's sputtering along. It was off-putting, and I hated it. But what a difference YM2612 instrumentation and a key change made for this one, and now I prefer it over the over-used Entrance of the Gladiators motif (a track itself that's been fully-subverted from a serious march to 'clown music' because of its overuse in this ironic sense) in the MJ soundtrack.

    Carnival Night 2 I initially received much better, but again, the 1103 prototype just improves immensely, and since the MJ version is just 'Act 1 with tracks muted', made the proto music stand out even more.

    There clearly seems to be a consensus building that Ice Cap's is the weakest of the 3 differentiated Zone soundtracks from the prototype, and I can't disagree. It was serviceable in S&KC, okay in the 1103 prototype, and Act 2 doesn't really stand out too much, being so similar to Act 1. This one is where Hard Times is better, but the 1103 version could work if it was given more attention and made more different than Act 1.

    Launch Base 1 does have that somewhat cringe-inducing intro, but the part that makes it so bad is that it drags a bit too long. It could stand to have the middle section cut to get to the much better main loop sooner, and it's actually good, especially with 1103's instrumentation.

    Launch Base 2 in 1103, and even S&KC is much better, but there's some note tweaks in the first half in 1103 that took some getting used to from Origins/S&KC. Overall, it's better than MJ's "mute some tracks and call it a day" 'remix'.

    In general, what I'm most thankful to the 1103 proto for is proving that these weren't just technical and/or legal replacements, but actually made for Sonic 3 (and if not actually made specifically for the game, at least intended to be in the product at one time).
  8. GeneHF


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  9. Ryan Mc

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    I’m more bias towards the final version of the music tracks. Even though I do like the prototype versions too.
  10. I didn't find the original tracks in the MD version that great to begin with, I don't mind the new versions. Can't help but think 'some' people well say the prototype versions are better for no other reason than they aren't included. If you ask me Sonic 3 music score wasn't that good, not after the the brilliant music score in Sonic 1 and Sonic 2
  11. Personally, having grown up with the Genesis OST thanks to my exposure to Sonic Mega Collection Plus… 1103 all the way.
    I absolutely adore the 1103 OST’s smooth feel and funky flow, and the songs just… mesh better with the zones.

    Of course if we include fan soundtracks I have to note Leila Wilson’s IceCap and Launch Base compositions - I have a mod installed in my Sonic 3 AIR copy that gives me the option to swap between the OG options and her compositions, and I do swap to those two all the time (though with Launch Base I use the option to have Knux use the OG options)
  12. JW.


    I find the prototype songs to be worse then the ones MJ and Buxer contributed. I think I probably played S3&K mostly on the PC collection, although I had some time playing on Mega Drive as well. I will say that the prototype tracks from the leak do sound more appealing to me than how they sounded in the PC collection, there I think they sound quite bad.
  13. The Game Collector

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    They're not so terrible after playing through the game 12 times (3 modes x4 character combinations). They seemed weird at first but grew on me over time. While I prefer playing the original versions of the games I wouldn't mind firing up Origins again for widescreen or mirror modes. I probably just wouldn't play fake Classic mode again because it's not really true classic.
  14. Ravenfreak


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    Since I grew up with the Genesis version, I definitely prefer the MJ tracks over the prototype tracks. I do enjoy the prototype tracks, but not the competition menu music. (It’s my favorite song in the Genesis version because it’s so damn catchy. I get that the prototype song fits the game more since it gives you that racing game vibe but it’s just not as catchy imo. It’s still cool that the MJ track still uses the PSG for its main melody like the prototype track did.) The only MJ tracks I never liked were Knuckles’ theme, and the mini boss theme. I also never liked Sonic 3’s title screen music, one up jingle, and invincible theme and I’m glad these themes were replaced with the Sonic and Knuckles themes when playing S3K on the Genesis.
  15. sonicthesnot


    I've thought about this for some time now. I grew up with BOTH the Genesis and PC tracks so there's no "new/shininess" factor for me:

    • Carnival Night: I love the MJ track but can totally understand why someone would find the original beta track superior. Looking at it objectively, I'd probably put the beta track slightly higher than the MJ track. But I absolutely adore the MJ track.
    • Ice Cap Zone: Sorry, but nothing beats Hard Times. Listening to this track reminds me of the happiest days of my life. Even before the MJ situation came to light, this track was considered to be an absolute all-star banger 12/10. Unpopular opinion: the Act 2 remix was absolute magic and maybe even better than Act 1.
    • Launch Base Zone: Honestly, I don't think either the beta or the MJ tracks are home runs, but I'd put the MJ track slightly higher because it doesn't have a cringe intro.
    • Competition Select: MJ track is an unbeatable 13/10 here. My unpopular opinion here is that this was actually the best MJ track in the game.
    • Knuckles Theme: Beta track wins here. Sounds sinister af.
    • Credits: both are 8/10.
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  16. Papa Rafi

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    Honestly, even though I started with the Genesis version, I was the lucky kid who ended up with that plus Sonic Jam and S&KC. While I heavily lean towards the MJ tracks because I'm a huge fan of his sound overall, I can't deny that the Proto/PC tracks are great in their own right. They sound VERY 'Sonic-y', especially with the way the lead melodies were played/arranged (LBZ Act 1 & 2, I'm looking at you). That being said, which one I prefer depends on the day or rather which one I feel like hearing.

    I had the same thing back in the day (I actually still have that bulky-ass card in my closet; just saw it a week ago while cleaning), especially many years before I actually got the game and could only experience the soundtrack online via Sonic HQ etc. I swapped out so many soundcards to experience this soundtrack back then, it's not even funny. I have that soundfont (or a very good replica of it) in my collection, depending on how interested you are; I use it sometimes in Fruity Loops. I could put it on my Google drive or something.