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Seek Engine | Create a complete new Sonic game! [Alpha] [Community Review]

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by EzequielKees, May 29, 2020.

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  1. The entire construction of the engine is oriented to non-compression, that is, I do not care much about the final weight of the files (Since, for now, it is only for PC and, generally, they do not have storage problems, unlike of mobile phones that do have them).

    So I decided to support WAV, I preferred speed over compression ratio. Also, in the hierarchy of each engine project, I need this format. Since I try to limit the engine projects to a single file.
  2. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Considering how many tracks a single game can have, wav is bad idea, no matter how you see it. I don't get the single file thing either, you're not creating a game for an emulator.

    That aside, it looks nice, but I will disappoint you and wait a bit more to use it. I'm quite unfair when judging early releases, anyway, so it's better for everyone if I stay away from it for now.
  3. Hello there is no problem. I understand you completely.
    Regarding audio, I am going to implement other formats with compression. What formats would you use?

    Regarding the single file, I understand you, but that is a requirement for the way I am building the engine, unless I explicitly need it, I will stay in a single file.
  4. llun


    Ideally, you should support Ogg Vorbis as well as Opus for lossy formats.
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    Xiao Hayes

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    The edited first post:
    Well, it was nice while it lasted. I hope I can fill that gap someday.
  7. Hello everybody. After more than a very difficult year, I have reactivated this project. I am completely rewriting it from scratch. All your suggestions I take into account, such as audio formats and that the project is not limited to one file.
    In the course of the weeks (it will depend on the time I have), I will present the development of the engine, as well as provide the download for them to test it.
    I have this project in mind for more than a decade, and I want to do it, no matter how much it costs me. So any suggestion is welcome.

    When I have new information, I will create a new post and edit this message.
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  8. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I'l say more or less the same thing I said before: it's still good if someone else makes real the kind of project I'd like to do but haven't yet.

    Btw, check out this thread Lapper made. You might find it useful for your work.
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  9. Yes, thank you very much. I'm reading the excellent guide to sonic physics a lot. In a few days / weeks I will have a demo, at least a very preliminary version.

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  10. I comment to warn, that the project is still standing and is under development, in a few weeks I already estimate that I will publish the initial version.
    Do not worry if you do not see me active, I am with a lot of work.
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  11. I'm closing this thread because for news I'm going to make another one. The project is still in development.
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