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Screwed up Sonic 1 cart

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by BlitzHedgie, Jan 24, 2009.

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    Oh, god... I remember that glue chip xD...I think almost all my cartridges got them xD...Simplemente adoro nuestros paises =P...Por cierto, tu S3 pirata no tiene bateria verdad? =P
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    I ment the GAME populus not the type of cart.
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    being an asshole =P
    Yes, and avoid speaking in any language other than English unless you're trying to invoke a Tweaker Tantrum >_>
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    Raging admins aside, please stick to English. It's common courtesy as it's the one language everyone on these boards can read/write.
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    I know I know, don't worry =P

    Sorry, I was just joking about out shitty pirate market here in south america...
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    I had a similar problem with a Sonic 1 (Not for resale) cartridge around the year 2000 or so and I had received that game with my first Genesis 1 in 1993.

    But I know my problems were probably caused by the old blowing into the cartridge to clean the dust trick I was taught as a kid. The people I knew didn't know any better about how it can damage the internal circuitry of a cartridge.

    Back then I did not even know about debug mode, so that couldn't be what caused it to die. But my cartridge was flat out dead. Not even the "Produced By Or Under License from Sega" screen would show up when I put the game in. It was just a black screen.

    Like an asshole I bought a used Sonic 1 cartridge at a game store and made sure it worked; then I returned my defective cartridge saying the one they gave me didn't work, and they didn't have another copy of Sonic 1 to exchange with it so they let me get another Genesis game of the same value. The sneaky bastard I was as a kid...

    Who knows what they did with the defective cart. Probably just threw it in the trash.
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    I wonder if there is a chance the capacitor in that cartridge could have died. Or it could have just been the fact it was repeatedly blown into that did it =/

    That reminds me, does anyone here know if debug mode COULD potentially cause any damage to a ROM?

    I know someone who does that with cheap TV's, that come with a 12 months warranty, and die after 6 months. He's managed to get an infinite warranty with the way he's done it.. XD.

    Also, I attempted to get the game going the other night, and as usual it showed the 'Licensed by...' screen and nothing else. But I put it in S&K and the S1 version of the Blue Sphere game came up, so I guess the serial number part of the header is intact too.