Screenshots of the new shadow game

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by vergo, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Hey, Donkey Kong's begining to be refered to as the guy who plays bongos. It seems to be happening to EVERY franchise.
  2. I understand where you guys are coming from, but honestly, as much as a company can care about its fans, the bottom line, no matter what the outward appearance might be, is to make money. That is why companies exist. So if there's something wrong with trying to make a game that will sell huge numbers of copies, I'd like to know what it is. This idealistic view that SEGA should be targeting their games towards to the small amount of people our little message board comprises is unrealistic. And whether we like it or not, the little "Shadow N00bs" ARE Sonic fans, they ARE buying the games produced, and they ARE the target audience. Why is it "sad" if SEGA makes millions off this game? That would mean it's a popular game, which is the ultimate goal of any gaming company. I don't know why it hasn't occurred to anyone yet that maybe, just maybe, WE AREN'T THE TARGET AUDIENCE. That doesn't mean we can't like Sonic anymore, but to think that the games are going to grow up with us is silly. The target audience has not shifted at all. We just grew out of it. So if you think the storyline is stupid, the gameplay sucks, the graphics are too cartoon-y, and the number of characters is unnecessary, TOO BAD. Obviously, these features are selling well with the younger people (I.E., thirteen-years-old and under kids) that the games are overall meant for.
  3. Jayenkai


    *stamps his feet, and cries like a baby*

    But I WANNA be the Target Audience!!


    Just not for this.
    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This game looks too much like a Generic Sonic game, to be classified as being a "Not Quite a Sonic" game.
    Any other character would've had a more interesting selection of qualities, but no.. Clone of Sonic + Gun. Big whoop.

    Hey. D'you remember that game on the Dreamcast where one guy ran, one guy flew, one guy hunted, one guy fished, one guy had A GUN, and the girl... um.. had a hammer!

    Why are they now being so cheap that they wanna seperate all the bits?
    That's what made SA fun for me..
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    So many betas, so little time.
    These screenshots do nothing but further my dstaste for the entire Sonic 3D franchise. I miss the old days. But don't we all?

    And I agree, the graphics do look somewhat pitiful. Here's hoping that it is either just the resolution of the screenshots or a test build of the game that has made it look this bad. Although I would not be surprised if the graphics do indeed look this bad in the final, as I would not put it past anyone to cut graphical corners.

    Shame on you Sonic Team! As everyone has already said in other posts, you can do so much better!
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    Well, good point but the gun was a bit different with E-102 Gamma, it was a traditional laser weapon whereas, the current gun of Shadow's looks like it'll fire regular bullets. We can only hope this ends up like a CBFD for the Sonic world.
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    The posts I reply to are old *but* :

    Shadow is not the first Sonic villain to have a gun. Nack the Weasel's (Sonic Triple Trouble -- game gear) real name was Fang the Sniper (see also Sonic The Fighters) and production pics exist with him shooting Sonic with it (see also the Archie comic book special). E102 was the first playable character to have such a weapon. (this may be common knowledge, but, oh well...)

    And Shadow being left-handed doesn't suprise me. "Sinister" comes from a Latin term meaning left-handed.
  7. Hopefully Sega doesn't do what they did with Sonic Hero's, hype the game up and make it sound like it's "the game to buy", and then release a mediocre (And I use that term loosely) game that takes at most two weeks to finish.

    Even though I'm expecting the game to suck, I'll give it a whirl, as every game deserves a chance.
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    heros is the scum of the sonic scene and if this new game is anything like it I swear to god Ill hang some sonic team members out behind my house for halloween.
  9. Irondude


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    I'll just let my brother buy it and then I'll just watch. I bet you a $100 that you'll control shadow with the regular joystick and the aim of the gun with the C joystick. =P
  10. Tweaker


    Yeah. Not a bad idea either. It gives more control to the player. Still, It's gimmicks like that that prevent me from being any good at Halo. :P
  11. FinalBeyond


    It has a gun, but hey. From the clip I have seen of him shooting, it just looks like Knuckles "firing" Sonic and Tails in Sonic Heroes.
    The graphics look pretty good to me. I know I could never make graphics as good as that, and hey, we still like the games with Sprites.

    I wouldn't have minded another character, but Shadow is a character that people like, and that will make money.

    In the end, it is the gameplay that matters, and if people enjoy it, I see no harm in it. So what is the "n00bs" like it? Let them. Enjoy the Sonic games you enjoy, and allow them this one victory.
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    that's not how it works though. If something works good for a company they will keep doing it until they don't get any more money. So if we let them win we will keep getting games like that :P
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    I can't argue with that. But we have to remember, it is the same with Sonic.
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