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    I just had this idea: since we want more screenshots for the Sega Retro Wiki, but not everyone has an account (or wants to create one), why not have a topic here to coordinate our efforts? In this way, screenshots can be uploaded here, with two additional benefits (one of them is that we can filter out screenshots made by people who don't know how to use pngout).

    If this is a bad idea, feel free to trash this topic.
    If this is a good idea, feel free to post screenshots in this topic and/or tell people if you're planning to take screenshots of a game to avoid duplicate work.
    If this is a great idea, feel free to sticky this topic.

    For example, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade has no screenshots as of now, so I made them, one per level (I did want to make ones for the bosses, too, but I went with what the wiki page wanted).

    What do you think?

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    Oh yes any engagement is good (though it will always be faster to upload straight to the wiki). There's also our screenshot guide, which will almost certainly be out of date, but whatever.

    p.s. I moved away from pngout years ago and onto PNGGauntlet. I mean it's basically pngout with a GUI, but on rare occasions the other two compression algorithms do a slightly better job.
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  4. Speaking of compression, we have something called pngpress hosted on the CDN. While it's nowhere as user-friendly as PNGGauntlet, is there any notable difference between the two in how they get the job done?

    As for the screenshot guide, there's still plenty work to be done with it to bring it up to date, but over time I have added a few more methods to it (and warn against using ZSNES, because it doesn't render screenshots correctly).
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    Last night I was trying to replicate what you did for Indiana Jones for Ecco the Dolphin games - I have screenshots of all levels. Unfortunately in haste to upload screenshots the server's decided I am spam - so I had to wait before submitting.

    However some issues still remain, 12 hours later whenever I try to edit:
    Ecco the Dolphin (

    I get the message:
    ***Contains contacts. Message Appears to be spam***

    I don't get what the contain contacts error is.
    Either way - in the interim more screenshots uploaded but not on the game page: Ice Zone.png
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot9 Hard Water.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot10 Cold Water.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot13 The Marble Sea.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot14 The Library.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot15 Deep City.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot16 City of Forever.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot17 Jurassic Beach.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot18 Pteranodon Pond.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot19 Origin Beach.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot20 Trilobyte Circle.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot21 Dark Water.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot22 The Tube.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot23 Welcome to the Machine.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot24 The Last Fight.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshot24 The Stomach.png - Sega Retro (needs adding to the level list as a Japanese version only level)

    Edit (see below) for the additional comparisons page (Ecco the Dolphin/Comparisons - Sega Retro) would be worth commenting on japanese / rest of world differences. First sign that things are going to be different is in the starting area:
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshotEcco the Dolphin USA, Europe Startgame.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshotEcco the Dolphin USA, Europe Password.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshotEcco the Dolphin Japan Startgame.png - Sega Retro
    File:EccoGenesisScreenshotEcco the Dolphin Japan Password.png - Sega Retro

    Edit 2:
    And Defender of the Future has its own levels: A Friend Remembers - YouTube (

    EDIT: Have stopped - just realised they are all jpg not pngs - this is the file format that was output by the dreamcast capture software when screenshotting. Is it okay to convert them to png or do I need to find a way to get the screenshot to output in lossless format first of all? (EDIT AGAIN: Just seen not to do that. Well - they are what they are)

    Which I can't append to the page - and I can't upload any more (2 submissions seems to be my limit before I got the following message:
    *** Forbidden. You sent forms too often. Please wait a few minutes. ***

    Fortunately 2 other users have appended the additions I was trying to make but - would be a lot quicker to finish what I started. They also helped fix the filenames of my first 3 screenshots as I only figured out how to properly name them around screenshot 4.

    However - any advice? Because if spam filter kicks in after 2 uploads seems would be quicker to send all screenshots here?

    EDIT: Looks like it was my attempts to edit the ecco page that caused the spam blockout because I've just been able to add 10 screenshots sequentially... hmmm
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  6. As I've said in the Sonic Retro Discord, the spam errors are a known issue that occurs with new users. Not sure why it does that, but it may clear up after some time being a user on Sega Retro.

    Also, converting JPEGs into PNGs is generally a bad idea as it doesn't change image quality in any way and only inflates the file size of the resultant PNGs. If the capture software is unable to output PNGs, you may need to find another method of taking screenshots, such as using an emulator with accurate graphical emulation and settings.
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    JPEG screenshots will get dumped here so we're able to keep track of them.

    It's not a great format for image capture because of its lossy nature, but there's an argument that not-good screenshots are better than no screenshots at all. It's a balancing act.