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Scans of Japanese articles about Sonic 3D (Saturn) + SA1 (DC)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by OKei, Sep 14, 2013.

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    Several months ago, actually just after the Sonic Adventure AutoDemo was leaked, I bought a Japanese magazine called Dreamcast Magazine #6 (JP) | December 26, 1998 that covered various Dreamcast and Saturn games on and before December 1998. The magazine provides an article of Sonic 3D Blast, whose Japanese release is marked "'99 To Be Decided," as well as a preview article and other coverage of Sonic Adventure on the month it released in Japan.

    It'd be great to know who the person that's photographed below. Hopefully this person was someone of importance to the game and by posting this on my blog and bringing this to Retro, that someone here with strong Japanese-reading skills could translate and explain the content. You'll find scans for the entire Japanese Sonic 3D Blast article on my Tumblr post as well, where I elaborate briefly on the magazine content and 3D Blast's Japanese release history:


    I would also like to take this opportunity to bring up The Game Informant, a gaming blog I created where I post about gaming niches, trivia, fun memes, and other bits of interest, among other off-topic subjects. Recently, I've posted about VHS and LaserDisc gaming promo tapes, and Japanese magazines that I've been ripping and scanning lately. Of course, I will explore other subjects in gaming in the near future. In time, I'll provide scans of the Sonic Adventure 1998 content and I'll even be happy to scan that magazine coverage of Shenmue's Nov. 1998 unveiling in Japan. If you enjoyed this Sonic scans and my blog, please follow me for more neat [retro] game stuff. You would be super awesome.