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Saturn transport controls

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Black Squirrel, Apr 20, 2024.

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    I was filling in the blanks for the recently re-discovered codes for High Velocity: Mountain Racing Challenge when I realised the game's replay feature uses the Saturn's transport controls (or "media controls", or "the arrows"):

    The Saturn control pad is unique(?) in that it labels five of its buttons twice (or at least the original Japanese-style one does - the original big Western pad doesn't bother).

    - X is repeat
    - Y is stop
    - Z is start/pause
    - L is skip back
    - R is skip forward

    Why is this a thing? For the CD player. Pressing these buttons means you can stop/start/skip/repeat tracks on an audio CD without navigating the menus. Because apparently this was important enough to physically mould into the plastic.

    Most non-standard controllers didn't bother with these extra labels, manuals rarely point out their existence, and as they don't always show up particularly well in photographs, you can be forgiven for not even noticing they were there.

    However, some games adopted these buttons. High Velocity's replay feature uses Z to start/pause, and L to reset to the beginning, and R for... a psuedo fast forward feature (which behaves a bit strangely but you can see what they were going for). I don't think Sega ever mandated that these buttons be used for this purpose, but several games followed the pattern, and I'm not sure anyone's made a definitive list. We should probably make a definitive list, if not just because we're Sega Retro and therefore masters of tiny details nobody cares about.

    That being said I'm not in a massive hurry to check 1000+ Saturn games at once - I'll be adding as I go to Control Pad (Saturn). If you're not comfortable with editing wikis (p.s. you should get comfortable), here's a chance to point me in the right direction.
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  2. Pirate Dragon

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    It's a useful feature, Mega CD required you to hold down start and remember which buttons did what, would've been a lot easier if MD pads had this too.
  3. It was a fab feature but not unique to Saturn . The 3DO did it too
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  4. AnimatedAF


    The Amiga CD32's controller also had this feature, though I don't recall any games actually using them. It also has the world's worst d-pad...disc thing.

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  5. I only have the Model 1 Wondermega but from what I remember the WondermegaMega wireless pad that came with the unit had controls on its pad, though I think it was for volume or something. Been so long since I saw one for real at my old import shop
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    Zool uses them as button labels, haha

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