Saturday Night SRB2 Kart with Sonic Retro!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Nova, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. Nova


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    So we did a games night on Saturday and it was quite a success, we had a bunch of Discord regulars jump in and play ASRT, Smash and SRB2 Kart, it was all great fun - but it made me wonder why we don't do a more regular SRB2 Kart lobby. In fact, why don't we start this weekend?

    I'm planning to do Friday night this weekend, but maybe both Friday and Saturday would be doable. It'd be good to know if there's any interest here because last week, we only advertised it informally on the Discord server, so I thought it would be worth making a thread for it. The best start time is likely 7:00pm UTC (8pm BST/3pm ET/Midday PT).

    The plan is to do this weekly, with player availability each week determining whether it be Friday or Saturday. You can find the game and installation instructions here. We also have a pack of custom characters and tracks maintained by Bartman3010 (easily installed locally, create a 'download' folder inside your SRB2K folder and pop the contents of the archive in there) which we'll likely be looking at taking suggestions on and maybe voting on changes in the future if things become regular enough!

    Hope to see you on the track! :thumbsup:
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  2. Loop


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    I'm super down for this! Love some online racing and I've been keen on SRB2 Kart, what better way to kickstart this project!
    Just letting y'all know I'm a five-star kart racer ;)
  3. Miles3298


    I am absolutely butt garbage at the game but I still would love in on some SRB2 Kart action. Is there a region preference? I'm east USA, so if y'all are mostly UK or otherwise elsewhere I may have a mildly large ping.
  4. Nova


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    We had people from all over on Saturday, so it'll be absolutely fine wherever you are. :thumbsup:
  5. Neowl


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    After the Barcade stream being as fun as it was, plus the fact that I'm off on Friday, I'm gonna say count me in on the festivities!
  6. Nova


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    Looking good! Edited the OP and pinned the topic, let's make this a thing!
  7. Jason


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    Totally down for Bartman to crush us repeatedly again :V.

    When my work schedule starts back up, 3pm EDT on a Friday won't be possible, but I'll be free this Friday and next!
  8. Nova


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    I am thinking once the lockdown is off, Saturday may end up being the choice day what with people's work schedules and possibly wanting to go out on Friday nights etc.
  9. SystemsReady


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    Never played it but I'll happily hop in on it, especially since I have midday Fridays off now :oldbie:
  10. TheInvisibleSun


    I've been meaning to finally get into SRB2 Kart, and last Saturday was a pretty fun introduction to the game. Hopefully my internet connection is a little more stable this time!
  11. Dek Rollins

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    Is there a particular server to look for tomorrow?
  12. Nova


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    It'll probably be under 'Sonic Retro server' or something similar but it'll be talked about on the Discord and posted in the thread when we're going live. Watch this space. :V
  13. Bartman3010


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  14. Jay T.

    Jay T.

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    Dammit! I didn't know about this thread until now. I play SRB2 Kart a lot, and would've gladly joined. Maybe next time.
    Also, it might be a good idea to type out the IPV4 address here too. Sometimes the Master Server goes down and you're unable to select from a list and have to type it out.

    EDIT: You can also see the server list from the SRB2 Board as well.
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  15. Nova


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    Well it was a damn good evening of karting, figure around the same time next week ought to be a good shout?
  16. Nova


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  17. Hey! I'm using a Mac and I'm trying to get online with SRB2 so I can join but I can't because apparently I'm not using the most recent version. Anyone know how to update the Mac version? (and please don't say "install Windows")
  18. Bartman3010


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    Their download page has links to the latest builds, these are really all you need to join any game online, including our server. You may need to make a new directory to run 1.1.0. I'm not entirely familiar with their builds outside of Windows. But it should work.
  19. RDNexus


    Do you guys stream it on Twitch or something?
  20. Wasn't aware it was a separate application, thanks!