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Sally in Sonic 1!

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by E-122-Psi, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. E-122-Psi


    I'm actually working on some Bunnie sprites (I have a sample on DA), only Sally is up to full playability right now though (she alone took about three or four months). I like the idea of game with Sonic and Sally as partners though, a Sonic 2 hack next then?

    The HiveBrain one.

    I found the running and jumping data on Sonic1.asm, not really sure how you go about increasing or decreasing it though.

    Much appreciated.

    I can imagine them taking a lot of space however, especially since there's little tile repeat there (the jump kick could perhaps have some of frames taken out though). I also have a NICOLE lazer animation and one of her Mars hoverboard concept.
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  3. nineko


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    Then you're good to go. Look for all the instances of code like this:
    Code (Text):
    1.         move.w    #$600,($FFFFF760).w
    2.         move.w    #$C,($FFFFF762).w
    3.         move.w    #$80,($FFFFF764).w
    The $600 controls Sonic's speed, $C the acceleration, $80 the deceleration. Raise or decrease those values as you wish. E.g. to make Sonic twice as fast you change $600 to $C00. To make him twice as slow you change $600 to $300. And so on.
    Note that this code appears multiple times in the disassembly, for when you get inside/outside the water, for when you get/unget speed shoes, etc. So make sure to edit all the instances.

    edit: for the jumping go to the Sonic_Jump routine. There is this code:
    Code (Text):
    1.         move.w    #$680,d2
    2. (snip)
    3.         move.w    #$380,d2
    Raise/decrease the $680 and the $380 to make Sonic jump higher/lower.

    edit2: fffffff I used speed values from my hack. Fixed.
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    Nice to see you getting recognition for your fine work. Someone earlier mentioned that it is a bit old-hat to be posting sprite hacks here in space year 2010, but what I particularly like about E-122-Psi is despite having art chops that a good amount of hackers would kill to work with, he showed up with his sprites and went about putting the hack together himself. Simple achievable goal, and you must have managed it in less than two weeks as well.

    Anyway, enjoy the warm glow of praise and try not to get to carried away with some of the lofty ideas being casually thrown out around here. Whilst I'm sure a level drawn by you would probably be preposterously good, I'd love to see your S2 and S3 plans brought to fruitition, for a truly stellar sheet. As for any help you might need, you know where to find it.
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    Graphical seen it's very nice done, but it's a little bit boring that you don't have any special moves (I never watched SatAM, so I don't know if she has special moves anyway =P). Keep it up.
  6. E-122-Psi



    Well notice that most of those pics used for that link most of the focus is on the characters rather than the background, character art is what I supply better with, though I may try making some level art later on in the run.

    Her physical abilities in SatAm were actually kinda vague, the best she had was a little sumersault jump she made, though it seemed completely for show (though adds to my theory she would make a good 'agility' type that excells in jump moves). She also used NICOLE as a lazer gun at one point. In Archie she has martial arts similar to Rouge, though even then seems to be more a tech member and 'brains' of a mission (though she did give Sonic a run for his money in that brainwashed issue early on). She is sorta the 'badass normal' of the group, she has great physical strength and agility but on completely mortal standards.

    I would implement new moves if I new how to do so (look at earlier posts for custom move sprites). I sorta vision her in similar vien as Amy in Sonic Advance, with alt abilities and moves in place of spin attack (albeit with this move still available for necessary 'forced' areas such as Green Hill and Scrap Brain chutes). Any who know how to implement such mechanics would be a huge help.

    Okay I'll give this a shot, it's a good start to making Sal a unique playable character.
  7. Nice work! I really like those custom sprites. Now we just need to ASM hack this with new moves! Hey, we can dream, can we? :thumbsup:
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    For your jumping mechanism, I did this for my own game, Hapi-San. The jumping upwards animation is separate to that of the jump-to-fall bit. You check for the character's Y-speed for going into positive/negative (opposite of jump) before changing animation, and this makes the peak of the jump the moment of change.
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    This is indeed a very nicely done hack - the sprites have been drawn really well, and look good. It's just a pity it's SatAM really. =P
  10. E-122-Psi


    Okay then, but I'll need to learn how to program animations beforehand (I know how to edit existing ones in a basic sense but not how to make new ones and implement them to controls and actions).

    By the way I've practiced tweaking Sally's stats, decreasing the speed (somewhere around #$450 or 500 sound right for her?) means her 'full speed' animation never appears however (outside slopes or speed shoes), anyway to edit that?

    I guess she would work as a lighter 'agility' character with slower speed. How would you guys advise to program that, should the accelleration and/or deccelleration be higher or lower for it?
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    There's a danger in making characters too slow, in that they're unable to pass certain portions of the level in order to build up speed. There are guides to remove what is called a "speed cap" which is a limit on slope based acceleration. That'll probably be needed.

    That aside, slow characters usually have higher acceleration. IIRC, Big has the highest acceleration of all the Sonic Adventure characters (bar Super Sonic) but has a poor high speed. Sally's a blank slate, since she never had such stats defined, so I'd go with the high acceleration.

    Deceleration I'm not 100% on. I know it equates to braking, but I'm not sure if higher or lower values make you brake better.
  12. Jayextee


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    From an animator's point of view: slow deceleration will make Sally seem heavier, like she's got a lot of weight-based inertia carrying her momentum. Light objects come to a stop very quickly, however.
  13. Mad Echidna

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    Holy hell, your art is amazing! I just checked out your deviant art gallery, I'm sure to use one of your sonic channel wallpapers on my computer now!

    It's to bad we don't have a user group here like techies to recognize superb artists!
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    Damn your art is awesome. ^^ I'm not a fan of Sally, nor have I ever really liked SatAM, but your sprites are amazing. Edit: Typo
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    like I said in the youtube topic for this, I haven't seen Sally run that fast since The Doomsday Project. I'm not usually a fan of sprite hacks, but anything SatAM I tend to gush over. You should turn it into a Sonic Mars type dealio :|
  16. E-122-Psi


    Hmm, okay how does this sound for Sally's stats?:

    Code (Text):
    1.                        move.w    #$480,($FFFFF760).w; restore Sonic's speed
    2.         move.w    #$D,($FFFFF762).w; restore Sonic's acceleration
    3.         move.w    #$90,($FFFFF764).w; restore Sonic's deceleration
    along with:
    Code (Text):
    1.                        move.w     #$700,d2
    2.         btst    #6,$22(a0)
    3.         beq.s    loc_1341C
    4.         move.w    #$400,d2
    in comparision to Sonic's:
    Code (Text):
    1.         move.w    #$600,($FFFFF760).w; Sonic's top speed
    2.         move.w    #$C,($FFFFF762).w; Sonic's acceleration
    3.         move.w    #$80,($FFFFF764).w; Sonic's deceleration
    Code (Text):
    1.         move.w    #$680,d2
    2.         btst    #6,$22(a0)
    3.         beq.s    loc_1341C
    4.         move.w    #$380,d2
    I also got rid of the speed cap. I'll try playing through the whole game to check if it all works out though.

    It's an idea for later I guess I do have some sprites made accordingly to such a concept:


    I also had the idea of giving her a 'Super Form' using the pink shield form she used in said episode (that or give her a pink pallette as a funny nod).

    Thanx for the comments on my art guys.
    Also I noticed I'm now a full member, thanx guys.
  17. Arctides


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    I have to state this as a must: replace the Emeralds with Deep PowerStones.

    Edit: I went to the trouble of grabbing a clear screenshot for reference.
    I realize there's only two in the show... which doesn't exactly fit with replacing 7 emeralds, etc. Whatever.
  18. Soselocke


    Fantastic art! I absolutely love you for this. You should just make it into a full-fledged SatAM hack now (with optional Sonic & Sally selection). You might as well, you've got one important aspect down at least.
  19. Hayate


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    or 6
  20. E-122-Psi


    These are nice ideas, but I think they might be better spared for a later Sonic 2 project (extra character spaces, Super Sonic data). The seven/six mulit colored Power Stones is an okay idea and truthfully isn't exactly out of bounds with other alternates (the Chaos rings, the Time Stones, the seven Secret Rings) somehow I get the idea they would end up looking like Puzzle Bobble bubbles though.

    Any way here's a 'to do list' I'll need to figure out if I am to program Sally's custom abilities:

    *Program 'B' button attack (and a mid air variant).
    *Program wall jump (I suppose this could be worked translating Mighty or Sonic's data from Chaotix/Crackers).
    *Disable the down button's spin activation and program a non-harmful jump variant.

    Any tips or tutorials you know of that could help out in programming moves for beginners?

    Also still need to work around the glitches on the first post.

    Hmm, do you think Sally suits a higher jump or perhaps a smaller distance double jump instead?