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Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by InstantSonic, Oct 19, 2015.

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  1. Wait up, so non-Sonic games are allowed? Odd, given the expo's title.

    Would it be a good idea to submit a ZC quest I'm working on? It's a top-down Metroidvania, and I'd love any opportunity to get feedback and/or for anybody to catch bugs I miss. (No, I'm not using it as free bug testing. I try to make sure they're all fixed beforehand, but there's always somebody finding at least one minor thing I missed.) If it helps, I think I can include a copy of the engine needed to run it. If not, I can certainly provide directions and a link.
  2. Absolutely! Think of the Sonic part as more of a header of bringing different sections of the community together, rather than strictly the franchise itself (or fan games for that matter!)

    But if it is something that'll require an external program to run, links/copies of it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Oh, that shouldn't be a problem. I asked one of the devs, and they said it was more than alright to include the engine as well. Well then, I better get to work finishing up the last of the demo. I just have to fix some layering issues and connect the different areas together.
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    SAGE always had non-Sonic fangames featured in it. It always counted with at least one Mario game. I think last year it had a Digimon game, it also had some indie games (totally not sonic fangames) like Freedom Planet and Bingo the Multiva. It's like how you have TV shows, movies and video-games at Comic Con or how NCFC has some games from companies other than Nintendo (I think it even had a Sonic fangame or two last year).

    In the end it's just an expo where the fangaming (and even indie) community can get together and show what they've been working on, watch some streams and hang out with the cool kids of the interwebs. In the end, it's all about having a good time.
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    So I have a few questions about submissions for SAGE, and the Guidelines don't seem to address them.

    1. Is there a file size limit? The project I'd like to submit is already 130+ mb and growing.

    2. Goes along with question #1, but is there a preferred file sharing service you guys use for SAGE "booths?" Mediafire, Dropbox, that sort of thing? Do you upload it onto your own server? Of course, I'm asking in the context of me submitting the project to you... because surely it exceeds any standard email attachment size.

    3. I'd like a clarification on this guideline: "Your submission must be a complete demonstration or full release ..." What exactly is a "complete demonstration?" Are we talking a polished demo, or a synonym for full release?
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    For number 3: Basically, not an engine test.
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    There's no file size limit, especially since most projects are hosted off site.
    Some SAGE submissions like games made with Sonic GDK have been gigabytes.
    I would strongly recommend anything that's easily accessible and doesn't spam bullshit with prompts, ads, etc.
    Dropbox is a good one to use, as are things like Google Drive.
  8. Retroman


    May I also suggest CAGE - Coding Amateur Games Expo -> To help out with coding
    and MAGE - Music Amateur Games Expo -> For musician and music ideas
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    Is it possible that this year SAGE will actually KEEP the site open till next year's SAGE?
    So that late comers can see the booths and be aware for the games and stuff.
    My Active introduction to the World of Sonic fan games was a missed SAGE, the one of 2005.
    I hated it.
    I remember digging for all the games finding dead links at many turns and just being all around angry that the people orchestrating it SAGE too "pretentious" keep the space open so that others can access it.
    THEN when learned about the Wayback Machine I tried to look at past SAGEs. Only to find out Sage is made intentionally to be missed! So that NO ONE can revisit past events, or at a later time if they are busy around that time, if there internet cuts out b/c of a storm or other circumstances.
    The fact that SAGE LITERALLY gets closed down on the INTERNET I find is very mean spirited and elitist.

    So I left the sonic community for a long time to look for fan games else where and that's how I found NCFC which is better than SAGE solely because it remains open for late bloomers. Sure, its over and things aren't going on but People are given a shot to experience some of what went on and support the makers and such.

    I'm sorry this turned into somewhat of a rant, b/c those are very bad memories_ and honestly if it weren't for people like Lake, Lange, Overbound, Felik, and Pics&Pixels I wouldn't be hear to share this point of view.
    But please when SAGE is over don't close the site. Allow the late bloomers to see what its all about and want to comeback next year, and allow those that are busy to get to see too.

    (sorry if my English is bad)
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    A fine suggestion. Nothing wrong with that.
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