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SAGE 2018! Dates and Info!

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Neo Hazard, Feb 7, 2018.

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    nitpick, but Friday is Aug 24. I think everyone gets it though. See you tonight!
  2. Hey, time zones always throw me off. Could somebody please post what the time is at the SAGE schedule's time zone, so I can compare it to the time of the post on my end and know when things are going on? I'd really rather not miss some of the stuff going on.

    Also, just in case I somehow do still miss them, are the interviews going to be saved and uploaded somewhere so people can watch them later?
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    Well done to all those who participated this year. I hope to be among you next year :)

    Also, where's DashEngine? I don't see it anywhere.
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    Regarding Sonic Chaos allowing modifications :v:

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    I have to say Sonic Chaos looks positively wonderful. At first I was like "oh no they're using the same name as Aytac's Sonic Chaos games and that's terrible" and then I actually saw the thing in motion in that super professional, exceptionally well-made trailer then realised it's called Sonic Chaos because it's an outright remake and thought "Fuck me. This is awesome". Guess it helps I have a lot of love and nostalgia for Sonic Chaos from the Master System so just fucking adore this. Best entry I've seen so far and potentially best of the show? Shall reserve judgement until I've checked out more games.

    Anyway, awesome work on keeping SAGE going strong all these years. To think an event that Blaze came up with in the early SFGHQ days is still around and going strong is just fucking amazing.

    Direct link to the demo here. Going to check it now and will report back soon.

    EDIT: And now I'm reporting back! Just played the demo. Beautifully made, almost professionally so, with lovely graphics and intricate design, and one hell of a nostalgia rush with that act 2 music, and the custom engine they're using is fucking fantastic and runs like a dream. That said the level design needs work. A little all over the place in act 1 and then "oh shit where do I go" for 2 minutes in act 2. Basically it needs more work and refinement, a few drawbacks holding it back from potentially being one of the greats. Hopefully it'll improve and the final release will be a thing of wonder. Wish the devs all the best.
  6. Full disclosure, after last year's snafu with Gather Battle, we went through every entry with a fine tooth comb. The DashEngine yielded some troubling features, mainly that you needed to sign up to use it and it featured an auto-updater that couldn't be turned off. We tried to work with the developer, but after a lot of discussion, it was cut from the final showing.

    COMPLETELY passing the buck here on PC0 because in his attempt to keep SAGE's look cohesive he... kinda cut off the banner to our schedule saying that all times are in Central Daylight Hours (UTC -5.) We've got that updated now, sorry about the trouble!
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    it wasn't a good sprite to begin with
    That Sonic Chaos demo turne up on my YouTube feed - quite the wonderful thing there. Although I ditto the bit about the level design and the collision is a bit wonky in places (and very wonky when it crashed before the Act 2 boss fight with Tails).

    For the SAGE bods though:

    90 games is a lot - I think next time you might want to display things in a more... useful way than just having a load of logos. I can't distinguish between which ones are Mania mods, which are hacks, and cruicially, which ones are actually worth playing.

    I'm thinking gameplay screenshots that don't require me clicking 90 links to find.
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    Honestly, my only complaint about that page is that the text is on images. Makes it impossible to Ctrl-F for an item you know is on there.
  9. Yeaaaaaah I'll admit that the booth page is a pain to navigate. We certainly weren't expecting the turn out which is a blessing and a curse. It's something we'll definitely keep in mind for next year. Do note that you can use the SFGHQ Showcase search but a handful of games aren't on there so it's not super useful.
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    Which game did you remove from the list? I'm not sure which one's missing, but there was one more there yesterday.
    Also, not really your problem, but I can open some of the games compressed in RAR format, which is odd because others in the same format work perfectly. And there was one with a vanished file for download, but I can't remember which one this was either. :psyduck:
  11. What channel did the interview with Mike Pollock? I missed that one, and there isn't anything that tells what the individual channels are.

    Maybe for next year's SAGE, and hopefully the Hacking Contest in November, the schedule can be done in a way that each space on the schedule can act as a link to the matching channel or recording, so that if somebody missed something, they can go to the schedule, click on what they missed, and be taken straight to it?

    One more thing. Do the SAGE entries get archived or something after the Expo is over, and if so, where? I'm just curious if I miss anything, whether I'd be able to go back and download them after SAGE is over. With 90 entries, I'd really rather not have to download absolutely everything to make sure that I don't miss something that interests me. (Although it would be nice if we got a "complete package" download for people who want to do so all at once.) Also, it would be interesting to be able to go back and download something from a previous Expo to compare demos for a long-ongoing project.
  12. The interviews were played on our YouTube page, which was linked several times. We've also got a playlist going that we're in the process of updating as we track down streams that were scheduled. What you're suggesting honestly is more trouble than its worth, given that we had streams split between YouTube and Twitch, making it somewhat difficult to keep them all straight. Plus there are streamers who hold their archives back and would rather upload it somewhere else than where they originally streamed. It's a lot to keep track of on top of everything else with the show.

    The site will be up for a couple more days before closing. The closest thing to an archive will be entries on the SFGHQ Showcase, which covers most, but not all, entries. SAGE has always been a temporary event (despite it being left up last year...) and therefore, you'll want to grab the games while you still can.
  13. Alright, thanks for telling me. Sorry about not noticing the links. I've been really busy this past week, and missed pretty much everything except a couple of MegaGWolf's streams, and I ended up watching the recordings from Johnny's streams on the last two days.

    I was asking about the amount of time to get the entries mainly because I'm stuck using a very low-end laptop at the moment and don't have easy access to my desktop PC. (Home for the summer from college, family's house isn't really set up for an extra person for various reasons. Long story) There's a handful of the 3D entries that I wanted to try, but I already know that my laptop won't be able to run them.

    I suppose I can just download them to the laptop for now, and then use a USB drive to transfer them to my desktop when I head back to college in a couple weeks.
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    DF Retro being cool again this year with well-produced outside coverage.