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SAGE 2016

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Neo Hazard, Sep 2, 2016.

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    Sonic DVD [CD2]
    Yeah, your booth look so empty, lol. But your game is awesome and that's something you should be proud of : 3

    Also I like to point out about my booth, I never send screenshots, lol. And yet there they are. My booth look better than before : )
  2. So, is anybody doing videos (not streaming, I have horrible luck and always miss those) on the event this year? I'd like to see some of the 3D entries, but I'm stuck on a laptop that can't run them for now.
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    One: Didn't even realize your logo was being used

    Two: You and I should talk some time man. I'll PM ya.
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    I wanted to kindly request mirror links to the games, be it as a feature or somehow. Some people I know are having trouble with directly downloading things from the site.
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    I will be streaming a variety of SAGE entries with commentary also being provided by various people involved in this year's Sonic Hacking Contest:

    The stream will start at 6pm BST / 12pm CST / 1pm EST. 30 minutes from this post!
  7. Can you tell us which games specifically or is it everything you try and download? We had a cutoff at 200mb for hosting games site side so I want to be sure it's not those!
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    Review time!

    Here's the Rankings:

    This list is ranked on personal enjoyment. If your game is not on this list, I don't have an significant opinion on it or I haven't played it.

    [Standout Titles]:

    - #1: Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew
    - #2: Project Spikepig
    - #3: Sonic and Friends 2

    [Pretty Alright]

    - #4: Sonic Haven Home World
    - #5: Sonic Neo Genesis
    - #6: Emerald Ties
    - #7: Sonic vs Darkness
    - #8: Sonic Round 7
    - #9: Dash Cats
    - #10: Bingo the Multiva

    [It's ok]

    - #11: Classic Sonic 3D Adventure
    - #12: Sonic Project Survival
    - #13: Sonic Generations the Lost Zones
    - #14: Sonic mania fan game.

    [Not good]

    - #15: Shadow Rising
    - #16: Sonic and Tails


    - #17 Weeabo invaders
    - #17 Sonic FTS

    Now for the actual reviews:
    Some games not in the rankings are here.
    00: Weeabo invaders

    It's shit, shoud'va been in RAGE.
    only played a minute of it.

    01: Bingo the Multiva

    Ok, let me get the good out of the way first, as a game, bingo is rather fun to play, the gameplay does have a lot of potential as it is, even as a commercial indie title.
    My only criticism in the gameplay department is the camera, as it seems always a bit above the player, that's bad because what I want is to be able to see where I'm going to land after a jump. Another problem is that it remains too stuck to the player, it doesn't follow the player in a smooth way, just stays fixed, which is a bit weird.

    Now for the bad things.
    Ok, so, I've no idea what bingo even is, but that's not really a bad thing, however, the design itself is just not very good at all. Taking out all similarities from the sonic franchise in my mind, the only thing I can see bingo as it some sort of water creature that happens to have a raindrop for a head.

    In conclusion, I seriously think this character might need a serious rework from scratch, from the bottom up, probably starting with a new name as bingo can relate to many different things which I don't see in his current form.

    02: Sonic revolution

    Shadow can use a gun 10/10

    03: Sonic souls

    It's 3gb and requires me to register on megaupload. So, Nope.
    … could've uploaded it to google drive or something.

    04: Classic Sonic 3D Adventure

    Seems pretty cool so far, although I did get a game over in the first stage. Controls don't seem all that polished but it's good overall.

    My worst complaint is that I don't like the level design at all, at least in the first stage.
    At the start your field of view is waay to zoomed into to sonic and it's hard to tell where you're supposed to go and what kind of danger lies ahead.

    05: Sonic mania fan game.

    Dude, just wait. Seriously, just wait for mania. Those types of fan games I feel like are kinda of a waste.
    If you can do this then you can make your own original sonic fan game.

    06: Pepsi in sonic 1

    Yay, dank memes… Well, I did not found this one very funny and there are way too many hacks like this at this point in time.

    07: Sonic and Tails

    Everything about this game feels off to me, the sprites don't seem to be aligned, you get some weird lines here and there, almost as if the sprite wasn't cut right and a lot of problems with the background.
    Not to mention the art which feels very flat and generic.

    08: Sonic Haven Home World
    Actually really enjoyed this one. However, my biggest problem has to be the art, it's over executed, there's too much of it everywhere.
    Seriously, sometimes it's hard to tell if something is foreground or background, so much so that I'm glad the stage takes place mostly underwater as I was able to tell the difference there.
    Just cover the overwater background with some deep fog and it will look alright.

    09: Sonic Round 7

    Eh, it's alright. I personally don't find it that fun, but I Know some people do and that's alright…
    Still, sonic does not feel grounded in this game, he desperately needs a drop shadow while on the ground. Right now, he looks like he is floating.

    10: Dash Cats

    This one is alright, art wise the main character and enemies do have a nice charm to them, however, the stages feel pretty generic.
    The music, although I'm not sure if it's original, seems pretty good so far.
    Gameplay wise it feels a bit bland, although it controls nicely the combat is not very good at all, I often get hit while attacking with no way to get out of an incoming attack. It would be nice if the attack made the character invincible for a while if a hit connects with the enemy.

    11: Emerald Ties

    This one is good overall, enemies seem well designed and the level design is good enough, although it felt a bit to short and same-y.

    12: Sonic battle force

    Started playing the game, everything feels off, I start a stage with sonic, try to figure out the controls, I do something and immediately get stuck on a platform in the middle of the air unable to move.
    I'm done, there's waay to many games this year.

    13: Sonic Generations the Lost Zones

    I somewhat enjoyed this one but there are some major issues. First, the framerate, it seems quite low, nowhere near 60 and that doesn't seem to be caused by any sort of slowdown but rather, it's intentional. Sonic games usually run at around 60fps so this game will fell a bit weird.
    My second problem has to be the level design in some areas. Also, there are some moving platforms on sky high zone that I was unable to step on no matter what.

    14: Neo Sonic Fighters

    Don't really have much of an opinion on this one, but it does feel very stuck in the past, way back when shadow was still considered cool. Still, I do recognize the white shadow looking guy from a flash RPG styled game way back in the day.
    Also, there's a Yoshi here, for some reason.

    15: Terabout

    I've no idea what this is and It doesn't look impressive in the slightest.

    16: Sonic World

    Gave me an error on startup, and is asking to install something.
    I don't trust it and I value this computer, sorry.

    17: Super Mario flashback

    Seems to be one of the most polished games this year, however, I had quite a bit of problems getting this game to boot and it was very weird at first. Also, With the xbox controller, I don't seem to be able to crouch with the analog stick and I was only able to do it with the D-pad. That kinda sucks cause the xbox d-pad is not very good at all.

    It seems to be just one stage long and I with that length it's not possible for me to give a better opinion on it, so, so far, I don't have a significant one.

    18: Sonic Realmz

    Booted up, required me to register, I registered, logged in, it had a delay of about a second on inputs. I realize it's probably due to my location but it's unbearable to play for me.

    19: Sonic Beyond The Speed

    This game is literally just the tutorial. And I don't know how much of this game is the work of the author.

    20: Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew

    Probably the best game at SAGE this year, I haven't finished it yet, but it's apparently complete and is very fun and funny to play.

    21: Sonic Adventure 3

    Why does it have to be mega upload? During the middle of the download it stopped me and asked me to register. Why does every site requires me to fuckin’ register!?
    Sorry, I'm not doing it.

    22: Sonic FTS

    It appears to be a joke game, if it was genuine it would've been funny. Well, at least I got a giggle at boom sonic, who never shuts up. Still, I was unable to find a way to jump, so, I'm done here.

    23: Sonic vs Darkness

    The good things about this one is that it's very fast and very fun to play, but beneath the surface, there is a very dimps-ish level design with plenty of bottomless pits right in the first stage. My other big problem is the UI, it's everywhere on the screen, it occupies a lot of space and there is just a lot of stuff going on at the same time that it's hard to keep track of.
    Still, it is very fun to play.
    The online did not work for me, rooms simply did not show up on my screen and my room was always inaccessible to other people.

    24: Sonic Project Survival

    Eh, it's okay. It's really just another green hill zone demo with just a very small amount of new features, not even the boss is there this time.
    We get a lot of those every year, including in the sonic hacking contest, probably because it's just so easy to do.
    This criticism also applies to a lot of other titles this year, but it just stood out more in this one, as it's not bad in terms of gameplay but it just doesn't stand out in any way whatsoever.

    25: SQGT

    I've no idea what this is, but it seems like a perfectly serviceable platformer, with a couple of major issues.
    Getting hit in this game is only signaled by a small honking noise and nothing else, making it really hard to tell you are getting hit at all, the camera is also always somewhat above the player, making it hard to tell where you are going to land or if there are any platforms below you.

    26: Shadow Rising

    This one is bad… I was hoping to like it for the meme alone but it's not fun at all.
    One hit and you're dead, 3 hits and you're back to the start, not only that but you also get a game that seems locked at a low framerate and it feels very choppy.

    27: Sonic Neo Genesis

    This is a good one, but It's not as fun as the older demo. What sort of kills it for me is the music, it's just not that great, it really feels like just some generic background noise.
    I have some other minor complaints but that's what I got for now.
    I really don't know what's wrong with it, It's just not fun to me.

    28: Beast Mode

    I've no idea.
    It's a beat them ‘up, it has rap music. It throws you right in the action and you will have no idea of what's going on.

    29: Sonic Incursion

    You have to install. I don't know the risks but I value this machine so I'm skipping this one.

    30: Sonic and Friends 2

    Surprisingly good, I only played through the first zone and a bit of the second, but I had fun. It has multiple minor problems but once you get over those you will probably have a decent enough game.
    I'm surprised to have enjoyed this more than the likes of Neo Genesis, since this game doesn't seem to feature much on the original department, most songs are actually still Midi and the art seems to be mostly borrowed from the original sonic games. Also speaking of the art, most of it seems to have a filter on top of it, I'm not sure if that is being done in realtime or it's they've been touched up by hand but Sonic's sprite actually does look pretty good, surprisingly enough.

    31: Green hill paradise

    Again, another game on megaupload. I try to download it but at one point the site wants me to register and I'm not doing it.
    Still, this is another 3D game made on gdk, aside from a couple of features I've seen in trailers I really don't feel bad about skipping anything made on GDK as a feel like I'm very familiar with it and not a lot will feel very surprising or new to me.

    32: Project Time

    There is not a lot to this game, it just has one stage, with one act and that's it. There are no surprises here. Other than the level's graphics, which seem to be original but very bland and repetitive. This game just needs more stuff.

    33: Lancen Adventure

    Seems alright at first, moving around and shooting enemies feels alright, although that can be improved a bit, most things here seem to be original and they look alright with the exception of the main character which just looks like some generic robot and he doesn't seem to fit well with the background.
    However, I found this game to be quite hard and I was unable to get past the first stage, this type of game is just not my thing at all.
    Also, that RC car enemy can go suck my balls.

    34: IIoyd the monkey

    This game smells of the mid 2000, back when you would find this stuff around newgrounds or something. What we have here is not that great, there is no sound, controlling feels very weird and the art is just not very good.
    I died at one point at the game froze on me, I was far enough that I didn't want to re-do the whole thing, so I stopped.

    35: Project Spikepig

    This was rather fun. It does a couple of new things with the formula and I really like how the insta shield was handled. Haven't played the whole thing yet, Stopped at the start of the third zone but what we have here is rather enjoyable.
    My only problem with it are the enemies, some of those are really hard to see or identify that they are enemies at all, such as the flower from the first stage. They need some sort of signifier that they are enemies, currently, most of them don't even feel like badniks.

    36: Sonic Project Twisted

    This one is really bad. I was only able to get through the first stage's act 2 after falling on quite a bit of bottomless pits and struggling with the level design, which is really bad. The level itself was just emerald hill, no chances, just a downgrade.
    Sonic engines such as Gmate are not just level makers, they are meant for you to make your own levels in them, while you can just make an emerald hill level, I personally don't want to play emerald hill again as I've done it plenty of times in my past, let alone something that just feels like a downgrade.

    37: Sonic Heroes Beta

    There is a creator here and he's trying to make a game. I don't think he is quite there yet, but I'll give him bonus points for trying to make something original.
    Just keep doing it and you'll eventually get good at it, is all I have to say.

    39: Temporal Shift

    Told me I should install something to be able to run it. Sorry, but I'm not doing it.
    I will not fill this PC with junk, as it has value to it.
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    Many a game.
    May I suggest a torrent or .zip of sorts that contains all the games at SAGE this year? Personally, it gets a bit tedious having to download every single one manually.
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    I was approached about doing some streams, but I was unable to find the time (and will be busy with the SHC16 streams), but that doesn't mean I cannot make some videos! This week on my channel, it's SAGE 2016 week. LEt's start with Sonic Adventure 3:

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    Sonic DVD [CD2]

    You can never grab too many rings, lmao
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    A Sonic version of Super Smash Bros? Let the brawls commence!

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    Many a game.
    I have a couple of questions:
    1) is the site going to be preserved, along with its games, after the event is over?
    2) I hate repeating myself, and I'll look some sort of whiny asshole, but has someone made a full "pack" of these games?
    Thanks, and good night.