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SAGE 2016

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    October 15th through October 22nd, 2016
    S A G E X P O . O R G

    Da Update (10/8/16)
    We are now one week away from SAGE 2016. At this point in time, the staff is currently twisting knobs, duct taping holes, and looking at the site and going “that should probably hold.” While we continue to get things assembled and in line for SAGE's comeback, there's a number of things we'd like to announce and clear up before the 15th.​

    First off, two hours leading up to the opening of the SAGE 2016 site we will be hosting a livestream of as many SAGE games as we can play. Join us at our YouTube channel, at 10:00 pm central, to see all the games you'll be able to play at this year's expo. I don't want to say all, because we're currently sitting at over 55 entries to SAGE and counting! We will be going past the SAGE launch at midnight and plan to stream until at least 1:00 am.​
    “Wait, still getting entries? But it's past the deadline!!” Yeah, we aren't hard asses. Listen up, if you were unable to make the deadline for any reason, you can still submit to SAGE up to the 14th. Please note that any entry or update past the 9th is not guaranteed to get a booth at SAGE, but we will do our best to accommodate.
    The schedule for livestream events is also available. As you can see… there's not much on it! If you'd like to host a livestream during the week, please send us an email with your stream URL, name, description of your stream, and time slot. Keep in mind that time slots are limited to two hours currently for non-staff events and you must have prior streaming knowledge. Also please note that scheduling can change at the staff's discretion, but we will do our best to notify you in advance should this occur. Otherwise, free time will be available throughout the week if you'd like to stream then!​
    Finally… RAGE. Is it coming back? What's the theme? Is there another $50 gift card to win???​
    Well friends, it might be a good idea to tune in on Friday to the livestream to get the answers to those questions…​

    Old SAGE Information archived below
    What is SAGE?

    We've got a whole dang page on the Wiki with SAGE's history here!

    Why should I submit my work to SAGE?

    SAGE is an online event specifically made for you to showcase your game-making and/or streaming talents! Make new acquaintances or friends, and to take part in a very creative side of the Sonic and indie gaming community! SAGE submissions are not exclusive to only Sonic the Hedgehog related content. If you have a project to show, submit it!

    Submission Guidelines

    • Game entries must be submitted to [email protected].
    • Each game entry must have the following:
      • A title/logo to display for it's respective game, PNG format, at least 500 x 500.
      • A description of what your game submission is all about, including any links to soundtracks, websites, game credits, or miscellaneous information about your entry.
      • A zip file containing your game.
    • All game entries must be submitted by October 7th. If your game will not be finished before that time, it will not be featured in the event.
    • ROM Hacks are allowed, given they significantly change something about the games they are based on.
    • Personal webpages that link outside of SAGE, or"booths," are not a part of this year's event. However, each game will have it's own "booth" on the main SAGE website.
    • Your submission must be a complete demonstration or full release of your game project.
    • If you have multiple game projects to submit, please follow the submission guidelines for each project.
    • If you have an engine to demonstrate, it will be put under a different category differing from regular game submissions. Engines must follow the same guidelines as stated above.

    Streaming Guidelines

    • To reserve your time for streaming, please send an e-mail to [email protected]
    • You MUST have prior streaming experience. If you can not present a stable stream, you will be taken off-air, and your time slot will be turned into free time.
    • Each stream entry must have the following:
      • A title or logo to display for your show, PNG format, at least 500 x 500.
      • The name of your stream.
      • The time at which you would like to broadcast your stream.
      • What content your stream will involve.
      • A link to your current stream page.
    • Your stream will be mirrored via the main SAGE stream.
    • Stream times are first come, first served.
    • Streams will be limited to 2 hours per streamer.
    • Free-time streams and unscheduled streams are at the discretion of the SAGE staff.
    • We will do our best to work with and around everyone's schedules. Keep in mind we will have plans in the beginning and end of SAGE, but the rest of the slots will go quick. Make sure to get your submission in as soon as possible!
  2. CornFlakes


    Oh god, it's finally here! Man, this is really exciting. I really love Sage, and can't wait to see all of this year's booths. I'd enter something myself, but I don't think I will be able to get my game by the deadline. Oh well, maybe next year haha.
  3. Jassbec


    Lost Prototype Member
    Sonic Overture, Zeondrive
    Faaantastic, looking forward to everyone's submissions.
  4. Ell678


    Am I Annoying You? Member
    Barrow, England
    Sonic Incursion
    Good stuff. Incursion should be present.
  5. Felik


    - All game entries must be submitted by October 7th. If your game will not be finished before that time, it will not be featured in the event.
    - October 15th through October 22nd, 2016

    Dude c'mon. You know how it goes. You know the demo is never finished a week in advance. Make it at least 12th.
    Or alternatively allow creators to submit updated versions.
  6. ElectricSparx


    United States
    Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity
    Oh goody! I do love when SAGE rolls around. (Was rather disappointed when it didn't happen last year.)

    I'll have to see about updating Temporal Shift and getting a demo submitted for this year. Should be fun, provided I don't procrastinate of course. :v:
  7. DarkVDee


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    Sonic DVD [CD2]
    AWESOME! It's enough time for my partner and I to get the demo ready.
  8. LakeFeperd


    Spark the electric jester
    Holy shit sage is back, it's been a while.
    I won't be participating this year but I can't wait to see what people have in store.

    I feel like the sonic fangaming scene has been on the low this year, at least around here. Maybe I'm just out of touch now.
  9. Sparks


    Sondro Gomez / Kyle & Lucy
    I won't be able to participate either, since my project is too early in an alpha state, but I do look forward to see all of the entries this year and playing them. :)

    I'd love to do a level design stream, as I've been wanting to do one for a few years, but it's going to boil down to what's happening during school at that time, and my only experience with streaming is Livestreaming movies with friends for movie nights.

    I felt it slugging a fair bit after SAGE 2014 Act 2 as well. I think its beginning to pick up again in the last few months, and I anticipate Mania will drive even more inspiration.
  10. Techokami


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    Sonic Worlds Next
    I'm gunning to have a Worlds Delta update out for SAGE 2016 with Ikey Ilex's help :)
  11. Not sure why this is a problem? There's a month's notice ahead of time, most projects coming to SAGE have been in the works for a while. We've had too many instances in the past where we weren't given enough time to test/work on the site, this is to prevent that.

    That being said, we will work with creators to update their games if needed.

    There's always a place for Spark if you'd like!

    Looking forward to it!
  12. Felik


    Just provide a simple (preferrably automated) way to update demos. That's all I ask for.
    Sometimes critical bugs sneak in at the last moment. Not all of us have a bunch of betatesters at hand.
  13. Candescence


    Sydney, Australia
    3D Indie Stuff
    I'm probably not gonna have anything ready by the deadline, but who knows what might happen in a month's time, considering the stuff happening on my end. We'll see, I guess.
  14. SAGE has never had any automated systems for submitting demos or games, but in case you missed it:

  15. Perfect Chaos Zero

    Perfect Chaos Zero

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    Simply provide your own hosting and you will be able to update your demos by re-uploading a new version to the same location. If you need the URL changed, you will have to contact a staff member to make that adjustment. If you use in-house hosting, simply send a new copy of your game to a SAGE staff member and they will get it fixed up for you.

    So yes, you may update your projects if you find any issues.
  16. Felik


    Ok thanks for clarification.
    I wasn't sure cause opening post said "send a zip with a demo"
  17. jubbalub


    #1 Sonic Superstars defender Member
    Hm, I may just submit my project to SAGE this year, never done so before and likely not gonna stand a chance but it's worth a shot.
  18. Violet


    Flicky Engine, Overdrive
    Can updates of engines be submitted?
    My engine's getting a pretty big update, would be nice to release it at SAGE :p
  19. DarkVDee


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    Sonic DVD [CD2]
    Quick question, what about the time zone? How will that work out for everyone?
  20. Perfect Chaos Zero

    Perfect Chaos Zero

    Notoriously Inebriated Oldbie
    So long as there is a small tech demo available to demonstrate it in action to go with it, absolutely.

    Event's a week long, I wouldn't worry about that too much lol