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SADX/SA1 Hacking/Modding

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by MainMemory, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    There are no MES files, just txt files in "Misc\Cutscene Text\Sonic\1 Intro". Unless you're talking about these files, in which case I tried copying them to the system folder in the mod folder and nothing.

    Just to be on the safe side, I copied the text file multiple times with the following folder structures (I didn't think the last ones would work, but whatever):
    system\Misc\Cutscene Text\Sonic\1 Intro\English.txt
    system\Cutscene Text\Sonic\1 Intro\English.txt
    system\Sonic\1 Intro\English.txt
    system\1 Intro\English.txt

    And yet, Sonic's first line in his intro cutscene remained unaltered. So I guess I must be doing something wrong?

    Here's my mod folder.
  2. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    You're not reading it properly, ignore the parts that are not bolded.
  3. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Oh, didn't notice that the second part of step 3 wasn't bolded. Derp.

    Works now. Thanks!
  4. evilhamwizard


    I guess I'll post this here.


    A while back I mentioned that the original Japanese version released on the Dreamcast included an exclusive cutscene that goes unused (EV0134). This file was removed from every other version of the game. I managed to load it up by locating the table/struct that is responsible for the cutscene sequence after the title screen.

    As I mentioned before, I think this was meant to take place after Amy completes the Hedgehog Hammer and before she enters Hot Shelter, somehow. This doesn't make sense in the context of the scene I don't think. So this might've been originally the cutscene that plays when Amy completes the Hot Shelter (meaning there might've been no Tikal flash back at some point). Why they removed it is anyone's guess.

    Since this is the hacking thread, and I don't think it was mentioned before, the table for the cutscene sequence in the Japanese original is included at 0x8C1D6178 in 1ST_READ, and the function that specifically loads up the event file is at 0x8C04C73E. In the PC version, the table seems to be located at 0x913AE0 in sonic.exe. Each entry in the table is using a struct like this:

    data.w <- stage id
    data.w <- act id
    data.w <- character id
    data.w <- event id
    data.w <- param 1 (?)
    data.w <- param 2 (?)
    data.w <- param 2 (?)
    data.w <- null terminator (FFFF, seems to only be used in the Dreamcast version)
  5. Windii


    Robot Stonks Riser Member
    That is an amazing find. I actually posted the voice clips she uses in this scene on TCRF a few months back, but I didn't know there was ever a cutscene animated for them. Here's what they translate to:

    I never thought I'd come back here again...

    I wonder if your siblings are still here in a place like this...


    Did you hear a voice/cry from above just now?

    Let's go take a look!
  6. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

    Working on my art!
    Interesting. So this cutscene then likely would have taken place right before the final Zero boss then? Wouldn't have made a whole lot of sense being inside the ship though since you get there by boat, maybe that's why it was cut.
  7. Speeps


    It might've been intended for if you went back to the Egg Carrier via the Chao Garden warp instead of with the boat.

    The warps are disabled at that point though, so you can't go there that way. The cutscene doesn't play if you force yourself inside the carrier at that point either.
  8. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Or perhaps Amy would originally have gone inside the Egg Carrier to look for the Flickies shortly after arriving, then heard the sounds and went outside to check, cue the Zero boss fight. But then Sonic Team felt that players would be annoyed to be made go inside for no reason other than seeing a short cutscene and then back outside, so they skipped it and had the cutscene leading the the boss fight trigger right away.

    Or alternatively, it would have been an optional cutscene. After returning to the Egg Carrier, players would have been able to look around. Going to the boss fight arena would have triggered the Zero fight and cutscene, whereas going inside would have triggered that cutscene. So its purpose would have been telling stray players where they have to go. But then Sonic Team decided to just have the pre-boss fight cutscene trigger as soon as the player returns to the EC, so that cutscene went unused. Perhaps they did this change because they felt it would have been a better way of preventing players from straying, or because they decided to do away with optional cutscenes (for fear that some players would have been mad at accidentally missing some cutscenes, maybe?), which would explain why they scrapped the optional cutscene that would have played when Gamma exits Final Egg before finishing it as well.
  9. Liliam


    Hot Shelter could have been the last stage at one point.
  10. E-122-Psi


    I'm not getting Youtube links appearing right on my laptop, just a white screen.

    Found the vid on Youtube site though. Nice find. Like it also uses the 'The Ocean' theme as well. I guess that was the mission theme when characters went back on the downed Egg Carrier.

    That makes sense, it is noticeably harder than Final Egg and like Gamma and Big's is a fuller display of Amy's mechanics.

    My guess is they wanted Hot Shelter to stream into the story better so had Amy use it as a detour to escape earlier on. They couldn't save Final Egg's pointlessness though.

    The only other guess is that Amy was supposed to enter Sky Deck or another unused Egg Carrier situated stage.
  11. MykonosFan


    MODE CHANGE. Moderator
    Wasn't in that one but just wanted to say that this is a beautiful, beautiful thing.
  12. SF94


    Tech Member
    Unrelated to the topic at hand (nice find, by the way!), the results of the poll mentioned here:

    appear to be overwhelmingly Windows 7+, so once I get around to it, I will begin upgrading this experimental project to Direct3D 11 and eventually merge it into SA Tools. :eng101:
  13. SpaceyBat


    United States
    Freedom Planet 2
    Just a wild theory, but this could perhaps explain the presence of water in Hot Shelter, i.e. it could have originally been flood water from the carrier crashing into the ocean, but was later reworked into an aquarium.
  14. evilhamwizard


    Another thing I forgot to mention. You can actually load up those event .prs with any character and any stage. The event file itself contains the dialog text, camera movement data, animation data, and code to make it work with the external functions in 1ST_READ. It's funny because when I initially loaded the event file it was just with Sonic on top of the Egg Carrier. When the animation of Amy looking up appeared (which the data is exclusive to this event file), it changed Sonic's mesh to Amy's for the duration of the animation. So there could be some unused assets (models, animation, etc) in the other event files that go unreferenced.

    Has anyone actually documented what each of the event .prs files correlate to? I wonder if there are any more events/cutscenes that go unused but are still included in the game, like this one.
  15. Antheraea


    Bug Hunter Member
    In the Autodemo, Hot Shelter isn't even present, either - no assets, not even level slots. It could be that either:

    1.) It was developed last, which might indicate that it could be a final stage for Amy (as it is a final stage for both Gamma and Big), if development went remotely in how the levels were meant to be played;
    2.) The stage was a really late addition and it shuffled around the level order, resulting in cut cutscenes such as the one just posted.
  16. Speeps


    There's this list I made a few years ago:
    EV0001 - Sonic's Intro
    EV0002 - Sonic's Post-Chaos 0 scene
    EV0003 - Sonic's Pre-Emerald Coast scene
    EV0006 - Sonic's Post-Emerald Coast scene
    EV0007 - Sonic's Pre-Egg Hornet scene
    EV0008 - Sonic's Post-Egg Hornet scene
    EV0009 - Sonic's Post-Casinopolis scene 1
    EV000B - Sonic's Pre-Chaos 4 scene
    EV000C - Sonic's Post-Chaos 4 scene
    EV000D - Sonic's Pre-Sky Chase 1 scene
    EV0011 - Sonic's Post-Sky Chase 1 scene
    EV0012 - Sonic's Amy scene
    EV0013 - Sonic's Pre-Twinkle Park scene
    EV0014 - Sonic's Post-Twinkle Park scene
    EV0015 - Sonic's "I'll cut him off at the Mystic Ruins" scene
    EV0016 - Sonic's Amy getting kidnapped scene
    EV0017 - Sonic's Pre-Sky Chase 2 scene
    EV001A - Sonic's Pre-Gamma scene
    EV001B - Sonic's Post-Gamma scene
    EV001C - Sonic's Pre-Chaos 6 scene
    EV001D - Sonic's Post-Chaos 6 scene
    EV001E - Sonic's Pre-Lost World scene
    EV0020 - Sonic's Post-Lost World scene
    EV0021 - Sonic's Past scene 1
    EV0022 - Sonic's Past scene 2
    EV0023 - Sonic's Post-Past scene
    EV0024 - Sonic's Pre-Egg Viper scene
    EV0026 - Sonic's Ending
    EV0028 - Sonic's Pre-Knuckles scene
    EV0029 - Sonic's Landing on the Egg Carrier scene 1
    EV002A - Sonic's Post-Casinopolis scene 2
    EV002B - Sonic's Pre-Chaos 0 scene
    EV0030 - Tails' Intro
    EV0031 - Tails' Emerald Coast scene
    EV0032 - Tails' Post-Emerald Coast scene
    EV0033 - Tails' Pre-Egg Hornet scene
    EV0034 - Tails' Post-Egg Hornet scene
    EV0035 - Tails' Post-Casinopolis scene 1
    EV0038 - Tails' Pre-Knuckles scene
    EV0039 - Tails' Pre-Chaos 4 scene
    EV003A - Tails' Post-Chaos 4 scene
    EV003B - Tails' Pre-Sky Chase 1 scene
    EV003E - Tails' Dream?
    EV0040 - Tails' Post-Dream scene
    EV0042 - Tails' Pre-Sand Hill scene
    EV0044 - Tails' Past scene 1
    EV0045 - Tails' Past scene 2
    EV0046 - Tails' Post-Past scene
    EV0047 - Tails' Tornado 2 scene
    EV0048 - Tails' Pre-Sky Chase 2 scene
    EV004B - Tails' Pre-Gamma scene
    EV004C - Tails' Post-Gamma scene
    EV004D - Tails' Missile scene
    EV004E - Tails' Pre-Speed Highway scene
    EV0050 - Tails' Pre-Egg Walker scene
    EV0051 - Tails' Post-Egg Walker scene
    EV0052 - Tails' Ending
    EV0053 - Probably Tails escaping from the Egg Carrier
    EV0054 - Tails' Landing on the Egg Carrier scene 1
    EV0055 - Tails' Pre-Past scene? (Has Froggy in it)
    EV0056 - Tails' Post-Casinopolis scene 2
    EV0058 - Tails scene? (Black Screen followed by an explosion sound and a chime)
    EV0060 - Amy's Intro 1
    EV0061 - Amy's Intro 2
    EV0062 - Amy's Sonic scene
    EV0063 - Amy's Pre-Twinkle Park scene
    EV0064 - Amy's Post-Twinkle Park scene 1
    EV0065 - Amy's Prison scene
    EV0066 - Probably Amy's Pre-Past scene
    EV0067 - Amy's Past scene 1
    EV0068 - Amy's Past scene 2
    EV0069 - Amy's Sonic & Gamma scene 1
    EV006A - Amy's Sonic & Gamma scene 2
    EV006B - Probably Amy escaping from the Egg Carrier
    EV006C - Amy's Post-Past scene
    EV006D - Amy's Post-Egg Carrier scene
    EV006E - Amy's Mystic Ruins Final Egg scene
    EV006F - Amy's Final Egg Zero scene
    EV0070 - Amy's Post-Egg Carrier scene
    EV0071 - Amy's Pre-Zero scene
    EV0072 - Amy's Ending
    EV0075 - Amy's Post-Twinkle Park scene 2
    EV0080 - Knuckles' Intro 1
    EV0082 - Knuckles' Intro 2
    EV0083 - Probably Knuckles' Pre-1st Past scene
    EV0084 - Knuckles' 1st Past scene 1
    EV0085 - Knuckles' 1st Past scene 2
    EV0086 - Knuckles' Post-1st Past scene
    EV0087 - Knuckles' Pre-Chaos 2 scene
    EV0088 - Knuckles' Post-Chaos 2 scene 1
    EV0089 - Knuckles' Post-Chaos 2 scene 2
    EV008A - Knuckles' Pre-Sonic scene
    EV008B - Knuckles' Pre-Chaos 4 scene
    EV008C - Knuckles' Post-Chaos 4 scene
    EV008D - Probably Knuckles' Pre-2nd Past scene
    EV008E - Knuckles' 2nd Past scene 1
    EV008F - Knuckles' 2nd Past scene 2
    EV0091 - Knuckles' Post-2nd Past scene
    EV0092 - Knuckles' Pre-Egg Carrier scene
    EV0094 - Knuckles' Egg Carrier scene
    EV0095 - Knuckles' Pre-3rd Past scene
    EV0096 - Knuckles' 3rd Past scene 1
    EV0097 - Knuckles' 3rd Past scene 2
    EV0098 - Knuckles' Post-3rd Past scene
    EV0099 - Knuckles' Pre-Chaos 6 scene
    EV009A - Knuckles' Egg Carrier Chaos transform scene
    EV009B - Knuckles' Post-Chaos 6 scene
    EV009C - Probably Knuckles escaping from the Egg Carrier
    EV009D - Knuckles' Ending 1
    EV009F - Knuckles' Ending 2
    EV00A0 - Knuckles' Eggman in the Hotel scene
    EV00B0 - Gamma's Intro
    EV00B1 - Gamma's Pre-Final Egg scene
    EV00B2 - Gamma's Pre-Beta scene 1
    EV00B3 - Unused Gamma Failing Final Egg scene
    EV00B4 - Gamma's Pre-Beta scene 2
    EV00B5 - Gamma's Post-Beta scene
    EV00B7 - Gamma's Egg Carrier Froggy scene
    EV00B8 - Probably Gamma's Pre-Past scene
    EV00B9 - Gamma's Past scene 1
    EV00BA - Gamma's Past scene 2
    EV00BB - Gamma's Post-Past scene
    EV00BC - Probably the Gamma going to Beta's room scene
    EV00BD - Gamma's Egg Carrier Beta scene
    EV00BE - Gamma's "This is the wrong room" scene
    EV00BF - Gamma's Prison scene
    EV00C0 - Gamma's Post-Jet Booster scene
    EV00C1 - Gamma's Pre-Sonic scene
    EV00C2 - Gamma's Post-Sonic scene
    EV00C3 - Gamma's Post-Egg Carrier Mystic Ruins scene 1
    EV00C4 - Gamma's E-series friends scene?
    EV00C5 - Gamma's Post-Red Mountain scene
    EV00C7 - Probably Gamma's Ending
    EV00D0 - Big's Intro 1
    EV00D1 - Big's Intro 2
    EV00D2 - Big's Froggy Car scene
    EV00D3 - Big's Tails scene
    EV00D4 - Big's Gamma scene
    EV00D8 - Big's Egg Carrier scene
    EV00D9 - Big's Hot Shelter scene
    EV00DA - Big's Pre-Past scene
    EV00DB - Big's Past scene 1
    EV00DC - Big's Past scene 2
    EV00DD - Big's Post-Past scene
    EV00DE - Big's Pre-Chaos 6 scene
    EV00DF - Big's Post-Chaos 6 scene
    EV00E0 - Big's Tornado 2 scene
    EV00E1 - Probably Big escaping from the Egg Carrier
    EV00E2 - Probably Big's Ending
    EV00E3 - Probably another part of Big's Ending?
    EV00F0 - Probably Super Sonic's Intro 1
    EV00F2 - Super Sonic's Intro 2
    EV00F3 - Super Sonic's Intro 3
    EV00F4 - Super Sonic's Intro 4
    EV00F5 - Super Sonic's Knuckles/Eggman scene
    EV00F6 - Super Sonic's Past scene 1
    EV00F7 - Super Sonic's Past scene 2
    EV00F8 - Super Sonic's Past scene 5
    EV00F9 - Super Sonic's Post-Past scene
    EV00FA - Super Sonic's Tornado 2 scene
    EV00FB - Super Sonic's Past scene 4
    EV00FD - Super Sonic's Pre-Perfect Chaos scene 1
    EV00FE - Super Sonic's Post-Perfect Chaos scene
    EV00FF - Super Sonic's Pre-Perfect Chaos scene 2
    EV0100 - Sonic's Landing on the Egg Carrier scene 2
    EV0101 - Sonic's Pre-Egg Carrier Transformation scene
    EV0102 - Sonic's Post-Egg Carrier Transformation scene
    EV0103 - Sonic's Pre-Sky Deck scene
    EV0104 - Sonic's Post-Sky Deck scene
    EV0106 - Sonic's "Need to change the ship back to its original shape" scene
    EV0107 - Sonic's Resuming Monorail Operation scene
    EV0110 - Tails' Landing on the Egg Carrier scene 2
    EV0111 - Tails' Pre-Egg Carrier Transformation scene
    EV0112 - Tails' Post-Egg Carrier Transformation scene
    EV0113 - Tails' Pre-Sky Deck scene
    EV0114 - Tails' Post-Sky Deck scene
    EV0120 - Knuckles' Pre-Egg Carrier Transformation scene
    EV0121 - Knuckles' Post-Egg Carrier Transformation scene
    EV0122 - Knuckles' Pre-Sky Deck scene
    EV0130 - Amy's Pre-Hedgehog Hammer scene
    EV0131 - Amy's Post-Hedgehog Hammer scene
    EV0140 - Gamma's Pre-Jet Booster scene
    EV0141 - Gamma's Unlocking Hot Shelter scene
    EV0142 - Gamma's Post-Hot Shelter scene
    EV0150 - Big's Resuming Monorail Operation scene
    EV0160 - Super Sonic's Past Scene 3
    EV0165 - Sonic's Crystal Ring scene
    EV0166 - Sonic's Light Shoes scene
    EV0167 - Sonic's Light Attack scene
    EV0168 - Tails' Jet Anklet scene
    EV0169 - Tails' Rhythm Badge scene
    EV016A - Knuckles' Fighting Gloves scene
    EV016B - Knuckles' Shovel Claw scene
    EV016C - Amy's Long Hammer scene
    EV016D - Amy's Warrior Feather scene
    EV016E - Gamma's Laser Blaster scene
    EV016F - Gamma's Jet Booster scene
    EV0170 - Big's Power Rod scene
    EV0171 - Big's Life Belt scene
    EV0176 - A Small scene (Like for the Ice stone etc.)
    EV0177 - A Small scene (Like for the Ice stone etc.)
    EV0178 - A Small scene (Like for the Ice stone etc.)
    EV0179 - A Small scene (Like for the Ice stone etc.)
    EV017A - A Small scene (Like for the Ice stone etc.)
    EV017B - A Small scene (Like for the Ice stone etc.)
    EV017C - A Small scene (Like for the Ice stone etc.)
    EV0180 - Sonic's Red Mountain Intro Scene
    It's worded a bit confusingly but as long as you know which scenes take place after each stage you should be able to read it. :)

    Hot Shelter is mentioned by Tikal in some of her voice clips. I think it was planned by the time they did the stories, but the stage itself just got made later than the other ones probably because it's the only one Sonic doesn't go to.
    I mean, the music for Act 2 was used in part of the game's announcement video after all.

    In general I think Act 1 was designed more for Big rather than Amy. There's tons of leftovers in Amy's version of HS Act 1 that indicate she wasn't the first character the act was designed for.
  17. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Completely unrelated to the previous posts, but I figured I could as well share this little thing. I just corrected the transparency issue in the game icon:

    Here's the fixed icon:

    And here are the executables with with the fixed icon:
    It's the US exe, so it's compatible with the mod loader.

    PS: Does anyone have the Steam version's icon? It would be neat to be able to put it on the 2004 version, for people who want their SADX and SA2 to have matching icons :v:
    Besides, it looks plain better.

    I have the one from the Dreamcast Collection release, which is in the same style (read: it's the box art):
    ...but it has a transparent frame (unlike the SA2 icon), and only includes one resolution, which is pretty low compared to the SA2's highest res icon (64x64 vs 256x256). So I was wondering if the Steam SA1 icon had a higher res?
  18. Chibisteven


    I checked the Steam version executables with Resource Hacker it's the same 64x64 one that the Dreamcast collection has.
  19. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Oh. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Thanks for checking.

    In that case, here are the 2004 executables with the DCC/Steam icon for anyone who wants them:
  20. PkR


    SADX Dreamcast Conversion, The Emeralds' Awakening
    To be fair that particular icon is pretty easy to recreate. It's just the title screen background with Sonic slapped on top, both of these can be easily found online. If nobody else does it I'll make a high-res icon for it sometime soon.
    I've always wanted to change that SADX icon, but I'm not a big fan of editing the EXE file. I think the point of the Mod Loader is partially to help people get away from EXE mods, which may have all sorts of issues and aren't compatible with each other. Changing the icon feels like going back to EXE mods again, even though it isn't as invasive as an actual EXE mod. If the Mod Loader ever gets the functionality to patch the EXE with an icon of your choice that will be a lot better though.