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S2BETA5 discussion

Discussion in 'Prototype Discussion' started by drx, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Orengefox


    Snooping as usual... Researcher
    Right in front of my computer.
    Some artwork, a ZZT game, and a hack.
    Although Hidden Palace Zones mappings and sprites no longer exist (now uses OOZs sprite placements), it looks like the colision is still there in this version as well; and continues to stick around all way up until Sonic 2 Beta 8 where it's officially gone (the garbage around the stage looks different, much more like the final versions garbage). I can't verify for sure but the garbage shown in Sonic beta 5, 6 & 7s HPZ looks identical to the garbage shown in Sonic 2 beta 4.
  2. Spanner


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    Small note, in this beta the spike bug is fixed.
  3. Sister Miyagi

    Sister Miyagi

  4. Two minor finds:

    Find one: EDIT: Removed, as it's old news actually, but was posted in a different proto topic.

    Find two: In Oil Ocean 2 you know that place where people usually do the "Mega Sonic" bug? In this beta, these spikes AREN'T THERE. A major insult to Mega-Sonic fans.

    See for yourself.

    Where are the spikes? (image)

    Why these spikes aren't there?!

    A soon-to-be Mega-Sonic says "Hello!" to the added spikes. (image)

    NOW we get a chance to do Mega-Sonic. What do you like more, Mega-Sonic or a chance to outrun the fatass Robotnik? :eng101: