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Roger Craig Smith and Kate Higgins are the new Sonic and Tails VAs

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Azookara, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. Willie


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    Jim Cummings' voice worked well for SatAM's Robotnik but would work absolutely horrible for modern Robotnik. >_< I seriously cannot imagine that extremely sinister, pure evil voice in Sonic Colors. It would just sound wrong and totally uncharacteristic of how Robotnik is portrayed today. When SatAM was originally being worked on, Eggman's personality wasn't very well established in Sonic 1 and 2 except that he was an asshole who liked to turn animals into robots and was evil. This gave the SatAM team a lot of freedom on how to portray Robotnik and they gave him a damn evil sounding voice. Nowadays, the games have given him a very distinct personality that could not work decently with Jim's voice unless there was huge changes to Robotnik's personality in general.
  2. Spanner


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    I've been working earlier to add wiki pages for the VAs that still don't have articles, does anyone have any information on Mike Mycheck, who voices Jet the Hawk in Sonic Free Riders?
  3. One day, Robotnik got into a terrible accident forcing the amputation of one of his arms, and having it replaced with a cyborg one. After months of clinical depression and slowly becoming fatter, he begins to become much more cynical then ever before, developing ways to change animals into robots without any way of changing them back. His voice becomes deeper as a result of his decreasing mental state, and he goes back to using the name Robotnik to be referred to as.
  4. Willie


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    Yeah, that would technically work as a way for the Jim Cummings Robotnik to make it into the main game series, but I don't think most Sonic fans would like that. >_>
  5. Overlord


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    Yeah - as much as I love Baldry's performance as Robotnik, I really couldn't see him pulling this scene from Colours off (note - minor in-game spoilers) in quite the same way. Bristow neither. Cummings would just be WRONG but then I've never been a huge fan of his take on the role anyway.
  6. JaxTH


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    So hey guys, I've never played Unleashed with English voices on (in fact I've never even heard them in English), but I wanted to know if the red robot has the same VA that he had in Unleashed.
  7. Jay T.

    Jay T.

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    No. He basically sounded more robotic in Unleashed than he did in Colors. That doesn't stop from him being so funny though.
  8. DigitalDuck


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    Nope, in Colours Orbot is voiced by Kirk Thornton, who is also currently Shadow's voice.
  9. Blue Emerald

    Blue Emerald

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    He's actually better known as Michael Yurchak (his name is different in the credits for some reason). He's best known as the voice of Tobi in Naruto: Shippuden (all those who thought there were already too many Naruto VAs in the cast can breathe another heavy sigh; I myself don't mind if the whole cast came from Viz). Here's a site with his voice demo reel:
  10. MegaDash


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    I could definitely hear Baldry taking much longer to do that scene, and it wouldn't sound the same. Pollock's snappier in his delivery on occasion. Still, it would be great to hear someone like Baldry try that scene, or any scene with Robotnik, just for kicks.
  11. At first I was going to disagree, since it seemed like a standard AoStH scene where he scolds the henchmen, but then I realized Pollock's Eggman doesn't just yell, he berates them sarcastically. I don't think Baldry's Robotnik would be capable of sarcasm.
  12. Volpino


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    I think he does a decent job at what his role is currently anyway, though I still miss the sinister Robotnik... But then again, even if he had a sinister voice again, he would need the attitude to go with it.
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