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Roger Craig Smith and Kate Higgins are the new Sonic and Tails VAs

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Azookara, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. Didn't he say he left because he was too high up in the chain of command and he couldn't actally program?
    If he was given an opportunity to program again, he may consider.
    All they'd have to do is just merge with Prope, seeing as SEGA already invested a small amount into it.

    Still a mssive doubt, but nonetheless it is franchise changing.
  2. Endri


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    (Why do I have the felling that this thread is going to become the next "Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Thread?")
  3. I hope not.

    This is probably going to be something underwhelming like their last "HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT"
  4. Jaseman


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    I'm gonna say they're probably overhyping something.

    Sonic colours getting and PS360 port? Sonic Adventure 2 coming to XBLA? Sonic CD to arrive on WiiSNLive marketplace?


    Sonic 06 getting a patch?


    Return of the minecart? Eps 2 being canceled. List of potentials goes on.

    EDIT: probably a Sonic 4 bandnik announcement :v:
  5. TimmiT


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    The announcement is that you will only be able to play as Sonic the Werehog in all future Sonic games.
  6. Quarterman


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    Sonic Adventure 3!

    On the Dreamcast 2!

    I can dream, right?
  7. VE Studios could be making a feature-length movie.
    Who knows?

    They could even do a CGI film-adaptation fo SA2's story seeing as it was so popular.
  8. Endri


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    I meant, in terms of cheerful optmism and messy bandwagoning. But that applies as well.

    See? it's happening already! :specialed:
  9. Frozen Nitrogen

    Frozen Nitrogen

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    <!--quoteo(post=0:date=Sooner than you think:name=A TERRIFYING VISION OF THINGS TO COME)--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (A TERRIFYING VISION OF THINGS TO COME @ Sooner than you think)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec-->SONADOW 2012, a slash dating sim designed by the fans, for the fans!![/QUOTE]


    That or SEGA's going to mandatorially enforce RealID on all Sonic forums.
  10. stormislandgal


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    Big the Cat's Big Bass Fishing will be announced.
  11. Endri


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    I am already adept to the cause then.

  12. Yash


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    concept art for the clouds in splash hill zone!
  13. synchronizer


    I don't think this would be that insignificant Yash.

    I'll join the bandwagon of people who think it's the 20th game and Rika who constantly hopes Classic Sonic would return. I kind of would like that too.
  14. franchise changing news can only relate to anything within the business. I don't think it has anything to do with games, tv shows, comics, or even a movie. Im assuming its something bigger. Company merges, rights relinquishments, partnerships, corporate buy outs.
  15. Shadic


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    Sonic and Amy get married.
  16. GeneHF


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    They're giving the franchise to a competent developer?

    No, that'd be a good thing.
  17. TimmiT


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  18. Azookara


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    That's the point I was making the whole time. It doesn't have anything to do with the games coming out at this very moment.
  19. I though Sonic Team is competant. Colours looks promising right?....RIGHT!?!

    Anyways. We must see what this Mobius Station Square-shattering announcment could be.
    At least we get some Sonic Colours information tomorow.
  20. This could also be similar to the "new shift" that happened in 1998. So maybe, Sega of Japan could be loosening their grip on the franchise and finally allowing their other branches some creative control.
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