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Remaking Sonic X-Treme using V40

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Jammin', Mar 30, 2022.

  1. Jammin'


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    So you've heard about Sonic X-Treme's prototypes, right? Well, what if I told you V37 and V40 (excluding the saturn version) were really easy to mod? Yeah, incredibly easy.
    I plan on remaking Sonic X-Treme itself using the V40 prototype. I'll add new textures, levels... Uh... Yeah thats about it. But I still plan on making it happen!

    Not much is finished right now. Started making progress yesterday.
    This is the latest screenshot I have at the moment:
    Mainly just testing the addition of new textures and stuff of the sort. I should have more progress by this afternoon so look out for that.
    Over and out!
  2. Jammin'


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    Okay so, quick progress report. I've split up the development into phases to make it a little easier. Phase 1 was to test the engine and figure things out. That was finished this morning. Still working on phase 2 which is getting all the sprites and textures that'll be used. Which is nearing completion. And phase 3 is putting it all together making the levels and such.

    To show progress, heres another picture.
    You might also spot some culling. Sadly, I cannot fix that. Its a problem with the engine itself.
  3. Overlord


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    Please don't double post.

    I do look forward to seeing what you come up with though.
  4. Jammin'


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    Sorry. In hindsight it probably would have been better to just edit the first one.
    Happy to know you're looking forward to the release! It really wont be the best though. The "boss fights" will moreso be platforming gauntlets and much less fights. Not much I can do about that.
  5. The Game Collector

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    So there's at least four Sonic X-Treme attempts going on, each taking a different approach. Did you see Voxel's Sega Saturn homebrew one that was posted to Youtube on March 31st and spread around Sega groups on Facebook? It looks a lot like Project SXU but appears to possibly be more accurate due to not falling off the borders of the map and using the original engine instead of Unity on PC.

    I'd say keep going because each person's technique is different and who knows who will really finish first. AXSX was the most ambitious but got hung up in the programming phase. People hacking or using the original engine might actually be able to deliver the goods first. Everybody is probably going to have different takes on the boss fights, included levels etc.
  6. casted_dreams


    Mind if I ask why you’re using the V40 engine instead of V37? V40 was put together in the middle of a huge engine rewrite and isn’t... let’s just say... stable.

    According to Voxel, his remake actually isn’t using a build of the X-treme engine! It’s being built from scratch using the Sega Graphics Library (which is honestly pretty impressive)
  7. Yeah, I've seen Voxel's post on fb, pretty impressive stuff!

    I got to get back on restoring the logo and some assets of the box art for this. I asked Voxel if he needed any assets for boxart, I'm down.
  8. Jammin'


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    Why I haven't provided any updates in a while:
    Simple. I haven't made any more progress. I got distracted working on other projects and was going to return to this later. And trust me, I'll try to be more consistent in the future.
    Things are going to be kicking back up pretty soon so I wouldn't worry about this being canceled.

    Yeah, I have. Looks like a masterpiece already.

    I'd think that's pretty accurate. I'm not modding the actual engine to do anything other than what it could already do so progress is probably gonna be moving a lot faster.
    Basically the only thing I really have to do is level design. I also have some ideas for level progression.
  9. supercojo09


    Looking good! I think I might add more to this Sonic Xtreme renaissance. Ill take a different approach with this one, hopefully I can come up with something by SAGE.
  10. oh this looks good
    shame i can't emulate the saturn on my pc without it lagging ;-;
  11. Jammin'


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    Once again I can't keep my promises. Right now, though, I can provide some info.
    I simply don't really want to work on it right now. No clue when I'll get a spark of motivation to jumpstart it again, but it is sadly not happening soon.

    I'm modding the PC version of V40! Don't worry.

    I'd love to see what you come up with.
  12. oh thank
  13. supercojo09


    So I might not be able to make it in time for SAGE, but I got a real interesting idea for a Sonic Xtreme fan game and hopefully by Thanksgiving/Christmas Ill have something great to show!
  14. wait, there was a PC version of V40?
  15. Jammin'


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    Back again. Just felt like replying to some things. I apologize for getting your hopes up. The status of the project is the same as it was the last time I mentioned it.
    But I might do some small things now and then. Will definitely post when I do something worth mentioning.

    3/3/23 EDIT: It's safe to say this is completely cancelled until I get onto a strong Sonic X-Treme kick. With how finnicky both v37 and v40 are, it would be extremely hard to make a full campaign without modifying the sourcecode which I lack the skills to do. I'm perfectly fine if anyone wants to pick up my slack and do it themselves. Not saying I won't ever come back to it, but maybe it'll happen when the last few stars start dying out.
    Yes, indeed. The engine needed to be a port of something, right?

    Once again, I await to see what you have in store.
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