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Regen on Windows 10?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Irixion, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Is there an issue with Regen on Windows 10? I'm running on a i7 6700k with a Radeon R9270x, with the latest drivers. Opening the emulator gives me a "Creating secondary surface failed." The only thing I can find is this:

    However, my card has 2 GB RAM, and my video drivers are up to date. Direct X is also updated. Anything else I can do? I use the emulator for its delicious debugging features and emulation accuracy, so switching emulators isn't something I would rather avoid.
  2. Cooljerk


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    Works fine for me in Windows 10.
  3. What the garbage? I have a fairly new install of Windows 10, so I'm not sure what could be causing the error.

    Edit: Direct Play is enabled in Windows' "legacy features" under Programs and Settings.


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    I hope you aren't using Regen thinking its entirely accurate, because it is not. So many issues with it, its not worth counting really. Anyway, seems like some typical Microsoft derps here, try updating Windows 10 maybe? Maybe this is a bug they fixed in some update some time ago at some place? I do not know since I do not use Windows 10 because its awful.
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    I thought it was one of the most accurate emulators out there (besides Exodus)?

    I have Regen working on Windows 10, i7-6700k (although I'm on a 1070GTX).
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    It is, it's just not 100%. It even has unique inaccuracies, allegedly, like the PSG frequencies being off by one, or something. But really, this seems like derailing.
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    To my knowledge, BizHawk has debugging features, and uses Genesis Plus GX for its MD emulation, which is one of the most accurate emulators available.
  8. Sappharad


    Genesis Plus GX doesn't do low-level emulation of some of the hardware though like Exodus apparently does. GPGX does claim 100% compatibility with all released games, both official and unlicensed though. BizHawk is a good suggestion in general though, because of the ties to the TAS community and their requirements for everything to be accurate enough to be reproduced on actual hardware. I know their NES core is currently the most accurate emulator for that system and it's not a wrapper of an existing one like GPGX is. (Although they do offer QuickNES as an option for people who just want to use it for playing games)

    On a side note, I've been pretty much solely maintaining the macOS port since 2012 and no-one who has attempted to get Linux into a usable state has ever stuck around long enough to fix the problems with that. If anyone knows C# and likes Linux, please consider checking it out. The code from the portable branch will compile almost out of the box and has changes to make things work outside of Windows (there's just an issue with the Version number update script that I need to correct at some point), it's just a matter of making it not crash on Linux and porting the native cores over. I'm sure the 3 people who use Linux would appreciate it.
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    If you guys are dying for an incredibly accurate debugging environment, why not take a stab at building one of those MegaDrive UDKs?
  10. Weeeelll, after some troubleshooting, I have had no success. Attempting to use vanilla Gens gives me:

    DirectDraw Error
    Error with IpDD->CreateSurface()![ipDDS_Back]

    I've got no idea what's causing this. It doesn't seem like I can run any MD emulators without some sort of hitch.

    I can run 3D Steam games just fine.
  11. flamewing


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    As a Linux person, I have been considering writing a c++ version of BizHawk (or, more specifically, GensHawk) instead of having to deal with C#.
  12. Clownacy


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    That just hints at bad drivers, again.

  13. I've removed AMD's drivers (using their removal tool which removes all traces), and it doesn't launch. Installed the latest version, it still doesn't launch. I've done everything I can short of reinstalling windows. I'm not sure if it could even be my hardware configuration, but this isn't making any sense to me.
  14. Mask of Destiny

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    The main limitation in Genesis Plus GX is that it has a line based VDP renderer. This means it generally can't render CRAM contention artifacts or the direct color DMA mode (though conceivably both could be implemented while still maintaining a mostly line-baseed renderer). It also means it has to cheat a bit to handle things that depend on a reduction in sprite rendering capacity due to disabling the display during hblank like Titan's Overdrive demo a the Moose Chase level of Mickey Mania. Overall though, it has fairly high accuracy and better compatibility than Exodus. You can argue about which is more accurate overall, but it really depends on what you care about.

    Pretty sure I've managed to get Regen working on Windows 10 with an AMD card, though my Windows box has a pretty ancient one (HD 5770). That said, you could try my emulator: BlastEm. Most of the debugging tools are text based, but it has both 68K and Z80 debuggers, a few debugging commands for inspecting VDP and YM2612 state and a few alternate view modes for some limited visual debugging of the VDP. It uses SDL2 and OpenGL for visuals so it should be less troublesome on modern operating systems.
  15. I've just ended up formatting Windows. There's some issues surrounding AMD drivers and Windows 10 Pro specifically. I'll just stick with the stock Microsoft drivers for now.