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Rare Sonic Art (And restoring it)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by JackSkellinghog, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Oh, very nice! It's great to finally see decent quality scans of that pencil box; the artwork is lovely.

    I'm rather jealous =P Well done on managing to find one of these, they're extremely hard to come by from what I can tell.
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    Gathering information on Sega World Sydney and collecting Sonic merchandise.
  4. AeonicB


    Found this in the giant hubbub of Greg Martin passing away:


    That is ap retty piece of art I've never seen before. At least, not in its unaltered form.
  5. I always loved that artwork. This will probably sound hugely disrespectful, and I don't intend it to be, but I would love to see that piece with the Japanese Sonic from that era in there.
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    '93, Licensed by Sony. Oh the irony.
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    I started this for fun, but I sorta hit a brick wall with the Japanese text. I know it says "Kawaii yatsu ni wa, toge ga aru"/ "for a cute guy, he has spines." But no matter how I typed that in a translator, it never gives me the exact text that's on the poster. I also have no idea what the text on the bottom say or what the logo is on the down right hand corner. Is there anyone that can help me with this?
  8. かわいいヤツにわ、トゲがある。

    If you're on Windows, you can go to the keyboard/language settings in the control panel and install Japanese input so that you can type directly in Japanese. Surely beats trying to get something useful out of software translation!
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    Oh duh, totally forgot you can do that, thanks a lot dude!

    btw if anyone knows what it says on the bottom please give me a hand!
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    As for the logo on the bottom right, it is Dreams Come True's logo for their Wonder 3 concert tour (it possibly says Wonder 3 beneath it in block letters). I can't for the life of me find a picture of it anywhere, though; I may have seen it only a YouTube video of their tour years ago. I thought for sure it was the album cover somewhere, so I'll just have to keep looking.

    Overall, though, I think you've lost a lot of the charm of the original by not recreating the chalky look of the lines on Sonic in the background. It's supposed to look like a close up of a drawing, and with those sharp, thin new lines it just looks bad.
  11. I googled the image and apparently there's a much clearer version of it:

    The text on the bottom is quite readable, I just can't identify the 4 kanji by Sonic's leg, but I bet someone more proficient in Japanese will be able to figure them out. Here's what I got:


    EDIT: Got the first 2 missing kanji: 音楽
  12. Linkabel


    Oh it seems that it's the Wonder 3 logo! It shouldn't be too hard to recreate, along with Nakumara's autograph. As for the chalky lines, I'm still not done with it. I was waiting to see what the text said so I can put the final touches on it.

    Nice dude! It's weird, I google the image myself and this particular version didn't show up. Now I feel like what's the point on restoring the poster :v:
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    Oh I see, well disregard then.

    I have never seen that big version before, either, and I've looked multiple times. That's cool.

    Well, there's always 4k, right? =P
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    I've found this today. Is this art known? I've never seen it before

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    It's an edit from the Knuckles in the Japanese Sonic 3 cover, I believe.
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    It's also fairly widely used - I believe this was run in StC plus several other UK gaming mags at the time.
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    Alright, so a long time ago I posted that I had the Sonic/Puyo Puyo anniversary calendar in the merchandise thread but I actually never posted the images themselves. So here they are and here's a link to the TIFF files.

    And a little bonus, the Dreams Come True tour poster. I took out the autograph and had to adjust the frame (I added a bit of a "bleed" zone) to actually make it into a poster (you can check it out how it turned out in the merch thread)
  18. Nice rare Puyo Pop pictures. Always felt the characters from there made for more fitting looking humans for Sonic to interact with than such detours as with Sonic 06. Many of the Puyo characters are done up in Uekawa's art style too.
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    Bit of a bump here.

    So I recently started another Sonic site. Kind of weird after SFGHQ and Secrets of Sonic Team. This is a tumblr, so it's a little bit easier this time.

    I also run The Video Game Art Archive, which scans in high res artwork from manuals. Sonic's been a part of that! But with Sonic The Hedgeblog that also goes into GIFs and trivia, plus old artwork!

    So I have some of these cards:


    These Sonic X-Treme cards came in Zooper Doopers, a lovely Australian ice block. I don't have the lot, but I have 7 out of the 10 released. Some of the very few bits of Sonic X-Treme "merch" out there, and seems to go with the "Extreme sports" motif of other stuff that was able to come out.

    So I've scanned them all in at high resolution and cleaned them all up:


    Check out the whole list, including the original cards themselves, at this link:

    Also, way more stuff to come!
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    I literally just pledged to you on Patreon a few hours ago. We should talk. I have hundreds of gaming zines and old rare vidya merch.