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Random Hack/Mini Project Thread

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Malevolence, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Alex Field

    Alex Field

    シュート! カオス・エメラルド・ザが消えようとしている! Member
    Added an alternate download; should hopefully not corrupt this time.
  2. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Thanks. It works)
    Nice job
  3. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Well, d-d-double poost! It's been a day, and I want to say a few words.
    First: the title screen was a big surprise for me. The last version I played was source code. I like it, although it is clear that this is not the final version.
    The menu seems simple, and with extra characters at the bottom (test for French characters?)
    When you take the monitor with an increase in speed, the effect while running is the same as in mania. It's beautiful and cool.
    You have replaced the monitor in d.m. with a monitor with a super shape. That's smart, but you should replace the graphics with the "S" from Sonic 1 or CD
    The EHZ2 palette is very beautiful. As well as all the other alternative palettes in this game.
    OWZ is not finalized again. A pity. This is the first and so far (not for long, I promise you :) ) the only interpretation of this zone in rom hacks, and I want to have something tangible already.
    SSZ is cool, but, unfortunately, not finalized.
    Tails' flight is not implemented badly. I really like.
    HPZ is just as good, but the second act is not playable again. It is sad.
    DEZ 1 does not pass without D.M., and this is also depressing.
    As a result: the hack is not very bad. It has potential, and I will definitely wait for the continuation!

    I haven't played the French version, but if you need a Russian translation, you know who to contact B)

    P.S.: I think, "The return of Dr. Eggman" is not good name for this hack, because you wait new story, and, new tricks, but you get reloaded concept art conceptions. Sonic 2 plus was good name for that, IMO
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  4. PrinceDinoboy


    So far, it's really cool! I love the title screen as well. Snazzy! Ocean Wind is utterly gorgeous (both backgrounds). I think that if you work on it more, the final product could truly be something special! Keep it up! I'm gonna keep my eye on this.
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  5. Hitaxas


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    Anybody remember this?

    Not sure why I bothered, but I recreated it using code that wasn't made mostly by someone else. None of the bugs from the version I put out years ago plague this release.
    I figured since I have since scrapped using it in Sonic: Full Throttle, I'd at least do something with the code for it. Also, I threw in my resetonfloor improvements for the hell of it.

  6. JustMe


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    There are a lot actually..
    My friend Cioss and I were working on this hack for a while now and it's ready to go now. We present to you:
    The grandma from Coco in Sonic 1!
    This hack adds the beloved grandmother from one of the most beloved Pixar classics "Coco" into Sonic 1!

    Will you be able to defeat the evil Doctor Eggman before he takes over the world? Will you be able to save the world before dying of exhaustion?

    Check it out yourself if you want :D


    EDIT: Since some people can't download this file from here I decided to upload it on my google drive:

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  7. PrinceDinoboy


    I love a good meme hack every once in a while, and this is pretty funny. My only critique is that I wish it were more, well, playable. But then again, who is genuinely wanting to play all of Sonic 1 as Coco? Pretty cool hack.
  8. MarkeyJester


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    The comma would likely have been a "TM" symbol or something of the like, probably related to the unused SEGA characters.

    Either way, nice work~
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  9. That does make sense. Now that I think about it, that mini-Sega logo, along with the ROM only having the 'U' region code, might well be leftovers from when it was conceived as a region lockout. Might also explain why the checksum doesn't match the ROM (perhaps it was calculated for an earlier build).

    And thanks. <3
  10. Don't know how useful this will be since I don't know if anyone else here uses BBEdit as their main code editor, let alone use macOS as their primary platform, but I made a custom BBEdit language module tailored to the Sonic disassembles. It supports all 68000, 68010, and Z80 mnemonics and registers, and also adds keyword highlighting to many of the macros, functions, and assembler directives/commands used in all of the SonicRetro disassembles as well as Hivebrain's and my own disassembles of Sonic 1 and 2.