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  1. Jdpense


    Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure


    This hack aims to be Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with new tag team mechanics from Sonic Advance 3. The only playable characters are Sonic, Tails, and Amy. This will be the finale update to this project, and the last time I ever make a "simple" hack like this ever again. From now on, I seek to develop something and place more effort into something original, since that's what this community cares for.

    Note: Just to clarify, I created the Advance 3 Tag Team mechanics FROM SCRATCH, they were NOT ported over. I feel like I need to address this, because I always see people make assumptions about my projects that features were "just ported over", but this is not that case.


    - "New" abilities added based off partner selected (Like in Sonic Advance 3)
    - Tag Team mechanics from Sonic Advance 3
    - Menus and Pause menu added
    - Option to change controls for A, B, C buttons

    Level Select: UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP at the title screen

    Tools and Assets Used

    - SonLvl by MainMemory
    - xm3smps by Nineko
    - Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2 by Clownacy
    - Sonic 2 2007 disassembly and SonMapED by Xenowhirl
    - S3K custom item box sprite sheet by Doc Melonhead and Techokami
    - PlaneED by Qiuu
    - Sonic Advance 3 Factory sprite sheet by Geo Prower
    - Tails Sonic 1 Sprite Sheet Rips by Parky33
    - Sonic CD Sonic Sprite Sheet rips by Victor T (Zenor)
    - Amy Rose custom Sonic 1 and 2 Sprites by Psi
    - Sonic Advance 3 Sonic Sprite Sheet rips by Ren "Foxx" Ramos
    - Extend the Sonic 1 sprite mappings and art limit guide by Markey Jester

    Based Games Sprites:

    - Insta Shield, Amy's Balloons, and Pause menu icon art from Sonic Advance 3
    - Some Tails sprites from Sonic 3 and Sonic Crackers (Victory pose, throwing)
    - Sonic sprites from Sonic 1 and Sonic CD
    - Base Amy art from Sonic CD
    - Drums from Chaotix
    - Tails' extra sprites from Sonic 1 Remastered

  2. Hey, if you're having fun making it, and are genuinely proud of your work, then it doesn't matter how small it is. Fuck anyone who thinks all hacks should be these huge productions with a million new things. Sometimes something smaller in scope can be a lot better :D
  3. DeltaWooloo


    Be a boss-man Member
    DeltaWooloo presents:

    This hack tried to remix Sonic 1's level design and successor to Sonic ReOne, but I lost motivation to carry on for many reasons. (before you ask, this doesn't link to Hivebrain's South Island Adventure ROM hack in 2004)

    3036.jpg 3037.jpg 3038.jpg 3039.jpg 3040.jpg 3172.png

    In this hack, you will only be allowed to play the first two acts of Green Hill Zone before you are sent back to the SEGA screen. Let me run down a few notable things you may notice when playing.

    Throughout Green Hill Zone, you will take a glance at a bright sunset palette that looks appealing in the eyes. Within act 1, you will encounter the lightning shield to attract rings and prevent projectiles from killing you; the fire shield is there too to allow you to destroy breakables walls and dash your way to the goal. Also, there are many paths for you to run around, so do check them out from time to time.

    Act 2 and involves more linear bearings. However, if you go down below, you will encounter an underwater section where you can try and run around only while trying to grasp for air unless you equip the bubble shield, which prevents you from drowning. Special Stages 1 and 2 have updated layouts, too, so be sure to grab 50 rings and check them out too! You also get to hear an excellent remix of Green Hill Zone done by me in GHZ1 and Puyo Puyo's Sticker in GHZ2. GHZ3 has the same layout, and completing the level will take you back to the title screen.

    You will also notice minor additions, such as the smooth Sonic sprites I showcased a month ago on YouTube, and all three special stages have a makeover.

    Moves are the same as Sonic 1 with a few new additions:

    • The spindash from Sonic 2 is here. Duck and push A, B, C to gain speed, and Sonic will start rolling fast while destroying enemies
    1. The insta-shield from Sonic 3 and Knuckles appears in this ROM hack. While jumping, push the A, B and C buttons to gain a bolt around Sonic, and it will allow him to be vulnerable for a tiny bit and destroy objects or collect rings surrounding him.
    2. If you gained an elemental shield, push A, B or C in mid-air for an action to occur. For example, Sonic can double jump with the lightning shield, slam to the floor, bounce higher with the bubble shield, and dash your way past enemies and breakable walls with the fire shield.
    I apologise if there is nothing that exciting to see in this ROM hack. This is mainly due to a lack of motivation to continue with this hack since my mental health couldn't bear the amount of work I put myself into making this, along with a few other hacks. Also, all the time spent this year was for another exciting hack to prepare for next year, alongside so many ROM hacks from other people to prepare for either SHC this year or finalise playable demos. Still, I released it to be a proof of concept hack and sent it to the public for anyone to enjoy. Whether I'll continue with the hack is very unlikely (I might redesign GHZ3 by Christmas and call it a day), but at least I had a good time designing levels and feeling more confident in Sonic ROM hacking. =D

    Click here to download the ROM hack.

    Also, as a fun little secret, if you push C on the title screen, Sonic's sound effects will be replaced from Sonic 3K to CD. =P

    There are also some bugs to watch out for that I didn't manage to fix in time for this year's Expo:

    • GHZ water background changes when loading, but it shifts to normal once the HUD is loaded, and you can move
      • Sonic's animations and mappings can bug out on rare occasions
      • Other bugs may persist, which I may not know, but the hack is still stable and playable after countless testing.
      • D.A. Garden - bug testing this hack and giving me some level designing support
      • AURORA‚úįFIELDS - AMPS sound driver and giving me general support
      • Vladikcomper - helping me set up his parallax engine for usage
      • TheInvisibleSun - helping me set up the water in GHZ
      • nineko - Puyo Puyo's Sticker port
      • ProjectFM - last-minute help regarding VRAM bugs while I was busy sorting out my personal life.
      • DaxKatter - Testing the hack on real hardware (via the Everdrive X5)
      • NotSoDevy, Rosabelle and bennascar for the sprite sheets to Sonic
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  4. nineko


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    I owe DeltaWooloo a big apology.

    He contacted me on Saturday asking me if I was interested to make a preview video of his hack, but in an incredibly unlucky case of bad timing, he picked one of my rare busy weekends, so I couldn't reply until it was too late.

    I tried it now, and it is very good, too bad that it's so short, I wanted to play more!

    In any case, since late is better than never, here is the video.

  5. Here it is. I finally did it. The first finished demo of Sonic Like Legos has arrived!! And lookity does, it's actually got a shitty trailer this time :D

    I know this one is gonna fly under the radar, but if anyone happens to play this, I'd appreciate stage design feedback. Download is in the description. :thumbsup:

    P.S. Most unintentionally misleading thumbnail ever lmaooooooo
  6. vladikcomper


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    Sonic Warped
    NOTICE: This hack was originally released on October 11, 2021 for the SHC Expo 2021. But since most of the Expo hacks went under everyone's radar unfortunately, a lot of people probably don't know it exists. To prevent it from completely fading away in case last year's SHC entries go to the vault (and loose their description and credits), I decided it wouldn't harm to repost it here. Also, the posted version is secretly much newer than the one featured in Expo~

    Sonic 1: 50Hz = 60Hz (240p Edition)


    Do you own a PAL Mega-Drive, that's only capable of running games in 50 Hz instead of glorious 60 Hz? Are you tried of your Sonic 1 running almost 17% slower? Are you dreaming of playing it in full speed, like NTSC users?

    Well, this hack got you covered, as it overhauls the game and its physics engine to effectively run at the same speed regardless of your region! It's about time 50 Hz mode gets the upper hand!
    • Play in PAL-exclusive 320x240 resolution! Make NTSC users jealous as they only get smaller 320x224 screen.
    • 50 Hz now feels the same as 60 Hz! This was achieved by dynamically extrapolating all the movement, velocities, accelerations, in-game timers, animations etc. in 50 Hz mode.
    • More processing power, less lag. Due to lower screen refresh rates, the game gets even more processing time for each frame, meaning the lag is reduced.
    • One ROM to rule the all. As mentioned above, screen refresh rate extrapolation is dynamic, nothing is hardcoded. So this ROM will play the same in 60 Hz mode (except you won't get PAL-exclusive benefits mentioned above)
    Attention Emulator Users: To play this hack as intended, you need to set your region to Europe (PAL).


    P.S.: Did you know that this hack is based on Sonic 1 Blastless DX codebase? Feel free to also check out Sonic 1 Blastless DX was the same PAL experience and much more!