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  1. Jdpense


    Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure
    Do you remember that horrible excuse of a game from Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 that not too many people bothered playing because most people hated the hack for the concept alone? Well I was stupid enough to give the concept another go but then I decided to drop it completely since I already knew that this kind of project is doomed from the start...so I decided it would be best to cancelled this thing entirely and release it as a mini-hack instead.

  2. E-122-Psi


    Here's a quick Proof of Concept attempt at getting Hill Top Zone running in 2P VS Mode:


    Known bugs:

    * The dynamic background doesn't load properly, leaving a glitchy mess.
    * Some multiple loading issues with objects such as Rexon and the airlifts.
    * I've mostly got the airlifts working but some won't run unless you hop off them.
    * If Sonic finishes first in HTZ 2 Tails' screen glitches and gets an instant Game Over.
    * Going too far out of bounds during the finish line can cause you to walk into the boss arena and hurt yourself on the lava.
    * Obviously to make the level load properly I had to trim down the object number drastically.
    * Earthquakes (which don't run properly in 2P and would likely break the flow anyway) are now absent altogether and replaced with normal lava areas (though the rumbling still occurs).

    Obviously this is in a rather glitchy state right now, but I like the idea of expanding 2P Mode if even just a little.

    EDIT: New revision with Act Two signpost and boss lava glitches fixed. The level is pretty much fully functional now except for some graphical and object bugs.


    EDIT: Mostly complete version with graphics fixed and airlifts working properly:

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