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Random Hack/Mini Project Thread

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Malevolence, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Jdpense


    Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure
    Do you remember that horrible excuse of a game from Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 that not too many people bothered playing because most people hated the hack for the concept alone? Well I was stupid enough to give the concept another go but then I decided to drop it completely since I already knew that this kind of project is doomed from the I decided it would be best to cancelled this thing entirely and release it as a mini-hack instead.

  2. E-122-Psi


    Here's a quick Proof of Concept attempt at getting Hill Top Zone running in 2P VS Mode:

    Known bugs:

    * The dynamic background doesn't load properly, leaving a glitchy mess.
    * Some multiple loading issues with objects such as Rexon and the airlifts.
    * I've mostly got the airlifts working but some won't run unless you hop off them.
    * If Sonic finishes first in HTZ 2 Tails' screen glitches and gets an instant Game Over.
    * Going too far out of bounds during the finish line can cause you to walk into the boss arena and hurt yourself on the lava.
    * Obviously to make the level load properly I had to trim down the object number drastically.
    * Earthquakes (which don't run properly in 2P and would likely break the flow anyway) are now absent altogether and replaced with normal lava areas (though the rumbling still occurs).

    Obviously this is in a rather glitchy state right now, but I like the idea of expanding 2P Mode if even just a little.

    EDIT: New revision with Act Two signpost and boss lava glitches fixed. The level is pretty much fully functional now except for some graphical and object bugs.

    EDIT: Mostly complete version with graphics fixed and airlifts working properly:
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  3. raphael_fc


    Overthinking Sonic timelines. Member
    I don't know if this is the right place to put this hack, but here it is. It is called Sonic and the Sanctuary Stones.

    I made this hack circa 2011. It was 99% finished, but then I lost all the files due to computer issues. Recently, I found an old version on an old e-mail of mine, which is kinda finished as well.
    I played it and I found the level design pretty bad, but I won't be able to edit anything. And I don't want to, because the way these levels were made is just part of history, I guess. Despite its flaws, I am proud of it, because it is my first hack ever and I had absolutely no experience on this thing. So I decided to publish it the way it is. After all, it is a complete hack, so you can beat the game at the end.

    At first it may look like just a pallete-swap, but it has a few other things to try to make the game unique on its own. So you have minor changes in the bosses, in some badniks, some "original" songs (like Nirvana's Come As You Are), new attacks, new super forms, transitions between acts, etc. It surely is not that much of a difference, but still.

    Here is the link to download the game. The story and the information about controls and the stones are in the txt file within.

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  4. RazoZen


    I got all the Sanctuary Stones but never got any access to Sanctuary Zone. What I'm doing wrong?
  5. raphael_fc


    Overthinking Sonic timelines. Member
    I can't really tell. I thought it could be a bug due to this being not the final version, but I tried here and it worked just fine. You don't even need to collect ALL the stones, because 1 for each zone is enough. At the end of Deep Ocean Zone act 3 you enter Sanctuary Zone.
    In any case, you can access the zone via select level screen. At the title screen, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT (a ring sound will be played here), A+START. Then go to sound select and press 87 87 87 87.

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  6. Wafer


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    Sonic 2 Versus Edition: Now you don't need Steam, go wild:

  7. Alex Field

    Alex Field

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  8. Clownacy


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  9. TheInvisibleSun


    Buffalo, NY, USA
    The Water
    It's a bit cloudy with a chance of monsoon in South Island today...

    Welcome to Sonic 1 Flash Flood!

    In this challenge mini-hack, stages fill with water at random intervals. Can you make it through to the end?

    To aid you in your quest, there are goggles monitors (with unlimited air) strewn about here and there.

    SLZ Rain.PNG
    SYZ Water.PNG

    Level Select code is unchanged, so feel free to try any level. I plan to update this with some new features and more bug fixes in the far future, but I'm moving on from it for now. Still, comments, feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated.

    Special Thanks to KingofHarts for Sonic Triad, snkenjoi for Flex 2, MainMemory for SonLVL, and JoenickROS.


    Download Alpha
  10. nineko


    I am the Holy Cat Tech Member
  11. jubbalub


    Sonic Mania fanboy Member
    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack, The Binding of Isaac: Deliverance
    I'm not sure if this quite counts as a random hack, but I've been sitting on this for a while and am deciding, I'm not going to finish this anyway so I might as well put it out there.

    This is an unfinished version Untitled Sonic 1 Hack, circa late 2017, with a ton of changes from the SHC2016 version. It's technically playable from start to finish, but some bits are very buggy. Have a look if you're curious, because I will probably never work on it again.
  12. Swifthom


    A Friend Remembers... Member
    I just watched Nineko's playthrough of this on YT, and it's an awesome concept for a hack :)
    Awesome work, well done, it's an inspired idea.
    From watching a single playthrough I was wondering about the benefit of it being at random intervals rather at set events in a level?

    Well done either way - if your still working on it'll hold up but I plan to play through myself eventually, looks like the kind of challenge I can get behind :)

    If you went for the latter it would be awesome for the water level to rise at a reasonable rate rather than flash across the screen like it does - give a sense of dread to the player as they see the water coming up and rush as far forwards as they can before they're engulfed.
  13. Alex Field

    Alex Field

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  14. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    Hello, I've made a hack of S3K with the goal of making it just feel awful to play in every possible way, while still being completely playable. I call it, Cursed S3K.
    • Added speed cap from S1 on ground and in air.
    • Disabled slope physics.
    • Made it so you can stand on walls and ceilings.
    • Made charging the spin dash slow you down.
    • Made it so you always have the full jump height, regardless of whether you're holding the button.
    • Made it so 32 rings spill out of you every time you get hit, and made them not interact with the level or you. Can be buggy, will fix later.
    • Made the bubble shield bounce move just stop you in the air when you initiate it.
    • Cut the fire dash speed.
    • Cut the height you get from the double jump.
    • Cut the hyper dash speed.
    • Made it so Tails moves up instantly when you press the button while flying.
    • Made it so Knuckles turns instantly when gliding.
    • Made the Special Stage start at a higher speed.
    • Removed the speed check for running on water in HCZ.
    • More to come...
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  15. Ravenfreak


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    Hacking Sonic Drift, Writer at Sonic Cage Dome
    Now all it needs are the Sonic 2 sprites, and to use the Sonic 3 alone music then it will truly be cursed. :P So I suppose you could also call this Sonic 3 Sonic 4 Edition too, since Sonic sticks to walls and the physics are screwed up. xD
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  16. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Sonic 2 spirites are the best how dare :colbert:
  17. nineko


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  18. Selbi


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    It's been a while since I last did anything Sonic. The new beta discovery made me excited to try some dumb stuff again!

    I wanted to see just how close the S1 proto is to the final version in terms of main movement logic. Or in other words, how simple it would be to extend its functionality like you would in a regular S1 hack. Bottom line: The physics subroutines are pretty much 95% identical to the final version, minus a few special cases that weren't addressed here and there. I had to remove the speed cap and boundary_bottom kill trigger for obvious reasons though.

    That being said, have a Sonic 1 Beta with a fully functional Homing Attack!


    Don't expect anything groundbreaking, I just had fun digging through a completely unlabeled disassembly as a challenge. :V
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  19. Iso Kilo

    Iso Kilo

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    Small Town, BC
    Various Sonic 1 MD and J2ME Experiments
    Sonic CD is weird.

    Thanks to Ralakimus for releasing the R11A disasm.

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  20. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member