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Random Hack/Mini Project Thread

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Malevolence, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Devon


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    I've attempted to restore the original songs in the levels in Mean Bean Machine by changing the song IDs to the Puyo Puyo tracks.

  2. SegaRelatedThings


    I have decided to put my Sonic: Total Chaos hack on hold for now so I can do some more stuff, and since then, I have started working something recently that may interest most of you.

    I present to you, Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Sonic 1 Edition:


    This hack is still very early in development, but here are some of the changes I did:
    • Most of the art has been changed (except for a lot of Sonic's sprites).
    • Only Emerald Hill Zone's first act's level layout has been changed.
    • Sonic can't do the spindash, just like in Sonic 1.

    And that's about it.

    If you want, you can download V1 here.
  3. TheBlad768


    Here's the release of my updated hack. I hope you'll like this one better...

    If you'll feel like the bosses are too tough to you, you can use the "Quick Start" feature, which lets you respawn immediately upon death without reloading the level.


    Programming: - TheBlad768.
    Music ports: - FoxConED.
    Graphics: - Mr.Cat, Dolphman.

    External Credits:
    Debugger - Vladikcomper.
    Ultra DMA Queue - Flamewing.
    Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2 - Clownacy.

  4. Wafer


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    I updated my Sonic 2 Versus Edition hack with a "Rounds vs" mode that basically follows the same kind of loop as Mania instead of playing a whole zone at a time with a special stage tie breaker. Also, optional dropdash and flight, and Tails renders in front of Sonic on the lower screen (how do you like me now, Mania?)

    Original post follows...
  5. plushifoxed


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    This is...genuinely really cool? I haven't gotten to play it yet but it looks technically impressive, and the bosses are really neat in and of themselves. I feel like the hack probably deserved a thread of its own, honestly; being relegated to this thread seems a waste.
    Unless I misunderstood all the "Unknown Zone"s in the level select in the video and there's actually only those two bosses in Death Egg, and that's why you put the hack in here? Either way, man, iunno. It looks really cool and deserved more attention, 's the way I see it.
  6. Wafer


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    Here's a hack of Sonic Spinball to improve the controls. In short, it binds Z to A and Mode to C. So if you select a control scheme that has C as the right flipper, you can press the shoulder on a 6 button pad to control the flipper, and if you select "Left, All, Right" it uses both shoulder buttons on the 8bitdo pad as the appropriate flippers.

    Here's a link. If anyone tests it on original hardware, please let me know, I've only tested it on my Mega SG.
  7. InvisibleUp


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    Here's a dumb, simple Sonic 1 hack that flips how slopes act on Sonic. You accelerate uphill and get resistance going downhill. Kinda fun. Here's a link.
  8. sonictopfan


    I don’t know if this is the right place to post this technical question, is it possible (theoretically) to mod Earthworm Jim 2 for the Genesis to use CD quality music, i.e. replace the soundtrack with the Saturn version?
  9. InvisibleUp


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    In theory, yes. The Sega CD has a "mode 1" that allows a Genesis cart to play CD audio. Sonic Winter Adventures was a hack that used that from a few years ago. Maybe this forum thread would be helpful?
  10. Devon


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    In regards to mode 1, I wanna add that, you pretty much have access to the CD hardware while still being able to run a game from the cartridge. What happens is that it just boots directly to the cartridge, rather than the BIOS. Because of that, you will need to manually set up the Sub CPU, which is just a matter of decompressing the Sub CPU BIOS from Kosinski into the start of PRG RAM, and then loading your custom SP code at $6000 in PRG RAM. All the Main CPU stuff mapped for the CD is shifted right to be located right after ROM space in mode 1, rather than being at the beginning of the memory map when in mode 2/booting from BIOS. Finding the Sub CPU BIOS really depends on what BIOS you are using, as the location differs for each region/revision. I think the example linked accounts for multiple BIOS's.
  11. BinBowie


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    Here's some dumb shit I made as a joke for Twitter. Feel free to cringe away.
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  12. Devon


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    When I first laid my eyes upon this hack, my life was changed forever for the better. I have never felt this much happiness in a very long time. Thank you, BinBowie, very cool!
  13. Love this!
  14. Wafer


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    I updated my Sonic Spinball controller hack. Now it supports extra flipper controls on the shoulder buttons for:
    • 3 button pads (these were broken in the first version, no extra controls natch)
    • All 6 button pads
    • SNES pads via Raphnet adapter (untested)
    • Any pad connected using 8bitdo hardware
    • Saturn pads with simple adapter
    Hit the spoiler for more details.
    Controls are as follows:
    Code (Text):
    1. Button:  X    Y    Z    Mode  Pads
    2. Mode X: Left Tilt Right Right 8bitdo adapter
    3. Mode Y: Tilt Left Right Right Logic3 SG pads, SNES pads
    4. Mode Z: Tilt Left Left  Right 8bitdo pads, Logic3 16 pads
    Mode Z is the default. Select the mode by pressing the appropriate button (in short, the left shoulder button) on your pad on the Sega/title screen, or during cutscenes.

    ABC act as normal, but default control scheme is changed to Left-All-Right, to support 8bitdo controllers.

    Saturn controllers are supported using the pinout provided by Sik. Left and right shoulders will always work correctly on the Saturn pad. Thanks to Sik for helping me sanity check my code.

    Note for Mega SG users: If you are playing using a Saturn pad or using the Mode button, you need to enable passthrough mode in the system options. Saturn pads will not function at all without passthrough mode, and the Mode button will force 3 button mode if held down during gameplay.
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  15. Test for Super Sonic in my Sonic 1 Hack.
    Alpha release coming soon)
  16. v0.52 alpha

    NOTE: This is an extremely early alpha build, the following stuff is incomplete.
    • An eighth level-slot is implemented, but currently not used, use PAR code FFFE10:0700 to access it.
    • Only GHZ1 is fully playable, SLZ1 is partially done while GHZ2/LZ1 are not very playable.
    • Super Sonic bugs Sonic's palette when fading back to normal.
    • Pressing B on the title-screen will lead to an incomplete Sonic 2 menu (this time not using stolen code!).
    • Title Screen/Level Select is buggy.
    • Placeholder music-tracks ($82/$89).
    • Some sprites look wrong as there's now only 3 blues (which are reversed), and 1 green.
    • GHZ is having an issue with its clouds.
  17. giovanni.gen


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    Sonic Hacking Contest
    NOTE: This is a crosspost from SSRG.

    This is Sonic 1 - Score Rush, a tiny challenge I made for Sonic 1.
    The premise of this challenge is that your score starts at 5000, and it will go down by 100 every second.
    If you do not have enough points, it's an instant game over.

    I see. I guess I'll just beat the first few levels in 30 seconds and get a load of po-
    Not so fast, to make this more challenging, I've made some changes to the score tally.
    If you beat a level in 30 seconds, you get awarded 5000 points.
    Beating a level in 1 minute awards you 3000 points.
    Beating one in 1:30 awards you 2000 points.
    Finishing in 2 minutes will get you 1000 points.
    If, however, you're slow enough to finish the level in more than 2 minutes, you get nothing!

    I can still use rings, right?
    Oh yeah, about that...
    I've applied a ring bonus cap. You can not get more than 5000 points from rings.
    This also applies to the special stages, where you will get notified when you've collected 50 rings, just like in the actual game. With the difference being that you can not get continues anymore.

    What about the hidden bonuses at the end of the level?
    I mean, you can take them if you want. Just know that they'll award you 10 seconds at best.

    Alright then, I'll just use MZ2's smashable blo-
    Not anymore. You can no longer get 10000 points per hit after hitting a certain amount of blocks or badniks.

    That's way too much! I bet this is like the hardest thing ever!
    I had to make a lot of recalibrations to the score bonuses to make sure that the challenge does not feel too hard, but can actually keep you on your toes.
    My best score on the release version is 17840, and I achieved this score without dying a single time and by getting every Chaos Emerald, so I think I did a good job!

    Sonic 1 - Score Rush Highscore.png

    Alright, fine, I guess I'll just download the hack...
    Great! Then you can go to the bottom of the page and proceed downloading the hack! I would love to see how much you can score!

    But, what about the obligatory footage that is required for like every single hack? That screenshot you posted earlier is definitely not enough to prove anything you sa-

    Hack made by Giova
    Disassembly used: Sonic 1 GitHub
    Art: SonMapEd, Paint
    Text Editor: ConTEXT
    Minor level edits: SonLVL
    Special thanks to Mercury. It's thanks to the ReadySonic disassembly that I found out that I could remove two lines of code to have leading zeroes.
    And apologies to Ralakimus for not listening to him :P
    Sonic The Hedgehog by SEGA and Sonic Team

    Edit: My apologies. I have reformatted the post. I hope it is readable now.
    You should remember this before copying and pasting stuff from SSRG!

    Oh and here's a MediaFire link.
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  18. Wafer


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    @Giova This seems like a neat concept, but you're being let down by the fact that your post is unreadable in the default theme. I recommend removing the formatting.
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  19. SuperSnoopy


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    Slice of life visual novel, coming soon...?
    Please edit your post, we can't read it.

    edit: Wafer said it first, this is kinda redundant.
  20. E-122-Psi



    I've dusted up an old Cream sprite edit of Sonic 1, only this time I bothered to give her the ability to fly.

    The main reason I wanted to show this is because I've tried to improvise a streamlined fly code for the large part, mostly just editing it from a quick jumpdash code and some animation tricks. How does it test out authenticity wise? If it's remotely good then M2 have genuinely no excuse for leaving it out of AGES Sonic 2. :P

    Don't count on a Cheese update anytime soon. Flamewing coded him into Pink Edition and it's quite extensive to translate at that.
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