Quick question regarding Xbox 360 disk drives

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    So I picked up a two Xbox 360's from a local goodwill for cheap. The first had red ring, so I fixed it, and it initially played games and so forth. However, once the software on it updated when I connected it to Xbox live, it stopped playing games, instead reading them as DVD's. I got stumped how to fix this.

    The second one had both red ring and also a mechanically bad DVD drive. However, I managed to fix the DVD drive. Being adventurous, too lazy to fix the second Xbox's red ring, and stumped how to fix the first Xbox's DVD drive, I placed the DVD drive from the second Xbox into the first Xbox. According to all the research I had done, it should not have worked, since the processor and DVD drive are supposed to be linked. However, it actually booted, and ran games on a fully updated Xbox. The only thing I can figure is that both consoles are mid 2006 manufactured Xbox's, being made only 4 months apart.

    My question is what are the chances that the transplanted DVD drive is suddenly going to quit working because of incompatibility due to the drive and the processor being from different systems?
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    There's a console key that's also stored on the disc drive's firmware, I'm pretty sure you'll have to read it from the first drive, and flash the drive you want to use with it. JungleFlasher is a handy tool for both official and custom disc drive firmware.