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Questions on Getting Into Genesis Music Creation

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by SternumSteven, Jul 19, 2017.

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  2. Spanner


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    There are a few videos on YouTube explaining the FL and MID2SMPS config, go look them up.
  3. Herm the Germ

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    MIDI-to-SMPS-conversions, mostly. Takin' requests, too.
    Typically, what I'm doing is take a MIDI and, in FL Studio, prepare it for use with mid2smps, as described in the opening post of the program's topic, then utilize the actual program as instructed to get a functioning binary file that can be played by the default S1 SMPS driver, or converted to other formats.
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    I recommend to read A-S-H's topic How to make a song with mid2smps.
    It has detailed instructions on what the general process it. (One of my replies also has a small video that shows you how to set up mid2smps. But everything is in his post as well.)
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