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Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by saxman, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. May I please have a Windows binary of the tool, Sax? I really want to try this, but I can't compile, because I lack the resource, know-how, and privilege to set it up. And, I would like a Hotshare link to it, too. Trust me, Hotshare is the only file sharing service I can access to.
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    There's a compiled version of it included with the source. Look in Source\bin. DrawScreen.exe is the Windows version, and for pure nostalgia, DrawDOS.exe is the DOS version.
  3. Thank you, but where is a Hotshare link of the download? My dad blocked me from file sharing sites, fyi. I'm sorry, I'm just rather eager to try it out.

    That's ok, I found a way around it. God, this engine has too many compatability issues! I can't even access zone files! Sax, you need to make a 64-bit version of this.
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    Uh, it runs fine for me on Windows 7 Ultimate x64. 64-bit Windows can run 32-bit apps just fine... maybe your folder has permission issues?
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    Make sure you actually unzipped the contents of the file. If not, it's not going to see any of the files it needs.
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    Some more archaic ProSonic stuff has been uncovered.

    I found a 256MB flash drive I lost over a year ago (perhaps even over 2 years ago). It didn't have a whole lot I really wanted, but I found a few gems that were special to me relating to ProSonic's long development. There are a series of backups I made that were never available on my desktop computer I used to development the engine. So in the interest of making my ProSonic backup catalog more complete, I have uploaded three new backups that were previously not available, two of which are the earliest backups to date:

    Jan 1, 2006:

    Jan 2, 2006:

    Mar 4, 2006:

    There's nothing to show off that will wow anyone. This is really a "for me" kind of thing. It's special to me because I worked on the engine for so long, so it's always a fascination to myself when I see where it was in the beginning and where it ended up on the last build. I know there have been a couple people interested in the catalog of backups I put up online, so I felt I should make it noteworthy to those people who may want to add to their collection. Since the engine was developed for DOS in the beginning, you might want to keep DOSBox handy.

    To give you an idea where these backups stand in the ProSonic development timeline, I started ProSonic on Dec 15, 2005. The first two backups are just a few weeks after that date. It was specifically being developed for a game to be called "Tails' Chaos Syndrome" which was obviously cancelled.

    On another note, my flash drive contains backups for Feb 2 and Feb 7 of 2006, but I was unsuccessful in getting either of these backups to work. As a general rule that I like to follow, if I can't get the engine to at least run for a couple of seconds, I don't bother uploading it because it really isn't of any value to me, so I know it won't be for you either.

    And of course you can still download the many other backups I have online at ranging from 2006 all the way to 2009.

    Here are a couple of snapshots also found on my flash drive from various builds:

    Tails' Chaos Syndrom level design:

    EHZ import A:

    EHZ import B:

    CNZ import:

    First attempt at a scripting language:

    Level importer:

    Tile importer:

    Blockmap editor:

    Collision editor:

    Object layout editor:
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