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    What is Project SXU? well, lemme tell ya. Project SXU is a recreation of the cancelled Saturn title, Sonic X-treme, in the Unity engine.

    What is the goal of Project SXU?: Project SXU aims to recreate Sonic X-treme as close as possible, while adding original ideas and concepts from X-treme. The levels will be as accurate as we can make to the levels seen in videos, images, ect, (this version) while making brand new Act 2's for the zones! as well as remaking bosses from seen sketches as well as videos/screenshots.

    What started Project SXU?: Project SXU started in late 2017 as a means for me personally to learn Unity. But was in a sort of limbo not really being pursued much, as I was busy in life. It picked up in the start of 2019 after I finished my schooling and has gone to places I couldn't even imagine thanks to Comicnights amazing controller he's been actively working on.

    Who all is working on the project?: Currently, me (Etendo) and Comicnight. I am recreating the original levels thanks to DEF viewers and handling UV mapping, as well as sprites. Comicnight is handling the programming, and will make new levels of his own.

    Where are we currently in terms of progress?: Well, at the moment we have the basic layout of Jade Gully, Crystal Frost and some of Blue Ocean (Act 1). I am still working on getting the levels decor sprites out and put in the levels (I've had to build Jade Gully 3 times now, gimmie a break, haha).





    and I've already gotten the sprites out for Red Sands.

    As for Sonic, we have a very stable working controller (that feels awesome by the way). Still working on adding in more sprites (skidding, ect).

    I made this thread to help update the progress of this project and to be able to interact with the community, as well as garner feedback. Let us know of anything you may think of!

    We also have a discord! here you will be able to talk with us and see some inside dev stuff we will post, as well as vote in polls to help us get instant results. You can join here:

    And you can find our Youtube channel here:

    Thank you for reading, and we hope you all will join us on this X-treme journey!

    Project SXU team

    Etendo: Sprite ripper/sorter, art creator and level builder

    Comicnight: Programmer, modeler, art creator and level builder
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