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Project: Sonic Retro Ended

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scarred Sun, May 15, 2009.

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  1. STHX


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    Dammit... I should have been here yesterday.

    It is a bit sad, but in the last days I feared this would have happened.
    Everything is pointless now, but I'm going to give my opinion on this:
    Since the beginning, I always had the impression there was the need to rush with the project. Even at the beginnings, there was always someone who insisted in speaking of storyline, special stages, bonus stages, final bosses, new gimmicks, and so on.
    But all those things are extremely secondary. Sure, some day they would have been discussed anyway, but there are much more important things to discuss.
    Even just saying "it must follow the classic Sonic style" is not simple. Sure, Sonic 1, 2, 3 are all similar, but they are still different. The difference between Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 are much more than the similarities. And don't forget Sonic CD: a spin off, but it still falls in the classic Sonic.
    The board Phoebius and Qjimbo created simbolized all of this. We could discuss everything, but, then, what was the point, since many other important things weren't decided yet. Maybe it could have worked, but the more time passed the more Phoebius started to lose interest. But I understand him. There were too many things to control, and it was not easy.
    From this point of view, Chimpo got it right: focusing on the most important things, and scrap everything else.
    But even then, what is important? What is unneded? The community could not decide, and alone we turned a dictatorship into an anarchy.
    This is where the project fell.

    There is never any reason to rush. Every decision related to a new game must not be underastimated.
    Every choice leads to a reaction. Posting a sprite not many likes and pretending it to be final could cause the haters to stop contributing. Some times you have to chose something for its functionality, not for its "awesomeness".
    It is almost funny most of the contributors went away everytime a Sonic sprite was "finalized". Happened with both Phoebius and Chimpo. I wonder if this could be avoided. Every Sonic game circles around Sonic, but this also mean every Sonic game can fall thanks to Sonic.

    P:SR is gone, but P:SR was just a body. Its soul, its concepts, are still alive, inside the ones who still wants to keep doing it.
    And I'm one of them.

    "P:SR is dead! Long live P:SR (but with a different name :P)!"

    Count me in. I already have a new sprite I was going to post monday (if the project survived up until that date), and I'm still intersted in helping as much as I was before.
    I'm sure we aren't the only ones which are still interested in this (or at least, I hope so).
  2. You know, you could really find better places to discuss this.
  3. Yuzu


    Let's discuss this in the Project: Sonic Retro forums.....oh wait
  4. GeneHF


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    Guys, if you're really going to talk about this here of all places, even with Tweaker's absolute ban on it, I would think you'd at least be a little brighter and take it to PMs or even GTalk or some other chat client. :specialed:
  5. Shadow Hog

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    Also, thanks for the archive, whoever it was that put it up.
  6. Tweaker


    Yeah, see, here's the thing—that's exactly what won't be happening. I suggest you don't make it apparent in any form that it is happening, either, at least on this message board, lest you wish to face the consequences.

    I think it's both extremely disrespectful and incredibly ignorant that you can't accept that you were not fit to run this project; if you were, we would have gladly kept it on and supported it with our vast resources. There's no way that we're going to endorse the zombie-esque revival of it literally a day following just because you think you don't "need" us. The original team thought they didn't "need" us, either... and their project forum was full of some of the worst arbitrary member filtration system I've ever seen, paired with literally weeks of inactivity as a result of both that and an outright rejection of fair alternatives to proposed art submissions. Maybe you don't remember that, but I know I do. It wasn't until the project was moved here that anything actually happened on the damn thing.

    Look, here's the thing—as I mentioned before, the chance of this project coming back to life at a future point in time is not out of the scope of possibility. But for now? Give the thing a rest, man. It's like you're trying to perform CPR on a day-old corpse—it's just not going to work.

    You're welcome. :)
  7. Rika Chou

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    ...What exactly happened after the move? A few sonic sprites? After the move, progress went in reverse. To even pretend that this was the same project the Phoebius started is ridicules.
  8. muteKi


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    Though I can't say I was overly fond of the directions it went in, I do have to agree that more progress was made back then.
  9. Afti


    To everyone trying to revive it: Maybe you should let it rest, so that you can eliminate all the existing sentiments (which are far from unwarranted) against the project.

    Common sense dictates that, if you plan on trying to resurrect a failed community project, you should wait until the project has faded to a dim memory, so that the community will actually touch the thing.
  10. Dr. Mecha

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    Just delete all of those posts and lock this topic already okay?
  11. Aquaslash


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    Why didn't I see this coming? It's just as well, Chimpo was the only one doing anything anyway.
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