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Project HC

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Stealth, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Spanner


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    All of the above.

    Nice idea Stealth, would have emailed you myself if I had anything worthwhile that I could do though. Seems there's plenty of interest anyway from people.
  2. GeneHF


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    We've talked already, but I'm throwing my name in officially as a programmer. I'd like to have a project to work on that isn't busy work and that I give a shit about. It's been a while.
  3. MKAmeX


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    This sounds like an incredible opportunity! Now, I understand you want fully committed team members who give it their all, but I am curious about what you consider "full time." Since I'm currently finishing up school, I'd like to know just how much time I am expected to contribute to the project while still maintaining a living and possible social situations, along with other obligations like other group projects. Some of which can easily be cut back on for a project of such importance, but I was just wondering what your thoughts on this are.

    That having been said, I plan on sending you a portfolio of work and a rough estimate of my schedule for the up coming semester. After the holidays are finished, I should have a lot more free time to create artwork.

    I am absolutely looking forward to seeing what comes of this, along with the prospect of working with some of the most inspirational people I can think of. :)
  4. Chimpo


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    Stealth, just a quick question here.

    I didn't see this mention anywhere in the documentation, but are there any networking capabilities with HCGE? I'm just curious if online multiplayer is possible.
  5. Hivebrain


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    I'd be interested in doing some programming.

    Does the engine have any sprite scaling/rotation or transparency capabilities?
  6. Stealth


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    As a note to everyone, there's been some activity in the IRC channel over the last couple of days. Join in anytime to get started discussing this stuff some more

    Waiting to see this, looking forward to it!

    Awesome, start checking out the documentation when you get a chance and ask me about any issues you run into anytime

    Basically I'm just looking for commitment to this project as a high priority. First, you'll need to be able to get used to what you'll be doing before my involvement decreases in April. Other than that, I'd like to potentially see something presentable by that time too, and for the project to keep the same pace until it's complete. Something like several hours a day, most days of the week

    I've experimented with it, but netplay is the kind of hell that doesn't play well with getting everything else done. I wouldn't count on it right now

    Awesome again, and same as above; check out the documentation and let me know if you have any problems

    For now, no. That's another thing you probably won't see until sometime after this project is done
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    It's looking fantastic :D Love the character sprite. Getting Castlevania vibes with that whip!
  9. StephenUK


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    Just a quick question, but do you have a rough idea of how many hours a day/week will need to be dedicated to any kind of training seminars you perform? My brother is due to graduate from university with a degree in various areas of computer programming, game design and such, and I know that not so long back he had started taking in interest in your engine and was playing about with it a bit to see what could be done with it. He was actually talking about taking up some kind of project once he finishes his course, so that he could try and break into a team and kickstart his career in the industry. I will obviously need to relay the information to him you've provided in this topic, but I have a feeling he would be very interested in taking part in this project.
  10. Falk


    Obligatory "ha ha you fell through the floor" :V