Playing the "Bad" Sonic Games

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    They got most of the ~15 physics values wrong/off(compared to S1-3&K-CD), like the spindash, air control, deceleration, slope conversion and rolling friction. Then they designed zones around those broken physics.
    For example the almost nonexistant air control forces you to use the homing attack/air dash.

    When you start with bad foundations, everything you build on top of it accumulates the mistakes and bad design. No matter how good the level designers were, they didn't have a choice but to place the speed boosters and badniks with the lock on targeting.

    I'm not saying the level designers were good or bad, even with the right physics they could have still made Sonic 2 DIMPS edition.

    My personal opinion is that using the original character gameplay would have made even the current Ep1 levels more enjoyable. Same for Classic Sonic in Sonic Generations
  2. I will forever wonder how in Generations of all things they didn't even try to make something similar. :\
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    I recently played some Sonic 3D Blast (Mega Drive version), and I am not quite sure why the game gets such a hard time. I guess it's very different from the other Sonic titles, but it's fun and the soundtrack is top-notch, possibly my favorite Sonic soundtrack. I will say, the game is a bit tough to control sometimes, but it still is decent to me. I dunno, maybe I just have a love for it because I used to play it when I was 5, but I think it doesn't deserve to be called a "bad" Sonic game. What do you guys think?

    (Also, I think this is my last trial post)
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    It's not. I just don't like it ;)

    But maybe it's because I'm generally not too keen on platform games with isometric view. I can't remind even one, which didn't have some serious issues with jumping and precision of moves. Arcade games with shooting and without jumping are imo far better for this perspective.

    However, I like to threat Sonic 3D Blast as some historical trivia. You know, genesis of this title (I mean the reasons why it was created, not the console ;)/>), the fact that all three releases (MD, Saturn, PC) had different bonus levels, the last game with Sonic released on MD... And probably that's it :P Although I regret a bit that I don't like this title too much, music in PC version is really great, if only it could accompany to some better game :P
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    I think 3d Blast is pretty good. At least the mega-drive version. Never played the Saturn/PC release. Yeah the music is top-notch. I replayed 3d Blast a few months back and found it to be more boring than I remember. Never found it to be particularly hard. The isometric view perhaps makes it feel a bit more immersive than the 2d games. I would have preferred more optional routes to progress, but that wouldn't really work with how the game is designed. The special stages are rubbish. They're just too easy. Kind of sucks that there's no Super Sonic reward for collecting the emeralds, just the chance to fight the final boss. I think the boss fights are actually quite interesting.

    I always thought Tails & Knuckles cameos were stupid. You get them instead of a giant ring or starpost. Thought they would have at least been playable like in Sonic 3&K. 3d blast is kind of lacking in replay value.
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    Although not a fan of Sonic 3D Blast, I have to admit the Saturn special stages are top notch.
  7. It all depends on what you consider a "bad" Sonic game. There are quite afew people who defend Sonic 06 as being a good game, so it's all down to personal preference. Some people can play a bad game and know it's bad, since it'll offer a different experience than you'd expect from a good game.

    Sonic 3D Blast is okay, I did find it more dull than anything. The music is top notch however. The 3D models for Sonic look kinda off to me but that's the nature of pre-rendered graphics.
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    Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island isn't a BAD game, per se. An average one, maybe.
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    One could argue that it is a bad "Sonic" game, though =P

    Personally, while it's definitely different strokes for different folks, I'd be hard pressed to give anything released after Sonic & Knuckles much more than 7/10.

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    I think Shadow the Hedgehog still has a bit of enjoyable aspects to it. And you know what, I feel like Riders is a really fun game if you stick to it. I can't say I agree with anyone who says 3D Blast is good. Can't stand that one.
    Also, PS2 Unleashed is fun too!
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    Or you could not suck at the game. :v:
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    I wouldn't say that removing flicky collection from the game makes it better. Shorter - yeah, better - hardly.
    Super Sonic is indeed a welcome addition though.
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    Well, it makes the game more enjoyable for me. Defeating all enemies is too tedious.
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    I'm going to be that guy and say that I have no issue with collecting flickies in Sonic 3D. I never have. I like the music, the graphics, and although the controls aren't the greatest for a d-pad (although, these days, I use an analog stick, so it's a non-issue), they're not too bad.

    The gameplay is something people keep saying is a problem, but I honestly don't see many other options with the isometric 3D style of gameplay. Even Sonic Labyrinth for the Game Gear did the same thing, although not quite as good, and I see why. The thing is, Sonic 3D still allows you to explore the levels (it encourages it, with the flicky collecting mechanic), and it still manages to retain a lot of the Sonic staples you'd expect as well (Platforms, Springs, Spikes, tunnels, loop-de-loops, etc.). Hell, I still find little secrets in it to this day (Finding Tails in Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2 and the frozen lake backtrack in Diamond Dust Zone Act 1 come to mind).

    Also, to respond to the key question of this thread: Playing the "Bad" Sonic Games - Worth it?

    Well, how am I to know what is and is not a bad game before I play? This is a key problem, I feel. Yes, you can read reviews, play demos, see previews beforehand, etc. But, most of the time, I don't decide a Sonic game is good or not until I've sat down and played it for a bit. I thought Sonic Lost World was going to be fun; I got half way through and have never came back to it, so I consider it a bad game as it's never maintained my interest and is too frustrating for me to continue playing. However, I initially felt uninterested at the idea of Sonic Rush, but I now consider it a fantastic game that, although much different from the usual Sonic fare, is a great addition to the series. I had a lot of fun playing it to 100% completion as well.

    It's usually a personally preference kind of deal. Also, with regards to well known 'bad' Sonic games that have been previously mentioned, I can only think of 3 form the entire series that I feel are genuinely so bad, that they don't deserve the light of day: Sonic '06, Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. While some people may agree with me (and may not), that's not to say that they are universally bad games, as someone might enjoy anyone of them (and if you do, then fair enough. Power to you). But I personally wouldn't , as I know I do not, and will not, enjoy playing them.
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    Sonic R is always worth playing.
  18. Dr. Corndog

    Dr. Corndog

    What I meant was, are the games that are widely considered "bad" by the Sonic community still worth playing?

    You might include Sonic 3D Blast in that question, and having played it, I would say yes. It's...not great, but it's interesting, and certainly not broken.

    On the other hand, Shadow the Hedgehog is said by some to be so bad it's not even worth playing to see how bad it is.
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    It really depends on you. How big of a Sonic fan are you? While those 'bad' games might not be on the recommended list for a generic gamer, if you are into Sonic it might be cool to see the different zones and the story/development. I play through the games once. Especially the bad ones don't have a replay value for me.

    If you are a speedrunner, and one that likes to glitch and break the game to cut time, those might be great for you. Usually the bad games are coupled with bad bugs.
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    Sonic 06' is just a bad game and there are a lot of loading screens. I'd recommend shadow the hedgehog if you're looking for a laugh because the game itself isn't that bad. It's just extremely edgy.