Panzer Dragoon: Remake and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: Remake

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Jason, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Jason


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    Sega is going full blast with reviving these IPs, huh?
    Forever Entertainment's past work appears to be mostly mobile games I've never heard of, so I'm not sure what kind of quality to expect.
  2. ICEknight


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    Oh, it's only going to be faithful in terms of story? o_O

    Maybe it will be something like this:

  3. 360


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    Awesome news that's just a bit shaky because the developer is unproven. Sega going all-in on reviving their IPs however is fucking amazing. Jet Set Radio could easily be next.
  4. BlackHole


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    I really hope they do a great job. And perhaps do Panzer Dragoon Saga as well, maybe Orta if they're up for it.
  5. Laughingcow


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    Orta still holds up graphically last time I checked.

    Panzer 1 & 2 getting remade sounds good to me. I still consider the final fight against the White Dragon as one of the best boss fights of any rail shooter.
  6. Hukos


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    The ost of the OG Panzer Dragoon is a work of art and should not be touched one iota.

    I absolutely adore the Panzer Dragoon trilogy so I'm glad they're getting some attention, but man this seems like the kind of thing Sega (or the team it's being shipped off to) would screw up. However let it be known that I'm still glad that this is happening and I'm not complaining about that, I just really wonder about the execution for this kind of thing and how that's going to work. On the other hand, I freaking ADORE this franchise and everything it stands for - and it's probably Sega's only franchise where you can really say there are no bad games in it (I haven't played Yakuza yet so don't massacre me for not knowing about that one).

    You may think "well it's a rail shooter, how badly could they fuck it up?", go look at Sega's work on Thunder Force VI :colbert:

    (Also game design for the linear, arcadey type of games is more about refinement of really tiny, meticulous details more than big and gigantic design philosophies which is of course what is totally ripe for being screwed up here, so you know, no pressure :v: )

    On the other hand, M2 have said they have Saturn emulation down pat so even if this is a fuckup, we'll eventually get our Sega AGES Panzer Dragoon games on Switch/Steam at some point. That's at least worth looking forward to.
  7. Jason


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    Panzer Dragoon 1 Remake is out this winter.

    They did the smart thing and didn't touch the music.
  8. Blue Spikeball

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    Looks like a 10 year old game to me...
  9. Jason


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    I mean it's the Switch version. It's on par with 13-year-old consoles.
  10. Black Squirrel

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    It looks very early in development - I think the publisher just got excited, wanting to show something before there was anything meaningful to show.

    An odd choice to only target the Switch though. "We've remade this Sega Saturn game... for hardware that could be two generations behind within a year".