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Pana Der Hejhog

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by MarkeyJester, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. MarkeyJester


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    To be honest, I wasn't expecting anyone to ask that due to the obviousness of Pana being a Sonic 1 hack. The limit is only based on what the machine itself is capable of, and one thing to be rest assured by is that it IS definately possible to maintain that level of sprite animation, regardless of the game, or the difficulty involved.

    I have been working on an improved Sonic 1 sprite set with advanced animations such as the ones you see in Pana, the sprite set is done, and I may use it for a future project if I get the time to.

    Also, Pana uses 12 frames for walking and 8 frames for running, multiplied by 16 for other angles, the entire set took about 230 sprites (this is not including credits sprites which were never made, or the unused sprites).
  2. JigenD


    Its not that obvious. I thought that this level of animation quality, while keeping 60 frames per second, would only be possible on something like a 32x, and since there was a proof-of-concept version of sonic 1 for the 32x released sometime ago, I thought that you had used that version for the hack.

    Oh and btw since you have the sprite set done, is there any chance of releasing sonic 1 or cd, or even any other original sonic game with those sprites !?
  3. Sik


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    This is entirely related to the amount of space used by the sprites in the ROM and nothing to do with the processing power.
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    I love this hack. <3 Please MJ, finish it! Also I loved the genesis remix of Aquaman's stage from MM8. <3 Everything about this is just amazing. ^_^
  5. Lanzer


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    I can understand the overwhelming difficulty it would be to finish the hack in one big go. but I wouldn't mind playing it in these 1-level demo chunks like this. I would love to see your interpretation of marble, spring yard, labyrinth and so forth.
  6. null1024


    This is easily the best hack I've seen so far. Could have swore it was using 32X features, until I did a quick glance at the titlebar and noticed it was pure Genesis.
    Smooth animation, colorful levels, and good music.

    The boss was a bit boring, but I loved the concept.

    One question -- what is that flashing stuff that Sonic Pana gets hurt on in the winter section [by where the ball is]?
    I was looking at it and wondering why this safe looking substance sends my rings flying.
  7. nineko


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    I assumed it was ice, so cold that Sonic freezes his blue spiny ass :v:
    If you think about that, the same thing happens in Super Mario 64, in the Snowman's Land level.
  8. Blackhearted Knight

    Blackhearted Knight

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    Played it awhile back, had fun, made a bunch of stupid moves against the boss, and died. It was kinda difficult fighting him on a crazy ball thing, but that's the fun part. It's a unique way of approaching a boss, and so long as it doesn't totally screw over gameplay, unique is always good.
  9. TheBarAdmin


    I'm not sure if I ever gave any proper feedback on how it all turned out in the end.

    Every single thing in this hack is amazing.

    I was not expecting that twist on the SEGA screen and I lol'd the first time I played this. Also, I don't think any hack has ever done this before. (if it has, someone please correct me) The title screen presentation is freaking cool, unique, and nicely animated.
    Now, the first thing I notice when I start the game is pana's animation; very smooth and detailed! The level art isn't just some green hill zone tweak; it actually feels like a completely different zone. (well, maybe except they both belong to the tropical island trope) The layouts flow really well, and it has branching paths, which makes people want to replay the level a few more times to get different combinations.
    I was very surprised when the level froze too; you even changed the physics in that part! The rolling ball gimmick is very interesting, and it was nicely applied to the layouts.
    The boss fight is easier than the ones in Sonic Brother Trouble, but it's still pretty cool :)

    I can see that you put a lot of effort in this. Impressive, very nice work!