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    The problem is everything in that first post clash with something else in the same post. When I click there, I just see a bunch of pics. What I want to see, however, is a detailed explanation on what we have to do. It may seems incredible, but sometimes words are better than pictures.

    See, this is the part you both missed. Even if they seems different, the 2 things are related.
    First, work was done. Why you keep saying nothing was done? Look at the topics. We have already have 1 (and as today 2) completely sprited badniks, as well a specific style for the first stage. Yet, you speak like if those topics are filled with void, like if no one ever actually posted there. But the main problem, again, is a lot bigger.
    We can do all the work possible, but, in the end, everything is in the hands of the leader. Let's say we complete the first zone. Who must say it is fine? The leader. Who is responsible to turn it into something? The leader. We know there is a "programmer" working on this project. But only Chimpo knows who it is. When we complete this things, who will bring them to the programmer?
    Every piece of work must be chosed by Chimpo, otherwise we don't know how to move. WE need a direction.
    Even what happens to be a minor decision could turn to something big if underastimated. I hate repeating myself, but a new palette, which many members prefer over the current one, was posted lately. WE, the contributors, like it, but only Chimpo can decide if the current palette must be scrapped or not. And he must tell us, because we have to know what palette we must use when we make new frames.

    You are probably wondering, why am I always "Chimpo must decide, Chimpo must choose"? Because Chimpo showed at various points that we must do things like he says, ignoring everything else he doesn't like, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this:
    Exactly. One man's vision. We are making Chimpo retro, not Sonic retro. We are using a horrid sprite half of the contributors don't like because he said so, even if it doesn't fit with the Classic Sonic. We are using a cartoony looking graphics for the first zone because he said so, even if it doesn't fit with the Sonic games at all. But, guess what, Chimpo did absolutely nothing for months. If this is supposed to be his vision of the game, then should he be giving us directions? Shoudn't he work together with us? But this is not happening. Then, if he intends to stop contributing at all for the project, then why we shopuld make things like he dictated?
    Chimpo turned this topic into a dictatorship. But a dictatorship without a dictator turns into anarchy. And anarchy will never leads anywhere.

    And this is another part you're seems to miss. We stopped overriding decisions he made for 2 months. You know my past with this forum, and you know that I tried at least 3 times to make that terrible sprite go to hell. But, after the lates revamp, have I ever posted a different sprite? No, I, instead, started making additional frames for the current sprite. And, again, after the lates revamp, has anyone behaved that way? No, we kept doing our job, posting following Chimpo's "guidelines". There is nothing to be sicked to, yet, he went away, without a reason. We continued to work on our own, but that work seems pointless because we don't know if it fit or doesn't fits, it's good or it isn't, it will be part of the game or not. These things are all things that the leader must say. This, is the role of a leader.
    Tweaker, everything I just wrote is true, and it takes no longer than 20 minutes to read the whole subforum to confirm it. In little: we are doing our work, but Chimpo isn't. And if he isn't, then why we should.