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"Only male hedgehogs can turn Super"

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    The whole 2 worlds comment never made sense, though. It only really seems to be true in cases like Sonic X or the Live Action Films. And while I've dived into Sonic X's lore before to help explain the oddities of the game's timeline, it's still a totally separate continuity and branches off wildly with the 3rd season.

    I'm not doubting some idea like that is vaguely in an internal document, but rather it's so vague that I can't actually figure out how it truly applies to game canon. The classic era is more or known to fit on a series of small Islands separated from the human continents and most human interaction. South Island, Westside Island, Angel Island, Flicky Island, Little Planet (not an Island, but same idea), Carnival Island (Chaotix), Mirage Island (Sonic 4)... you get the idea. Sonic only begins traveling the wider world in the Adventure/3D era. None of that clearly states there's a separate world, or was ever implied too. Generations splits off the classic 'timeline' from the regular one (leading to Mania vs Forces), but that's not supposed to be a huge divergence where one world has humans and the other doesn't. It's a split from early on in Sonic's life thanks to the events of Generations itself.

    So I'm skeptical of how even this "two worlds" concepts works or if it exists in a meaningful way in the games. Beyond a split timeline (which has been confirmed), it makes no sense as the 4chan leak described it. And even if it just talking about the split timeline, it's very different from how Sonic X did it (where the worlds diverged at an early point in their histories, with a time warp further distorting the flow of time between them).

    I would seriously question that entire post, as it seems, at best, either outright made up, or horribly out of context if it has any basis.
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    Even Sonic X, IMHO, screwed up royally due to that Two Worlds thing.
    SA1 plot is one thing, with Chaos slumbering inside the Master Emerald until then, so it was OK to play it up. Not to me, though.
    SA2, though, was WAY too engrained in the world's backstory, with the United Nations, G.U.N., Gerald & Maria, Shadow, all that.
    At the time it aired, I barely spared a thought to it, I wasn't too knowledgeable of the gameverse continuity back then.
    Nowadays I can see how all that Chaos Control crap could've been skipped and everything kept within one single world.
    In sum, the Two Worlds thing, to me, is utter crap and should be disregarded (heck, SEGA debunking it was a blessing).

    The "only male hedgehogs can turn super" thing stinks HARD at SEGA trying to keep the coolness to Sonic alone, at best.
    In the past, any playable character could collect the emeralds and turn super. When things went 3D, programming difficulty spiked up.
    So, if they really came up with that one, it might've been majorly to prevent people from requesting Super Tails, Super Knuckles, Super Amy, heck, even Super Big xD

    Kinda like the same with the Super Emeralds, they're gone because programming a properly controllable Hyper Sonic may be HELL to them.
    If after all these years they still struggle to have a properly controllable Sonic with all the goodness he has to offer, go figure ^^"
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    Yes, this is the conversation that happened immediately after the Two Worlds concept became a known entity. I have seen this discussion multiple times, I have partaken in it multiple times. But the question is not "how does it work." This topic isn't about debating lore, it is "was this fact ever true." The 4chan leak was on June 25th, 2015, mentioning Two Worlds and the fact only male hedgehogs can turn Super. On July 2nd, a question pertaining to the idea of Two Worlds was asked to Aaron Webber on the SEGAbits Swinging Report Show.

    (Question is at 34:47 if the embed's time code doesn't work)

    Aaron is both clear and not clear, walking that fine line of "yeah this might be the case but let's not think about it too much." Perhaps trying to balance his own view on thing in relation to how they were viewed by Sega of Japan and Sonic Team. That doesn't discredit the 4chan leak - that helps bolster it, which means everything else (super hedgehogs, Mobius is Mars) is also bolstered. I was never a fan of Two Worlds, I didn't think it made sense based on everything we had seen in the games. But that is a separate conversation from whether or not it was considered part of the Sonic Lore for a time. And it was. So even if everything else on that 4chan leak is no longer a thing, that doesn't change the fact it was, at some point, considered true. If that post was made up, then they had an incredibly lucky guess that no one was thinking about prior.
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    Ian Flynn mentioned that towards the end of the Archie Sonic run, some time into the reboot era, they were sent a Sonic bible that had the info about Sonic style anthros being in one world and humans being in another world. So that part matches up with Gene's post and the 4chan post, there was a Sonic bible with the two worlds stuff in it.