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OK, here's what's up homies

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scarred Sun, Apr 2, 2010.

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    Welp, this.
    Oh, ye of little faith.

    I didn't realize taking away the oh-so-precious GSD for a day and making a fake ragepost would incite so much fucking rage in you all. In one way, that actually kind of makes me happy—it proves that, for both the more and ...less mature members here, you guys really do care about this community. But c'mon. Check the calendar. Check all the facts you know. Check yourself before you disrespect yourself. I even referenced anal bleeding, ffs. Some of you are old enough to pick up on that shit. :|

    And despite the panicked e-mails and IMs I received, the rumor-monging floating around the Internets, the transformation of this forum to the Sonic Retro Brick Shitting Warehouse and being called a crazy bitch with Asperger's and worse today, I care about you all too. <3

    So, let's break down what's going on and hopefully some of you can get your bowels a little firmer.

    Sega Retro: Not a joke!

    I know, I know. It's hard to believe, but uh, the site is here to stay and was in the works for quite some time. In fact, if not for our hacking and some issues we had launching our independent server, it would have probably been unveiled earlier. The need for enough space to undergo a project this ambitious was a major catalyst in getting us to get our own server and it's fully realistic that we may have to upgrade our hard drives in a year or so if this goes as we've projected.


    The basic idea is that Sega Retro will act as a partner to Sonic Retro, not the other way around. This is much in the same way that Sonic 2 Beta has in the past (and would be if we could sort out domain issues, but that's a whole other story.) How any of you could think that I would alienate 90 percent of this userbase is amazing to me. I've learned from those who made that mistake in the past. :ssh: In fact, this really is going to help out Sonic Retro in several ways that ensure our long-term growth and stability.

    One of the biggest issues we've had with Retro's wiki over the years is that it simply wasn't set up to deal with the growth to 4,200 articles we had before today. Back in 2004, my policy was "lol just put it up," and so we got a lot of shit put up. I'm happy about that, but the issue comes when we have articles like Typing of the Dead and the Super NES and Segata Sanshiro and I have people telling me "I have no idea how to navigate this!"

    We didn't either, really. By moving articles that are only tangentially related to Sonic at best to their own wiki, we not only give people the opportunity to seriously expand and write on these subjects, but Sonic Retro becomes much leaner and manageable. You'll soon see the effect of this, as this will allow for a major overhaul and restructure of articles to make the site more user-friendly and navigable. Moreover, because the two wikis are linked and interoperable, we haven't lost any information at all—just expanded our potential subject coverage by magnitudes. We haven't fully figured out a secure way to make logins and cookies share across two domains, but fixing this issue is definitely in the works.

    This is expansion is a big deal, because Sega Retro will not have a separate forum or a divided community. They'll be coming here, as we plan to accommodate users from the larger Sega community on this board. Though nothing solid is planned yet in terms of forum restructuring—mostly because we don't know where demand is going to be, and if I do something like make a Sega Technical Discussion board there will be like three people left in the regular TD talking about Brawl textures and hacking PSP firmwares. :rolleyes: However, the Retro community will benefit from bringing in folks who hack on different series or have an extensive knowledge of Sega pinball games or have grown tired of Sonic but still want to stick around and do what they're interested in or maybe have been wanting to sign up for us but didn't think they had a place before now.

    To those folks: you do. ;)

    I'm open to hearing what you all think in terms of any sort of forum re-arrangement, but I don't think we'll be enacting anything for a while at least.

    OK that's all fine and good but why did you have to fuck up my Sonic Retro WHY SS WHY

    Because of that very attitude. It forced you to step back and think for a day. Jesus Christ. Guys, let's get something straight here: Sonic 4 is not going away. The Member's Lounge isn't going away. Sonic 2 HD isn't going away. It's also clear that you guys, for better or worse, don't want to go away, either. So I think this is a good time to point out that all this rage and hate and stupidity going on over the past few months have got to stop if we all want to not be at each other's throats.

    I know many of you are on the newer side of things, especially post-S4, and don't know the tradition of this board. It's been a hard-won peace that we've made here; we had to have two entire member cleanouts and nazimod to get where we were and...guys, I just don't want to do that again. I only put on the tough-as-nails persona because that seems to be the only thing some people respond to and it's wearing out not only me, but the rest of the staff.

    You don't have to agree or accept everyone's opinions, but you do need to respect them and not be a dick. You need to remember that "yeah this sucks" is basically a spammy reply, or going "yeah I agree with this person" is pointless if you don't elaborate. You need to realize that saying "THIS HAS GREEN EYES SO I'm AUTOMATICALLY HATING THIS GAME" is not enough; there can be reasons to hate a modern aesthetic, but you better be prepared to back that up. So, when I say these things over and over in warnings in a topic and making major announcements and pulling people aside on a personal basis and saying things and nothing changes, you can understand why I might go a bit batty.

    Now, I know a few of you have accused the staff of participating in these same behaviors. And you know what? You're right. See, when you can skip over all the underside ugliness as a member, it's different. All of the folks on staff here at one level or another have to tackle the stupidity, rudeness and arrogance of unruly people with no reward and often criticism for doing so. We have to deal with technical breakdowns, unexpected glitches and time-crunch emergencies and often you as a member won't notice it because we're working on it that fast. Every single one of us have commitments and real-life frustrations just like the rest of you. Despite what a couple of wingnuts will tell you, no one here's getting paid or even a pat on the back most of the time. So I hope you can understand that sometimes, yes, we lash out in frustration or annoyance. Is it right? No. However, we are all human and all I can say is that I, at least, try to keep it to a minimum.

    This new development stands as a new watershed moment for this community, and I hope that you all are as willing to invest in this new endeavor as we have been. Making a stronger community benefits everyone.

    So, tl;dr:

    Sega Retro is real. We'll continue to support it. Sonic Retro is going nowhere. We'll continue to support it. Stop acting like dickfaces to each other.

    Love, SS.
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    SEGA Retro = real
    Sonic Retro = not gone despite

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    I think that day really helped, and was damn ingenious in my opinion. I fully support Retro expanding its roots to the Sega community as a whole. It'll allow us to really grow, gain a lot more members and, thus, minds to work on projects and the like, all the while, we still have the Sonic stuff that the original membership mostly came here for.

    For this, I thank you, the admins, for giving us this opportunity to expand our horizons. I don't know much about the other games Sega has offered, as I've mainly focused on Sonic, but now I, along with others, can gain even more knowledge of other platforms and games due to this. Thanks! :)
  4. Skaarg


    I actually really like the idea of SEGA Retro. I've even already contributed more too its wiki than I have this wiki. =P

    Hope I can help expand more as the site evolves, and as my time permits. Congrats to the staff though on a successful site launching! :thumbsup:
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    Saw the return coming, and I'm glad this day gave the "OMG GREEN-EYEZ" shittalkers a reason to shut up for a day and think.
  6. Excellent. Exactly what I hoped. Combining Sonic Retro with a NEW community.

    This community just got more epic!
  7. Conan Kudo

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    I'm actually quite pleased with this. I've not really seen anything quite like SEGA Retro before. And aside from the terrible logo and theming for the SEGA Retro site, it is actually quite a good idea.

    That said, I know near zero about the rest of the SEGA universes, so I'll probably not be contributing to that. But that's OK! :thumbsup:
  8. Glisp


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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    I do research on a lot of Sega's non-Sonic Genesis titles so I might be one of those people to help you with that.

    Oh and Scarred Sun, is there any way I can help the site beyond just the wiki? I just don't feel like updating the wiki is enough. I want to do so much more than just that.

    Anyways, for some reason I'm crying right now. Seriously. You guys must really think I'm pathetic for getting emotional over something like this.

    It has nothing to do with that. It goes beyond that. After so long, I finally feel like I have a truly worthwhile reason to be here.
  9. Epsilonsama


    I don't know how people believe even a minute the part that Sonic Retro was a goner, sometimes I'm surprised by the naiveness of people. Like I said before good luck with Sega Retro, after all theres more to Sega than a blue hedgehog.
  10. SegaLoco


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    ...honestly, were you there that day I was acting EXACTLY like this in IRC. Really... there is no reason to feel PATRIOTIC DUTY to sonic retro, sega retro, or anything else. I am sorry, but grow up. Just edit the wiki, let #reporting do the talking for you, and chillax. I am gonna try to do a shitload for Sega Retro too, but really, was this all necessary.
  11. This is awesome. I was deep-down hoping that this wasn't a completely fake site for April Fools. As King InuYasha said, this is a really unique concept that is just oozing with potential. Some of the best video games I remember from my childhood were non-Sonic Sega titles. NBA Jam, RBI Baseball, Rocket Knight Adventures, OutRun (and OutRun 2019), and so many others that I just can't name off the top of my head.
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    I admit. Last night I was quite concerned for this site's future. I had about a dozen theories about what was going to happen. In hindsight, this stunt was bloody brilliant. I like the idea of giving people time to chill out. I've warmed up to the idea of Sega Retro as well. It will come in handy for my gaming history blogs.

    Good job on the new site guys. Quarterman approves. :thumbsup:
  13. Jaseman


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    This is really the best Forum idea I've ever seen, April 1st. I kinda believed that Sega Retro was it, forever. It showed the true fucktard in all of us that contained it. Now we can have a dedicated Wiki for everything SEGA, my favourite company.

    You, SS, are a genius. Or whoever developed the idea of creating SEGA Retro on April 1st.

    Fully behind this project :thumbsup: (not like it means anything :) . You have continued to be teh ossumest forum on the interwebs, in my opinion.

    Why can't I write huge posts like other people can? :(
  14. SegaLoco


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    You...can iirc. Is there really a word limit on a post (pls don't abuse the lack thereof)

    P.S. Sorry off topic D:
  15. corneliab


    Well, this is pretty awesome news. I don't personally care for anything Sega-related outside of Sonic, but it's all good as long as Sonic Retro ends up staying and the general Retro community can end up reaching a wider scope of people.

    Also, please excuse my gullibility. I've been oblivious to the Sonic Scene and its nuances for the longest time. I grew up with with shit like the IGN and Gamefaqs boards, after all. :v:
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    But mother Russia still lives on!
  17. Glisp


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    None at the moment I'm afraid.
    You need to expand your Sega related horizons beyond Sonic dude. Trust me, there are other great Sega game series besides Sonic. This side of the plateau is beautiful. Join us. You know deep down you want to. It is the right thing to do. *attempts to place in trance*
  18. SegaLoco


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    ...gee aren't you fun. Stop being a mystic, geeze. Save this stuff for Glisp's happy hour in the Sega Retro oldbies forum in a few years. :v:
  19. Shadic


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    I can't believe how many people fell for it. :specialed:

    Glad the Sega Retro thing is legit, though. As long as you don't keep it exclusive to Sega stuff, which doesn't seem to be the case. :v:
  20. amphobius


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    I think I learned something yesterday. Hell, since time-zones here are different, when it was the next day Sonic Retro was still Sega Retro, so I thought the change was actually for real. :v:

    Anywho, I certainly hope that SEGA Retro is a large sucess. If I have the chance in the future, I'll possibly contribute. :)