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OGG encoding troubles

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Tanks, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. Tanks


    Hey all, got a weird mystery for you. I've been looping songs for years now. It really helps keep me focused on the task at hand and is awesome for workouts and stuff. Weird thing is that as of late I've been having trouble with encoding oggs. See this screenshot below:


    For whatever reason every time I encode vgmstream indicates the file I'm looping has dropped an arbitrary set of samples at the end, usually about a second or just shy of it, breaking the loop. I'm wondering if this is a new issue that's arisen in the encoder? If you're wondering I've been using GoldWave as it's my preferred editing environment, but I've tried Audacity just to troubleshoot and I'm faced with the same issue. Padding the file and re-encoding does nothing. Encoding, reopening the file, and matching up the loop point isn't working either. There's the slight possibility it's vgmstream, but I'm still uncertain since it works well with my old loops, last working one being from 2017. Gut instinct is telling me something changed in the encoder, possibly how it handles the bitrate, between then and now.

    Any thoughts?