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Obscure, irrelevant things you find odd in Sonic games

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by charcoal, May 16, 2022.

  1. jubbalub


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    Why is this universally considered a Super Sonic theme?

    It sounds nothing like a Super Sonic theme yet everyone has I guess just decided that it was an unused Super theme. I think it sounds more like a competition mode track, definitely not anything like a Super theme.
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  2. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Probably because she's supposed to be the sexy seductress archetype, and it would have been hard to pass her off as one if she had the typical Sonic proportions.

    Her skimpy Riders look always weirded me out. In the Free Riders cutscenes she looked like a little person with an anthro bat head and wings.

    It sounds like an invincibility theme to me, particularly in its S&KC incarnation, which would have made perfect sense for Super Sonic. The prototype track less so, but it sounds unfinished, like many other tracks in that build.
  3. Honestly, for me, this always sounded more like a level theme or even a ending theme.
  4. Overlord


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    I've always seen it as a pre-Stranger-in-Moscow ending theme, yes. I don't see it being used as a Super theme at all.
  5. charcoal


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    With more complete instrumentation I can see it being a super theme, but in it's current state it just doesn't fit anywhere in the game and I can see why it was cut.
  6. BlackFive


    I've had my own theory about the unused track from the S3 Prototype- my assumption is that it had something to do with the competition mode based on its position in the sound test- right after the competition menu theme. (Sonic 3's sound test order does seem to follow a bit more logic than Sonic 2's haphazard equivalent, at least). I would have guessed it was meant for the results screen, whereas the No Way/Continue theme (Track 28) was probably composed as a continue theme given it directly follows the Game Over jingle.

    Getting a bit back on topic, something largely inconsequential that I find odd is how the unused track's slot (2E) got repurposed for Sonic 3's miniboss theme, when slot 18 (the prototype miniboss theme) was right there. But alas, I'm pretty sure track 18 doesn't get called for in the entirety of S3, S&K or S3&K (save for the Hydrocity boss glitch) although truthfully I have a bit of a theory about this quirk as well:

    Basically we know that a "Sonic 3C" version of the game was in development alongside S3 standalone and beyond. In the 3C builds we do have, the S3 miniboss theme plays when you fight Knuckles in Hidden Palace, so my guess is that- at one point in development- the S3 miniboss theme was meant exclusively for the Knuckles fight, whereas the Proto/S&K music would have been the standard miniboss theme
  7. Laura


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    It sounds like a Super theme to me. It's just very subjective. it's not like Sonic 2s Super Theme sounds like an obvious Super theme. I don't think Chaotix Surging Power sounds obviously like Invincibility. It's very subjective.

    It's fast and upbeat. Could easily work as a Super theme.
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  8. Palas


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    I just remembered I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll bring it up again -- it always stood out to me how the 1-Up monitor in Labyrinth Zone Act 3 (MS) is HARD to get. There are like three or four sets of spikes you have to get through to reach it, and there's even a section with spikes on the floor and on the ceiling, requiring very delicate jumps. Since it's an Act 3, there are no rings. You just won't make it out alive -- it's incredibly tough, and for no good reason. Always found that really amusing.

    EDIT: It has come to my attention that this section in the Game Gear version is different, not featuring this last nigh-impossible jump. So it's just the Master System version that's completely insane.


    (I mean. I suppose it's irrelevant and obscure enough)
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  9. sayonararobocop


    It certainly feels right running around as Super Sonic in A.I.R.
  10. saxman


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    The unused track in Sonic 3 does not sound at all like a Super Sonic theme. It's roughly 135 bpm, which just seems too slow to use for that purpose. It sounds more like it belongs with a cut scene, perhaps as part of the ending sequence.

    The Chaotix invincibility music was mentioned too, so I'll comment briefly on that... I always felt that was a somewhat weak track given how stellar the Chaotix music was overall. It has great potential and is pretty catchy, but it always struck me as odd for invincibility since it drops out 25% and 75% into the loop, which doesn't seem right for music that is supposed to project "action" and "excitement". Also, not necessarily relevant to the point about how well the song fits, but the instrumentation is a little too busy and should really have been cleaned up to make it tighter and punchier.

    I never owned Sonic 1 on Game Gear and only played a friend's copy. So I am not familiar with it the same way I am with the Genesis titles. So when I watched initially, I thought "that doesn't seem hard, what is he talking about?!"... but then I realized how unbelievably rediculous the difficulty was on that last jump. Wow! Some QA could have been handy there.
  11. Ashura96


    Only recently picked up on people suggesting it might have been for a 2P VS level which I wouldn't be surprised if true. More believable than people who claim the Sonic 2 2P Results song was meant to be a zone theme.
  12. Glaber


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    Sounded like a super theme to me. I wound up using it as one in one of my SRB2 mods and it works as one.
  13. iZubat


    This emerald in the master system's labyrinth zone. I do not know why I find it odd specifically since I was able to figure out how to get it in my first play through in like a minute, but just something about it irks me the wrong way.
  14. Palas


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    ...Has this emerald always been not centered relative to the spikes? Because THAT is irking me the wrong way right now
  15. Hydr0city


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    If I have to think of something irrelevant that boggles me sometimes:


    Why does this one store in Station Square just have a Chao egg on display? Would it not have hatched eventually? How rare is the damn thing that they had it with a pressure weight that locks the ENTIRE STORE if someone takes the egg?
  16. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    He might have thought it was some weird, rare stone. I don't think he ever refers to it as an egg.
  17. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Easy answer: we don't like chaos emeralds to be impaled, sacred jewels deserve some respect.

    Now seriously, we're used to solid or at least repelling spike nests, and the emerald is there sitting with no graphic depth or anything else telling us it's out of them. We need to go INSIDE to get it, which also feels uncomfortable because there's no 3D telling you you're ok being there, and nothing gives cues of being phasing out so at least one of all those things is in a ghost-like status that explains everything else. Additionally, if you've played any of the first Tomb Raider games, you know you can walk through spike nests without dying, but falling inside or running through them always kills, and Sonic does BOTH.

    That moment in the game always got me nervous, specially when I still hadn't found the invincibility stars and had to lose my rings everytime I wanted to get the emerald. The tight time you had to get inside even with the power-up didn't help either.

    It seems like it, but we never noticed because we were busy going in and out quickly before spike immunity wore off.

    Speaking of which, I got used to ignore it so much because of that, I even forgot getting it was necessary to get the secret bonus of collecting every 1-up and got puzzled when I watched in some YT video someone get a grand total of 500k in the secret bonus count at the end of the game that I never got, even more puzzled when they said you could get an extra life in the final boss act when I never had gotten it despite having collected all the other 1-up (having wrongly assumed it, of course).
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  18. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    For what it's worth, it is apparently an "antiques shop".

    So the egg is at least 100 years old by normal definitions.
  19. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    Hmmm. Maybe Chao eggs need to be in a Chao Garden and/or in proximity to other Chao to hatch? Would explain why in SA1 they won't hatch in Adventure Fields (besides the obvious gameplay reasons).
  20. kyasarintsu


    The places where you find the eggs in general were always weird to me. What's an egg doing embedded in some stone mechanism thing behind a waterfall? Why is an egg imprisoned on Eggman's airship?