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Obscure, irrelevant things you find odd in Sonic games

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by charcoal, May 16, 2022.

  1. Laura


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    This is probably fairly well known nowadays but it used to be fairly obscure that Knuckles' sprite gets fucked up underwater.

    When i was a kid i would often input the hideous level select code into Sonic 3 alone, get starposts in other levels, return to level select (which would fuck up the other levels and level select screen) and load up levels glitched with water and try to catch Knuckles fucked up sprite before the water went away (it would fix itself).

    This was a totally normal thing for a 12 year old girl to do.

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  2. Londinium


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    Oh hey, Rankles The Otter
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  3. Glaber


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    Which code was that? the one where you mashed the dpad in sonic 3 or the one where you hot swapped with sonic 2?
  4. Laura


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    The hideous code. I would do that on original Mega Drive hardware just to do this glitch lmao.
  5. Overlord


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    Long-term happiness
    It's an ancient copypasta, chill out =P
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  6. foXcollr


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    I am no longer a Sonic fan after seeing this.

    Also re: how does Robotnik get the raw materials, I was always under the impression that he built robot henchmen who harvested raw materials for him. Like he found the loophole where he could just make robots who built more robots, and they all did most of the work for him. I mean he turns flickies and animals into robots to serve him, so he probably has a lot of raw manual labor available to him. And as long as he has the blueprint to make something, he can have his robots build machines and buildings and apparently space stations.
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  7. Eggman definitely uses his badniks to collect all his materials, the games even indicate that this is the case. He has his Burrobots & Grounders excavating places like Labyrinth and Aquatic Ruin, which have plenty of stone/ore. The Mushroom Hill boss is a lumberjack even. The Oil Ocean sub-boss in Mania is operating the refinery. There's assuredly plenty more examples beyond those select few.
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  8. A little off topic, but all this talk about a misaligned title screen reminds me that the Gameboy Advance SP screen is a bit off to one side as well. Iicr, the left boarder is slightly thicker?

    To everybody who has extreme OCD: you're welcome.
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  9. nineko


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    If you want to talk about OCD, let me remind you that the left ring sfx and the right ring sfx have different durations in Sonic 1 and 2.

    You're welcome.
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  10. Palas


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    Oh look I never knew Ashura had a rival
  11. Londinium


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    Not a game, but I'm fairly certain this can be considered obscure, here's a keyring given to a Sega of Australia game counselor in the 90's.

  12. saxman


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    The title screen emblem was redrawn after the Tokyo Toy Show demo. Has anyone tried to figure out the dimensions of the original? Perhaps that contributed to it being thrown off-center. Just a thought.
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  13. TheInvisibleSun


    Buffalo, NY, USA
    The Water

    Up, Up, Dn, Dn, UpUpUpUp

    *soft resets the console*
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  14. kyasarintsu


    Weird, specific things that stick out to me? Well, there are many...
    • I don't like the way the shine on Knuckles's forehead moves back and forth when he runs.
    • There's a weird-looking pure-white shine used on Sonic's sprite starting with 2.
    • Those weird half-spike-ball things in Star Light zone always looked weird to me.
    • I really hate that weird high-pitched dinging noise used in a bunch of songs (Oil Ocean first comes to mind).
    • Sometimes dying to a spike makes a strange sound effect and to this day I don't know why that happens.
    • Near the end of Amy's Hot Shelter is a large out-of-bounds platform that has proper collision but the death plane kills you if you try to access it.
    • Grand Metropolis has a silent teleporter that takes you to a different spot depending on your team, which no other level in the game has anything like, to my knowledge.
    • It's impossible to in a straight line in Windy Valley's sky roads and I can't even imagine why.
    • What's up with those metallic-looking fish in Big's later missions?
    • Big's levels in general always felt really weird to me. They're secluded areas, often with a surprising amount of extraneous stuff to explore. They feel weirdly lonely to me and even a little creepy. Hot Shelter is elaborately designed and has that weird plug thing with no real end goal to exploring.
    • Why does the out-of-bounds part of the Egg Carrier have collision in the DX versions? Why is the collision out there so accurate?
    • Why are those wall springs in Metropolis unique in not letting you regain control when you land on them from a jump out of a roll? I've gotten stuck between these things once and had to time over because of this
    This is the kind of stuff that legitimately keeps me up at night. The classics and SA1 in particular fascinate me with all the weird little details and oddities they have. I constantly wonder what went into the weird little details, what inspired so many of the specifics, and what certain aspects of the game would have been if the games' developments were just a little bit different.
  15. Vanishing Vision

    Vanishing Vision

    Probably just Eggman's latest version of the Chopper-type badnik. Eggman robots are in all the areas Big goes through anyway, so it figures he'd throw some of his newest fish models in the pools and ponds.
  16. GT Koopa

    GT Koopa

    Elgin, IL
    Flicky Turncoat DX, T.L.W.S. Vs M.G.W.

    The fact you have to go to the highest left point in the act, NOT destroy the life like your first instinct would have you do, then push right on the side of the monitor to spawn yellow birds seen nowhere else in the game that continue to hop over and over from the trees that are also not seen anywhere else in the game. Are these supposed to be the Chirps from Flicky?
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  17. sayonararobocop


    So apparently this is the inspiration for Kitsunami the Fennec from IDW, since Blue Knuckles is glitched and if you complete any act in Vanilla S3 the game will display Tails for any end of level scoring. (Just as Surge is based on Asura and Dr. Starline is based on Wechidna.)

    I could never pull off the inputs but man was it awesome to finally get into that level select when I learned about the hot swap back in the late 1990s..
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  18. charcoal


    Be Cool, Be Wild, and Be Groovy Member
    Anyone else think rouge the bat is just really fucking weird? Like look at her in her riders outfit.
    Comparing her to the rest of the furry sonic cast, she's just odd, with her actual shoulders instead of noodle limbs, and the fact that she's basically hairless everywhere except her head.
    And that's not to mention her massive fucking tits. She sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the cast, if they wanted to make a character with "sex appeal", why did they even go this route?
    All I can say is that she sure gave me as a 9 year old girl some really confusing feelings.
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  19. I honestly think her Heroes design was really cute. And I'm glad she in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive was made without the "sex appeal".
  20. John Chrysler

    John Chrysler

    They gave her tits because she's a female. Most likely.