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Now SatAM is on Netflix.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by OKei, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. OKei


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    If for no other reason, I saw no topic made for this animated series here. I haven't seen this show in a looooong time.


    Now that leaves Sonic X and that OVA, which are equally unlikely to show up on Netflix due to probable licensing issues (different dub studios and all). I'd love to be proven wrong though!
  2. TheKazeblade


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    Neat! It's nice to see the series be released in its entirety legally :)
  3. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    Happy cliffhangers that will never be resolved kids!
  4. MastaSys


    Naugus (or whatever is the red eyed dude) kill Snivelly and goes on vacation.
    Everybody lives happy forever.

  5. Dan Genesis

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    And yet, AoStH Robonik, not to mention Scratch and Grounder, are on the box art...
  6. BlazeHedgehog


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    I saw this back when the DVD came out a few years ago and rewatching it now I'm surprised how much I've already forgotten. For example.
  7. XCubed


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    I grew a new appreciation for this series once I owned the DVDs.

    AoSTH used to be my favorite...but that was before I matured and grew to love coherent storylines. AoSTH is the source of the horrible "Monster of the Week" syndrome. But I can't unlove the sillyness!
  8. Rosie


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    That's brilliant, I recently got the AoStH box set, which consistently uses SatAM artwork XD.
  9. Endgame


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    Oh good, I can listen to Snively say "MAAAARGARIIIIINEE!" once again in that hilarious scene in Spy Hog :v:

    Or I can watch the whole bit again here :specialed:
  10. Jay T.

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    Unfortunately, Netflix kind of screwed up the episode listing a bit (no worse than AoStH, thankfully). They pretty much merged the two seasons into one, and all the episodes for Season 1 are out of order, but the Season 2 episodes are in the right order. I just finished watching it a couple of nights ago, since I never did finish the series years ago, and I gotta say I was very impressed. Did make me sad though reading up that they did plan to go further, but never did. Although, I gotta admit Rotor's changes in designs were a bit...odd. But hey, fun to finally finish it. ^^

    EDIT - I do kind of wonder though, how similar is the comics to the cartoon? I know they share a lot of stuff, but I never knew what.
  11. TheKazeblade


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    The comic uses all of the main characters and settings of SatAM. But once the show was cancelled, they took advantage of the creative freedom and took a lot of liberties with the source material. Honestly, besides those old characters, the comic is totally unrecognizable as being tied to the show.
  12. XCubed


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    His name escapes me, but I remember reading that the man responsible for the series had some plans in the works to resolve the story. He unfortunately passed away not to long ago. He was extremely passionate about the series even up to recent times. Quexnos knows more about this than anything. I hate playing the game of telephone (while on my phone) but there is a thread which houses all of this information.
  13. TheKazeblade


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    Yeah, his name was Ben Hurst and he was passionate and trying to figure out a way to revive the series it seems right up until he died. It's a shame his dream wasn't reached before he passed. I'd love to know what he had in mind.
  14. Epsilonsama



    What he died?! When did that happened? Its really sad, I always wanted to see a conclusion to SatAM.
  15. Billy


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    This seems to be a pretty consistent thing with media involving those two shows. For example, the Sonic Look and Find book has characters from SatAM, but also has Scratch and Grounder and AoStH Robotnik. They probably shouldn't have had two shows running at the same time, really.
  16. NioZero


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    I have netflix and SatAM was available a lot of month ago in latinamerica (chile in my case), interesting that in usa was not in the catalog until now... the same with Underground, but AOSTH and the others aren't yet...
  17. XCubed


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    It was my understanding that he had a backup plan if he were to pass away, I guess not, oh well. :/
  18. David The Lurker

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    The comic book was being worked on at the same time DiC was working on finalizing the tones of the two animated series. See, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog was the first concept that was devised, but ABC passed, wanting something a bit more for their Saturday morning block. So instead work began on creating something else, keeping the ideas for Adventures and turning it into the syndicated series we have today. The concepts of the Saturday morning series went through some changes before reaching the final state seen throughout the series. Even the tonal differences between the pilot episode "Heads or Tails" and the rest of series one shows ideas, concepts and designs were being retooled until the eleventh hour.

    Now, originally Adventures and the Saturday morning series were to actually be in the same universe, with Adventures serving as the prequel. That would also mean that Sonic and Sally were supposed to have met only after the arrival of Dr. Robotnik in Mobotropolis. That's why the plot is what it is in the early Troll novelizations that came out around the same time. However, all of this was scrapped by the time the shows actually hit the air. Both teams of writers were able to do whatever they wanted.

    So, in the early days of the comic series, more than likely they were just handed the series bibles of both shows and were told by Sega to make sure they used both in some fashion, to advertise everything airing on television. So that is why the first fifteen issues use the Saturday morning backdrop, the Pink Sally, and depict Robotnik closer to his Adventures counterpart. That is also why Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts were used. But as the series continued on, the writers wanted to use more and more of the Saturday morning concepts and tone, especially once the television show was cancelled. The plots never gelled together, though. The comic was never a true continuation, especially as many details were changed between the two. The comic became a springboard for Ken Penders vision of the show, not reflecting at all what Ben would have done if given the chance to make a third season.

    Sonic Retro's wiki is super cool for things like that.