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NFS Carbon demo

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Erik JS, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. Just something interesting I found inside the EXE file of the demo version of Need For Speed: Carbon (EU). I opened nfsc_demo.exe in a text scanner and I found what looks like function names; I don't know how they work exactly but their effects are plain obvious judging by their names. They start at 0x005DDA60.

    One which caught my attention is at 0x005DE4AC, EnableBarriers, which probably is what creates a "neon wall" in order to prevent the player from going out of the course during a circuit race. My idea was to get rid of it so I could go out of course and explore the scenario a bit more. The first method I tried was replacing that string with 0's. It didn't work. Then I tried to overwrite it with DisableBarriers (0x005DE514); it has space enough for that but also fails. I was able to locate the pointer for such string, it's at 0x0026B255, I tried to redirect it to DisableBarriers but it failed too. Also, with the help of a disassembler I tried to nop some instructions, but everything goes the same as always (at the end of countdown, the game crashes). Since my knowledge about x86 ASM isn't that big, I already ran out of ideas.

    Is there anyone able to help me on this? Or anyone who has some experience with this regarding NFSMW (as those strings appear there too)?