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Newest game you've bothered playing

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Blastfrog, Dec 7, 2014.

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    It's rare I finish a game (in general), but I did see the ending sequences of Colours and Generations. Playing (gradually) through Lost World, keep hitting walls of difficulty. Skipping the fiasco that is Boom entirely (first time I'll have done so for a Sonic title since Black Knight).

    Hell, I think the only Sonic title other than Colours & Generations that I've completed since S3&K is Sonic Rush (which I 100%'d, which is even rarer!). Tend to buy, play, then hit a wall and move on (or just drift off it due to the system being inaccessable, this is what happened for Unleashed. That and loathing Werehog levels).
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    Lost World. I finished the Wii U version as I feel a review is not worth writing until you hit the credits of the game (it's a disservice to the reader to give anything less unless the game is TRULY dire.) The 3DS version (later played at a friend's house) made me quit 10 minutes into one of the sand levels for being horrible to control and with no clear direction of what I should be doing and where I should be going.

    Then I remember GuessWho basically had a mental breakdown because of the game and that is why no one's seen him since. :ssh:
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    I own every console all not-obscure Sonic titles are on except for the Game Gear, the Master System and the Neo Geo Pocket Color (obscure being like the Pico, mobile phone games, and rare arcade games). I've played just about every Sonic game. The only ones I don't bother with are the Mario and Sonic games (I own Beijing for the Wii and it's okay). Other than that I either own or have played really everything.

    That being said, I only got to World 2 of Lost World (I didn't even bother getting the 3DS version) and I am not going to get Boom. Lost World wasn't fun to me at all. It just didn't appeal to me. Boom on the other hand I refuse to buy because I'm so disappointed at how the whole thing turned out. I may get it a few years from now, but that's something to think about later.
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    The latest Sonic game I've played is Sonic Generations on PC. I've never beat it though, way too laggy with my PC's specs to even tell what the hell I'm doing. I have, however, played both the Lost World and Boom demos on 3DS and enjoyed them both. The latest Sonic game I played all the way through was Sonic Colors on DS.

    I played Shadow the Hedgehog, but didn't really care for the different missions = different storylines thing. I prefer more linear gameplay. Unleashed was so-so, although the Werehog stages didn't feel very Sonicy. Sonic 06, I never played that one so I can't give any opinion. Colors on Wii is good, just haven't got around to beating it yet.

    Then again, I feel that the Sonic series has lost a sort of "charm" after Sonic Adventure 2. I think SEGA should stop trying to re-invent the wheel with some of the more experimental ideas in Sonic games, like the sword in Black Knight and Werehog form in Unleashed. Games like that just weren't received well by many fans including myself.
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    Played all the classics thoughout the 90s up until SA1 and 2 on dreamcast back in the day, finished them to 100% completion (even started going for perfect ring scores in SA2). Then very little interest over the last 10 years or so.

    Got a gamecube with heroes and shadow, but have barely played more than a couple of minutes worth of each (couldn't be bothered to come to grips with the extra skittish controls).

    Got a free PS2 around 2009 and bought Unleashed, and anomalously played it to completion (but cut-down ps2 unleashed doesn't count, right?).

    Got Generations and All stars racing for PC recently, and have only played the classic campaign in generations and haven't touched all stars. Been meaning to go back to them, but it's hard to find the time.

    Also got the sonic 1 and 2 mobile remakes for bluestack and played those, though haven't 100% them yet.
  6. Lambda


    Let's see. I guess I'll say this list is of games I've "intentionally" skipped. If it's not on here, but was a fairly prominant Sonic game (like, NOT Sonic Unleashed Version Phone version or whatever...) I own it and have at-least played MOST of it (I've been known to stop playing games right before final bosses if the boss is annoying. I've actually never beat Unleashed for either Wii or 360 because I only care about day stages and could never beat 360 Eggmanland...)

    Shadow the Hedgehog
    ALL Sonic Riders titles (Played the first one a few times with friends. It's... okay. I couldn't get over the fact that Sonic wasn't just running. :P)
    The infamous '06
    ALL Mario & Sonic Olympics titles after the first one, and ALL mobile versions.
    Sonic Rivals (but just because I don't have a PSP. I kinda want to try them. They ...intrigue me)
    Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (Got Transformed for PC and really like it, though!)
    Sonic and the Black Knight (Like, only a year or two before this game came out, the Archie comics ran a story where Sonic not using weapons was a major plot point. At the time, I was kinda annoyed.)
    Sonic Colors 3DS
    Sonic Generations 3DS
    Sonic Lost World 3DS and Wii U (Played demos for both. Wasn't impressed. Didn't really feel... engaging...)
    And all Sonic Boom stuff excluding the 3DS demo (They just seem... shoddy and boring. And not fast...)

    I'm not a "Go classic or go home" kinda guy... (Not sure how one can remain active in a community if you are unless you're fan-gaming and hacking left and right), but I'm not gonna shell out money for a game just because Sonic's in it. It has to actually look... ya'know... good. And Sonic-y.
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    I got Lost World recently during the brief moment it was on sale for $15. For that price, I don't regret the decision. It was flawed certainly, but it was gorgeous, had a lot of fun bits for all the frustration it introduced, and all around wasn't the trainwreck I expected from reputation or how little fun I had with the demo. I actually came away from it feeling way more satisfied than I was with Colors, because I never felt mislead about what kind of game it was trying to be.

    I generally pick up all the home console releases with a few exceptions (like Free Riders, because of the Kinect requirement and Black Knight, because I hated the core gimmick of Secret Rings) while only getting the handheld games if they aren't ports (aside from the Taxman/Stealth ports!) or the companion games to a "better" console release.

    I probably won't pick up either Sonic Boom game, the console version for being a broken mess (without the underlying "watching a sports car crash in slow motion" fun of Sonic 06) and the handheld game because it just didn't seem like the kind of game I'd enjoy from the demo.
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    Lost World, and good lord do I regret that. At least I didn't have to pay for it (Thanks, Gene :specialed:).
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    I played Sonic Unleashed and Sonic 06 (for laughs; it delivered) on my 360 while it worked, followed by Generations and All-Stars Racing Transformed on my PC. I don't have a Wii U, so unless they start releasing more games on PC, it'll be a while before I play another modern Sonic game. I've played just about everything in between though, and I started on the Genesis with Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles. I can't say I seriously disliked any of them, Shadow included... Well, except Riders Zero Gravity. I feel like they took Sonic Riders and made it suck by restricting your tricks and making drifting a dumb slowmo chore, and then took character type specific abilities and made them useless until you're practically two laps into the race. And the music is much less interesting. Screw that game!

    And while it's certainly not a bad game, I did find Sonic Generations pretty darn boring. I can keep coming back for Unleashed and Colors stages, but not for Generations vanilla stages, as cool as they may be. In conclusion, Riders > Zero Gravity, and All-Stars Racing > Transformed (which I feel controls terribly in comparison).

    Oh, wait, that's not what this thread is about! Yeah, All-Stars Racing Transformed. :specialed:

    Edit: thank you lambda I had no idea (read: lazy)
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    If only there was an expansive Sonic Wiki 3 clicks away... :P
  11. MartiusR


    The newest game from whole Sonic's "saga" I've ended is Sonic Heroes. For now I'm playing in Sonic 3 & Knuckles (man, this game is quite long in comparition to two previous parts), I've also recently started Sonic Adventure DX (Steam version)... But to be honest, after first levels I felt a bit disappointed and left this one for now. Probably with all this "adventure parts" (I don't have nothing against more "sophisticated" gameplay in any genre, but these parts are totally uninteresting, slowing down the gameplay, not to mention that there is nothing sophisticated :P). I'm occasionaly playing in Sonic Riders (quite tough cookie, but has its specific taste). I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to left SA DX and try with second part... Or maybe try to bite the bullet and see, if the next parts of the game will convince me? For now I'm not touching newer games (Generations or Sonic 4), I would like to leave them for the end. Well, I'm slowly cathing up :)

    (Not counting the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing and Transformed because these are rather "neighbourhoods" of Sonic series than its part).

    BTW - sorry for little offtop, but I would like to ask - Am I losing much if I'm playing only in Sonic games which were relased on PC? I know that most games are present on good old PC too, but I'm asking, since there are some "console-only" titles, but they have really divergent opinions.