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    I'm curious how up-to-date (or not) other people on this forum are on the franchise. I kinda get the feeling that most active posters have most likely played at least up to Generations. Personally, I've never played anything newer than Shadow, haven't played anything newer than SA1 since 2007 and tend to stick to the 91-94 games.
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    No suitable platforms? Otherwise I kinda wonder how you can stick around a Sonic forum and refrain from playing any games post 2005, especially the ones that get positive reception from people here. Generations specifically because that entire game was like a love letter to Sonic fans of every walk, and it's dirt cheap now. Surely you've got to have some sort of interest in trying at least one or two of these games out for yourself?

    Anyway, in my case it's easier just to mention the games I haven't bothered with in recent years. That'd be Free Riders, all the M&S Olympics series except the Wii version of the first one and, uh, Smash Bros if they count. Generally I just like to try out damn near any Sonic game that exists. Curiosity gets the better of me every time, even when there's not one ounce of doubt that the game is shit. Bought both games already knowing full well they'd be utter tripe, but there we go. I'm part of the problem. Lost World is good though. It's got some infuriating design in places, and more than half of the stages in the game aren't worth replaying for fun ever, but some parts of it just stand out as totally fucking brilliant. Don't regret buying that on Wii U, and it's the most recent big game Boom aside.

    System wise I've got a 3DS, Wii U, 360, and decent enough PC. Provided the next main Sonic game is on one of those, I'll most likely get it. 360 will probably be given a miss by SEGA now though, and it's impossible to be sure about the Wii U when the PS4 and XB1 are on the scene. So if it's on one of those and not PC, Sonic would be the deciding factor for me to get a PS4. I already want one, Sonic would just determine when.
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    I played both the demos for Sonic Boom on Wii U and 3DS, so I guess I'm keeping up quite well even if I'm not planning on playing the full game of either any time soon since I felt the demos made it quite clear that the games are not something I'm going to enjoy. Last time I actually bought a full Sonic game was Sonic 4: Episode II which I couldn't stand despite being someone who did enjoy the first episode. Last Sonic game I finished was Sonic Generations which I enjoyed quite a lot. Though I suppose I should count Sonic Dash as well, which I just played on PC.

    Don't have an Xbox One yet, but I doubt the next Sonic game will go exclusive to that platform so I should be set with my PlayStation 4 for now, if they continue on Wii U somehow I have access to one of those through my brother so I'm fine there too. Though right now I'm just staying patient because it's no use getting prepared for another Sonic game before I even know if it'll look worth it. So I'm mainly replaying the early 3D games for the sake of revisiting them with a new perspective now.
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    In terms of demos, Sonic Lost World. In terms of full games, Sonic Generations. I've been living off of ROM hacks and fan games ever since.
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    I've always stayed up. Bought Generations at launch, beat it five hours later, and put a total of about 300 hours into it. Picked up All-Stars Racing Transformed at the Wii U launch, and loved it so much that I beat the whole thing again when it came out on PC. Bought Lost World at launch, beat it several months later, barely played it since. I did finally pick up the 3DS version of Lost World on the cheap a few weeks ago.

    I played the 3DS Sonic Boom demo, but just learned about the Wii U one thanks to this topic. I'll definitely be trying it out, but I'm gonna wait 'til those games are in the bargain bin before I bother picking either one up. That probably won't take too long.

    I have such a strong attachment to the character, I think Sega could put out nothing but shitty Sonic games from now 'til the end of time, and I'd still end up playing them. Aside from the Leapfrog stuff, a few of the arcade games, and Free Riders, I don't think there's a single Sonic game I haven't played.
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    Haven't bought a title since Generations. Don't own a Wii U, and 3DS versions of Lost World and Boom didn't do it for me.
  7. The last game I actually played all the way through was Sonic Adventure 2, back when my Dreamcast was still working. Adventure 1 and 2 showed me that Sonic didn't translate well to 3D. After that I did try some PlayStation 2 games (Heroes, Shadow and Unleashed), but none of those succeeded in keeping me interested for more than a couple hours (Unleashed in particular sucked really hard). Sonic 4 and Generations had me hyped for some Classic 2D action, but they also couldn't keep me interested for long. The physics in Sonic 4 was so incredibly broken and the flow of the levels so boring (homing attack!!!) that after playing a couple of zones I already knew I wasn't gonna try Episode 2. Generations played much better, but 3D levels felt as boring as ever and Classic Sonic wasn't well done enough to compensate that.

    After that I pretty much gave up on keeping up with the new stuff, and accepted that the current Sonic is completely different from the games I liked back in 1991-1994. I'm not saying all games are bad (some definitely are!), only that they're not for me. The formula I used to love (physics that could be exploited in levels with multiple paths and hidden areas that I could explore any way I wanted at any pace I wanted - under 10 minutes! =) -, using tricks I discovered myself to overcome obstacles) was nowhere to be found. Some times I still get a kick out of the Advance games, because there's something reminiscent of the classics in them, but other than that, I'll forever be an 8 and 16-bit sonic fan.
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    I have no fucking clue. ._.
    Played almost every title in the franchise, but fuck, after Rise of Lyric, it's safe to assume I might strain away from that for awhile.
    Seriously, what's with developers not keeping consistency with 3D Sonic development? That's really the main reason why. So, here's the games and the time I put into them.

    I play all 4 classic games casually, but a lot. Like, almost every day.
    I play Adventure 1 and 2 whenever I feel like it, which is usually whenever I'm in a bad mood to help calm myself.
    I don't play the 2 3D Sonic Gamecube titles at all, because of monotony.
    I just go back to '06 every once in awhile to get a good chuckle, even after 8 years of playing it.
    I play Unleashed, Colors, Generations almost everyday.
    I haven't touched a Sonic game since LW, RoL or SC.

    Almost forgot to mention, I don't play Sonic 4, or any of the Spin-Off titles at all.
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    Lost World was the most recent for me. Quite enjoyed it and don't play it more since I don't have a Wii U
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    Generations was the last Sonic game I have bought. That's the only game I actually go back to play that isn't the Genesis/CD games. I started playing Unleashed again, but only I finally surpassed the last gate of medal collecting that prevented me from playing the Adabat daytime boss and unlocking Eggmanland. If it wasn't for that medal system I would had cleared the game a long time ago.

    EDIT: Honestly I think the only other Sonic game I frequently revisited for it's gameplay that wasn't the Genesis games or Generations was Sonic Riders. For some reason I always saw it as the /one/ Sonic game that actually bothered utilized elements S3&K setup for characters/level design/level locales and put it to use. That and I liked it's approach to racing games by using hoverboards (then again, I'm a fan of racing games).
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    If it's on Nintendo, I will play it - hell, I will pre-order it! This doesn't go for rubbish spin-off games though, as I last got stung with Sonic Riders which I thought was pretty mediocre. Actually, no, it was The Black Knight, which I expected to be a massive improvement on Sonic & The Secret Rings.
    It Wasn't.

    Sonic Lost World was pretty good, if not confusing to control sometimes with odd game mechanics that weren't always explained.
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    The last Sonic game I bought was Lost World. I thought it was shite, so I didn't finish it. Must have got about half way through. The last one that I finished would be Generations, and I still go back to it occasionally.
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    You know they're good when you go back to them. Have done for Lost World to get all the red rings and also for the DLC, but not much apart from that, as it has little replay value after completing everything- unlike the older games. Generations has a tonne of replay value with hidden areas, speed runs and so forth, as does Heroes, the Adventure series, the Advance games and the classics.
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    I'm up to date with Sonic, played all games from Sonic 1 to Sonic Boom. I enjoyed ones more than others, and disliked some of them to the point of promising myself to stop buying Sonic games if they were going down that route ( Sonic Colors, Sonic Lost World,who I didn't even finish) , but overall I'm ok. Liked Boom quite much.

    I wonder what are they going to do for the next Sonic game for PS4/XBone. I hope is something more open world, more similar to boom, than another Boost gameplay formula, I don't like those too much ( although Unleashed is fun)
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    I play Sonic 3 & Knuckles regularly, almost religiously. I probably complete it at least one a month with every characters. Going down in terms of how often I play them, next would be Sonic Colours, Sonic CD, Sonic Generations, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 1, Sonic 1 8-bit, Sonic 2, and that's where I stop before it ceases to be regular. Outside of hacks, I only play Sonic 2 in an annual anniversary big Sonic-thon, along with the rest of the games on that list.

    I only ever play SA1 and SA2 for the Chao Garden, and not any more now I have my Chaos Chao on the XBLA versions too. Heroes I played through a second time when my console got replaced and that was it. '06 I played through once, that was enough; same with most of the spin-offs (never completed S&ASRT).

    Lost World was the last Sonic game I actually played, and it was decent enough that I collected all the red rings and unlocked Super Sonic. Haven't gotten Boom yet, probably won't.
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    I liked Unleashed but never got to finish it (due to medals and werehog annoyances), liked (a lot) and finished Colors and loved Generations.

    Tried the Lost World demo on my 3DS and HOLD R TO RUN HAHAHA GOOD BYE SONIC.
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    I'm actually surprisingly up to date. I beat Lost World last week, and I've beaten Colours and Generations. I've gone back to Racing Transformed recently which I'm currently playing through. I played the demo for Sonic Boom on Wii U, and there's no way I'm getting that game at anything less than bargain bin prices 2nd hand.

    While most of the games weren't bought at launch, I don't think I've not played any 'main' games. I've never played Black Knight, purely because Secret Rings was so shit I've never been bothered to pop the sequel in.
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    I'd say I'm up to date.

    Though I think the only newer Sonic games I haven't bothered with have been the last two Mario & Sonic Olympics games, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Generations 3DS.
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    The last Sonic games I've purchased and played were Sonic Lost World 3DS and Wii U. I basically 100%'d them both, but I think I was off on some ranks in the 3DS version, I don't remember (they were in Hard mode probably). But seriously, fuck the 3DS version. Awful trash. I sold it and haven't looked back. The Wii U version I sometimes play again, fun time waster to go through the good levels of the game (I'd say about 1/3 of them are fun to go back to. This excludes most levels with bosses, basically all of the tropical, lava, and hidden zones, and that fucking snow ball level).

    I tried a demo of the 3DS Sonic Boom, didn't care about it too much and with the reviews I'm going to give it a pass, same with the Wii U version. It'll join the ranks of Sonic games I've never played, which include Sonic and the Black Knight, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics 2 - 4, Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Riders 2 and 3, and Sonic Rivals 2.

    I enjoyed both Unleashed and Colors though. Been meaning to give Unleashed another go, but due to the medal hunting I just stick with the Generations mods for the day levels. I even kind of enjoyed the werehog (fuck the combat in that is more fun than how the combat looks in Sonic Boom Wii U), I just thought the concept of the werehog was stupid. Give that gameplay to Knuckles and throw in some platforming and boom, gameplay for Knuckles for the first time since 2001.
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    The only games I haven't played yet are Shadow, the M&S Series and Sonic 06. The majority of the others I've finished and a very few of them I've unlocked 100%. The mobile games are the only ones that I haven't played too much.