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New Sonic 2 development lore drop - Genocide/Cyber City palette and art!

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by The Joebro64, Mar 19, 2023.

  1. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    I guess we don't. Although I think it's kinda unlikely that Sega would have gone through the trouble of tracking down old devs to borrow that art for something like that. They didn't have to have Sonic 3 concept art at that event.

    Does it matter, though? Even if they did borrow it from a dev, they would have had the art from that point on.

    Edit: Found the post mentioning that event:

    The photos at the bottom of the first post show the art mentioned. As you can see it shows physical documents with the concept art not just for Sonic 3, but also Sonic 1. The only devs that would have had the dev material for both games are Naka and Yasuhara.

    I guess they could conceivably have borrowed them from multiple devs, or (more likely) the S1 concept art could be stuff Sega had archived (especially since much of it was already released years earlier). But it still seems too much trouble for something unnecessary. You can see that the exhibition wasn't specifically about dev material, but any old material related to the classic games, including merchandising. Rather than tracking down devs for concept art, they could have filled that space with more old merchandising.
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  2. Jaxer


    I've said here previously that Tom Payne's archives must still have some stuff that we have glossed over - and I think that I was right. Here's some things I noticed while looking through them again:
    1. This sketch details a set piece where Sonic runs behind a railing. The rest of the page has only doodles for Metropolis gimmicks, but there's nothing like this in that zone. But do you know where there is? IMG_20240330_173414 (2).jpg 1283922-sonicspin_010.png
    2. Here's notes on the direction of Metropolis, found on a page of gimmick concepts for the zone. It seemingly refers to the possibility of the zone being set outside, which is what I believe that these latter two sketches represent. IMG_20240330_174325.jpg TomPaynePapers_8.5x11_Miscellaneous_Loose_Pages_(No_Order)_image1488 (1) (1).jpg TomPaynePapers_8.5x11_Miscellaneous_Loose_Pages_(No_Order)_image1514 (1) (1).jpg
    3. Notes on a page of Cybercide City gimmick sketches - with "make all sprites simpler" crossed over. Interestingly, the same exact folder contained sketches for tech-y tiles with notes that read "simplify", and I do not recognise all of them from Metropolis specifically. IMG_20240330_175042.jpg TomPaynePapers_8.5x11_Miscellaneous_Loose_Pages_(No_Order)_image1526 (1) (1).jpg
    4. This was in the folder of his non-Sonic STI work, related to a B-bomb level named Plutonia - so why is the name "Yasuhara" written there? TomPaynePapers_Binder_Clip_2_(Mostly_Non-Sonic_STI_Work)_(Original_Order)_image1663 (1).jpg IMG_20240330_175759.jpg
    5. More B-bomb stuff, spikes for "Tech world" at the top right. And since Tech world supposedly was a dumping ground for unused GCZ/CCZ concepts and assets, maybe all the stuff seen on this page is somehow connected. TomPaynePapers_Binder_Clip_2_(Mostly_Non-Sonic_STI_Work)_(Original_Order)_image1677 (1).jpg
  3. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Sonic 2: Archives
    It's been a hard, long day, and seeing these things is like a balm to the soul. Thanks for still sorting it all out. I'm still learning the language, so I'm missing out on some things :thumbsup:
  4. Hez


    I spent so many hours diving into these to recreate the level. Trust me, I debated a long time if they were related or not. The reason I added the lights on the bottom of the floor was to match that block in "266". I went as far as to matching the block numbers up to the tiles in Metropolis. There are many that surprisingly match. You need to convert hex to dec, and them so on and so forth. There are details on exactly what tiles replace metropolis too. I think I posted one earlier, but they all come from various spots in the documents with numbers like these. I also strongly believe an elevator of some sort was present (similar to Launch Bases) at some point.

    In fact, if you look at Launch Base in Sonic 3 you will start to notice a lot of similar gimmicks. There's even a laser.
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  5. Nik Pi

    Nik Pi

    Sonic 2: Archives
    Also you can notice that fg has similarities with Sand Shower graphics somehow :tinfoil:

    No, really. Look at it
  6. expansivelovestories


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    What would be the best way to ask about the Teleporter monitor and any connection to time travel in development?? I don't want to imply there's any exact truth to it!! But, i am curious about that particular sound being chosen, and the screen flashing as it does.

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  7. Mookey


    Well time travel was supposed to be a linear story element in Sonic 2 right? I don't think they had any intention of going back and forth between zones mid-level ala Sonic CD, so I think the teleporter monitor is just a teleporter monitor.
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  8. DigitalDuck


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    While the teleport monitor itself is certainly not connected to any time travel mechanics (as there were never any time travel mechanics), it doesn't mean that the sound or effect used weren't originally created for a time travel cutscene, for example.

    Having said that, I doubt there's any connection. The screen most likely turns white to hide how the game has to redraw the level when the teleport monitor is used, and the sound doesn't really give a "time travel vibe" (compared to CD's, for example).
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  9. OssieTheOstrich


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    Considering all the information that has been stated in this thread, it's kinda hard to tell where the speculation and the actual facts are stated. They just kinda blur together.

    It would be nice if all the recent info (that is 100% fact) is catalogued here so we have a nice little rundown that is easy to insert bits into the wiki in the appropriate locations and sections.