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New Sonic 1 Alpha Screens Discovered

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by cornholio857, May 3, 2015.

  1. Can't vouch for the authenticity of those, they look a little off to me too. The text under "END OF THE DEMO" says "Thank you for playing".
  2. GerbilSoft


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    They were posted before, and are fake. Among other things, darn whippersnappers don't seem to realize that the Mega Drive can't arbitrarily scale images in hardware. The different-size font would therefore have to be included in the ROM separately, plus it would take up more VRAM.
  3. steveswede


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    Now those are the kind of fakes you need to do to fool us autists. Fakes so good that you can't help but want them to be real.
  4. Hez


    Well....posting more fakes seem to bring real stuff up, so... :specialed:
  5. All right, time to dig through my box of Sonic hoaxes I've allocated over the years...
  6. MarkeyJester


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    Not only that, but we have come to the understanding that Sonic did not use as many colours as the final, you can clearly see the walking frame using the same number of grades as the final.

    Also, I'm going to pretend that there was simply a blind spot, or a déjà vu resulting from a glitch in the Matrix, which caused my post to be ignored, and thus shall post again.

    You know, just to make sure (You damn kids with your music... >=X )

  7. So what you're saying is... "If I had these I'd scan better than you"

    Seriously what's with the scan quality? I mean a smartphone could take a better picture than that. Are they old scans? Are we scanning 2.5 cm sized paper? Who's scanning? What's scanning? Why the lossy formats? Even if they are fakes it would still be interesting to see them in better quality.
  8. LockOnRommy11


    I'm just amazed at these findings. Sonic stuff is always right under our noses - we all seem to think it's hidden away in vaults, but nope.
  9. MarkeyJester


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    Wow, you made me sound more arrogant than I intended =(

    But no, silly, I'm saying... "If we had these we might be able to scan them better than they currently are, so we can do more with the resulting scans". I'm asking what's preventing us from doing that. Is it lack of copies of the original magazines/pages these came from? Is it that no one got around to doing it? Is it that no one considered the idea? Is it that those who have the copies lack the scanning equipement? I would naturally assume the first, but I can't go assuming everything, so I ask just to be sure dX
  10. I would scan.
    If I actually had shit to scan :v:

    Which, in all honesty is what I think could be the actual problem here. People just don't own anything or have the means of acquiring something that needs to be scanned.
  11. Black Squirrel

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    Single page, or cropped bits of single pages are not a good idea. Not in 2015.

    It was almost fine in 1998 when connections were slow, but look at the problem we have today - we're awash with fifteen year old scans, but no clue as to where many actually came from.

    We want entire magazines. And by "we" I mean Sega Retro, because there are more games to document than Sonic.
  12. Toasty


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    Is there a site with all of the beta screenshots on it? I know I've found something like that before, but I can't find it on google anymore....
  13. Herm the Germ

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    Well, there's us...
  14. JumpingRyle


    Hello! I am the one who scanned this and posted it on Sega-16. I don't own the magazine but I know a collector who has a complete collection of Mega Drive Fan and Beep! Megadrive magazines (yes, it is awe-inspiring). He is pretty cool with me looking through it and scanning things at his house which is how I found this.

    Here is the original 600 dpi jpeg of the page from the August 1990 issue of Mega Drive Fan: (note: this is temporary hosting so if somebody has a better solution I'd appreciate it)

    It is slightly crooked but I figured it was better to leave it that way rather than rotate and distort it. But feel free to straighten it up on your own ;)

    The next time I have a chance I will look for other early Sonic stuff. I know I've read a few interviews with Ohshima and Naka but have to find them.

    By the way, I originally posted this scan out of frustration that Tom Kalinske continues to try to take credit for major design changes to Sonic, including adding the red shoes and making him not look like a serial killer. This prototype was made 5 months before Kalinske was hired by Sega. I hope people question his statements more!
  15. Cinossu


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    Absolutely wonderful. Thank you very much for posting the original scan of this. I have rehosted it on Retro:

  16. Overlord


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    Amazing. That's pixel-clear!
  17. Jen


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    This is fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing it with us, this has to be the clearest look we've ever had of this build :D

    I look forward to seeing what else you manage to find in those old magazines as well.
  18. Rabid


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    I'm giggling like a school girl over this scan with how clear it is, I can't get over that fact that they re-drew the palm tree's leaves slightly.
    In later builds they have more space between the leaves and are a few pixels wider, must be a perfectionist thing o_O
  19. Well isn't this amazing. Great job on the scan. Hopefully we can find more.
  20. cornholio857


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    JumpingRyle, I got your PM via Sega-16 this morning and this scan is absolutely amazing! Unlike before, I just cropped the screenshots. So here are the individual ones:





    As others have said, can't wait to see what other Sonic 1 Alpha info you may be able to find in your friend's collection! :thumbsup:

    EDIT: I used a Descreen Filter to remove the halftones (the "dots" in the image from scanning magazines, newspapers, etc). The new Images are above as I didn't think it warranted a new post.