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“New Project for Sonic”?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by SpaceyBat, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Lobotomy


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    Dude that's like everything rap shouldn't be.

    I'm putting my money on him redoing SA2 Songs for either ASRT or SA2 XBLA.
  2. SA3! I can barley contain my fanboy fluids! It's highly possible that Hunnid P would be hinting SA3 since Crush 40 did the same with generations. If it is SA3, I hope they use the same formula as SA2. No pointless hub worlds like SA1, 06, and Unleashed. And if it's not Adventure 3, I'll cry my self to sleep while playing the SA2 remix soundtrack that I thought would be the next Sonic Adventure game.
  3. Peace Of Mind

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    ...honestly, I don't know what it's for. SA3 seems *slightly* likely; if Marvel vs. Capcom can get a third installment after 10 (?) years, so could Sonic Adventure. On the other hand, I don't know SEGA or Sonic Team thinks they're ready for that yet, and remix albums are no stranger to Sonic.

    Sooo... I dunno.

    Slightly related: if Reks did the Knuckles raps, I would have no problem with that whatsoever.
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    I'm drawing something, not that you'll ever see it.

    It's relatively mild language, but I wouldn't really call that family friendly. Or positive.

    Or catchy.
  5. Samurai Echidna

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    Funny you should quote that Family Guy joke about Will Smith. Not only am I fan of his music, but he's not the only one who did "nice clean rap". As for mild language... Mild/family friendly/not offensive. Eh, close enough. Sexy is hardly an offensive word anymore, just a common descriptive word. And I don't know how often most people noticed the word Damn while they're playing the games, but after the Shadow game, I think we're all desensitized to it now. Probably one of the least offensive curse words by now, right on up there with the word Crap.

    And yes, it is catchy. Problem? [​IMG]
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    I really wish I could script together something that takes advantage of time/space distortion so my fist would break through the screen and punch someone in the face for STILL holding on to any sort of notion for Sonic Adventure 3. God damn.

    This will only be worth it if we get instrumentals of Knuckles' stage themes. Maybe then we can get someone with talent to record some fresh lyrics.

    But in all likelihood, we're going to get thousands of Sonic fans who think they have rhythm and flow spitting terrible diatribes over them. I'm looking at you, jackass-who-tried-to-rap-over-Lava-Reef-Zone.
  7. Overlord


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    Why are we still on about Sonic Adventure 3? We got it, it was Sonic 06. Get over it.

    Given the timings, this is probably music for ASR2.

  8. This.


    Also I'm waiting for an 06 rerelease. Sonic the Hedgehog DX :V
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    Fixed. *shot*

    All fanboy expectations aside, this "New Project could literally mean anything, but but I'm going to lean on the remix album theory until we get a more elaborate statement.
  10. Samurai Echidna

    Samurai Echidna

    Are you talking about that fan remix called Lover Reef? Yeah, I admit that song wasn't perfect. The male vocalist clearly wasn't as talented as the female vocalist, and that rap was very weak. But I don't expect to vocal fan remixes to ever be that great. I think it's a miracle we even get vocal works from the fans at all. Well, at least that's how it use to be. Now, fans can make vocal songs of just about anything. Most of it is crap, but some of it is actually coherent. Lover Reef might not be great, but browse Youtube long enough, and you'll agree it's leagues better than many of the other stuff out there.

    Also, as far as vocal fan remixes go, what's up with Memories Frozen in Time? The rap was good, but the lyrics didn't really reflect anything Sonic related. If you want to tell your story through rap and prove your legit, then you might want to get your own instrumentals instead of taking them from somewhere else.
  11. GeneHF


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    No, it wasn't Lover Reef. I have my own issues with that, but that's not worth getting into here (it's really trivial, anyway.) It was this random dude on YouTube. That alone should set off red flags.
  12. MSX


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    This. As much as I would love to see Sega make a "what if we actually finished Sonic 06," I highly doubt Sega would risk going near that game. Especially now if Sega is going through that restructuring thing. Anyways, I seem to be going too far off topic.

    Given Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 4, Colors, and Generations; Sega looks like they are getting a handle back on the series. Maybe they are starting to give into the fans for SA3 seeing how they are back on the uptake. I wouldn't be surprised if they make SA3, but 2013 seems too soon.
  13. Lord Nero

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    I've heard enough Sonic an-raps in my lifetime, most-if not all suck!

    As for this rumor, Id go for another Sonic Remix album, but if a so called Sonic Adventure 3 were to be produced, seeing as how a Sonic 4 was made and Sonic Unleashed was originally gonna be SA3, I wouldnt put SEGA past it to make it like some would say it. But I will be the odd one out and say, put hub worlds in it, despite being one whom started with Sonic 1, I like having breaks between zones.

    EDIT: To all whom taked about a Sonic '06 re-release:
    I'd love to see a Sonic '06 patch, but sadly, it'll never happen outside of fans.
  14. LockOnRommy11


    Patch? They would need some real goddamn tools to put that broken piece of shit back together again!

    I can't get excited and assume there's going to be an Adventure 3, or even that this is for a new Sonic game, there's too little evidence yet. We need to wait for more concrete stuff.

    I for one liked Knuckles' rap, I HATE rap but this was kinda funky. Not every character should have a rock theme and this seperated Knuckles from the rest of the gang and made him a badass. Clean rap is also always nice.
  15. Skyler


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    Thank you. I can't explain how aggravating it is to see all of these requests, as if Sonic Adventure 3 would be this perfect game or something. It would end up the same way Sonic 4 has.
  16. Nova


    Sonic Adventure 3 will be amazing and single-handedly reinvent the series. Even if it's a terrible game, we'll get a sequel to an average game that nobody really liked at the time anyway!

    :eng101: durr

    The SA series was the beginning of the decline - why is everyone seemingly so interested in revitalizing that? I don't get it.

    Also, Sonic 06 was finished, how many times does this need to be said? If it wasn't finished, it wouldn't have been released. Yes, it may have been rushed and not all the plans for it's development might have been carried out but it's still a complete, finished package and those development hurdles need to be taken into context when analyzing it as such. We can't keep calling it 'incomplete'.
  17. Joltanz Mantis

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    One word.

    CHAO. People are all over them. I'm not a huge fan, since I only use them for the emblems, and then I torture them :ssh:

    And for Sonic 06, instead of asking for a remake, look at Melpontro's port with decent gameplay.
    Or not, because it only features the Mach Speed sections because the normal levels wouldn't work with SG Sonic
  18. Billy


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    As long as we get more gems like "my name is Knuckles, unlike Sonic I don't chuckle" it'll all be worth it.
  19. I know Sonic 4 was a long awaited installment in the series and it sucked, but that doesn't mean SA3 would suck. The Adventure series deserves to be a trilogy. I'm ready to play 3D Sonic! Not 2D with a little bit of 3D. I want straight up 3D!

    Don't forget "The new porcupine on the block with the puff chest"
  20. Metal Man88

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    Let's see here. It's been over 10 years since SA2, the style they used there has been discontinued, all the voice actors changed, all the consoles changed, and basically everything that had to do with that type of Sonic game has not only been dismantled, but disavowed—the extra friends included.

    It's more likely for them to make a freakin' AOSTH game than SA3 at this point, because at least for the former they've been moving towards a more cartoony atmosphere and referencing things from it.