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“New Project for Sonic”?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by SpaceyBat, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. SpaceyBat


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    I'll just leave this here:

    (Eh, it seems this website doesn't like hotlinking, so I'll just quote the content.)

    Pretty interesting, to say the least. Hunnid-P said that he's working on some new Knuckles music for an upcoming project with Sega. There's speculation that this could be some kind of Sonic Adventure 3, but it's anyone's guess what he means.

    If I had to formulate my own theory, I'd say that it could mark the return of Knuckles as a playable character. I'm sure there are folks out there who sorely miss his gameplay style, which we haven't really seen in full force since the Advance series. Thoughts?
  2. All I got was a link to a survey.

    And on his Facebook he has an EP with Knuckles on the cover. Maybe he just means this? hmm
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    Oh God, why... :psyduck:
  4. Azookara


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    Not a fan of Hunnid-P's original works, but I liked when he was rapping in-character (and accompanied with good backing music) in SA2. Hope to see more of what this is soon.
  5. TheKazeblade


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    Saw this the other day. I would assume that it would have something to do with the SA2 re-release first off, such as another official soundtrack or just remastering of the old songs, but this coupled with Iizuka stating they want to experiment with alternate playstyles, or "spin-offs and branches of the Sonic gameplay" in his words sometime back, it could mean just about anything.

    •Another spin-off game (I.e. Riders, All Stars, etc.)

    •A Knuckles game, but that will never happen so disregard....


    •Sonic Adventure 3 *shot* *shot* *shot* *shot* *shot*
  6. TimmiT


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    You shouldn't link to that site, it's blocked for a reason. Link to a different source if there is one or else don't post it at all.

    Also, All-Stars Racing Transformed will have remixed music so it could be for that.
  7. SpaceyBat


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    ...That's actually a pretty clever way to prevent hotlinking. xD Why haven't I seen that before? In any case, I just grabbed the text from the article instead.

    An All-Stars Racing remix would be quite awesome, actually - though, we already know that it's in production and have seen all sorts of screenshots and such, so it makes me wonder why he didn't refer to the game by name or as "some sort of racing game."
  8. Dark Sonic

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    That would be quite interesting if there was a new Sonic Adventure, or at least a new game with Knuckles playable in it. I miss playing as him, and as long as I'm not hunting for treasure I'll be just fine and dandy (Personally, a refined werehog styled gameplay with less punching, more platforming, would be just perfect for Knuckles IMO). Then again, does the rap music really give its way to high speed platforming?

    ... but then again it didn't really give it's way to treasure hunting either sooooo make of it what you will.
  9. FeliciaVal


    Sonic 4: Episode 3 :v:

    but no seriously, now im wondering what this could be...and 2013? AST it's coming in november so I'm not counting with that...oh well, time will tell I guess
  10. Sonic Adventure 3 is possible, especially with Adventure 2 on its way, but I dunno, I doubt it. I feel like it has more to do with what people have already said. Hell, I'm not even sure if I want it. Adventure 3's reaction could end up similar to that of Sonic 4's, although at a much, much smaller scale. Fans of the Adventure games have wanted Adventure 3 for so long, it could create such high hopes and expectations that SEGA would fail to meet. But whatever, like I said, I'm not really expecting Adventure 3
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    Nipping this in the bud: Can we please not have a "06 is Adventure 3" retard-a-thon please?

    I'm leaning towards this being a remix album, or soething for All Star Racind. I'd LOVE for it to be for a Knuckles spin-off...but something tells me that they've long moved on from Knuckles' almost-hip hop persona. Shit, hip hop suits Vector now far more than it ever did Knuckles. Dat chain, son.
  12. MykonosFan


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    Thank you! I don't care how legitimate the argument may be, one can only read through that debacle of a debate so many times before feeling like a horrible individual. :(

    I feel like it might be a bit too late for ASRT, not to mention in Hunnid-P's YouTube comment he says "as soon as SEGA and I work on this new project" so it does sound like it's a bit off. Short of SA3 a remix album is definitely the most likely, I feel. No matter what, I'm excited; I love the Knuckles raps.
  13. GeneHF


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    I keep calling these and I've yet to play the Lotto.

    Sega's getting pretty predictable.
  14. Scarred Sun

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    Welp, this.
    Too bad Hunnid-P is a shitty rapper with no flow or wordplay.
  15. Falk


    Both Unleashed and Colors as flagship games featured very little of the musical stylings of the DC era. Whatever it this project is, it's going to be interesting, whether it's merely a musical throwback a-la Generations (for ASRT or SA2HD, as mentioned) or a 90' turn as to the musical aesthetics of the next major Sonic title.
  16. Azookara


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    Seeing his works beyond SA2, like said.. gotta agree here. But I at least liked his raps for Knuckles' stages. If somebody else writes the lyrics though it may end up much better than expected. But hey. Open for whatever he does, just hoping its good.
  17. plushifoxed


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    The thing that made Knuckles' stage themes for me in SA2 was the chill backing tracks (barring Meteor Herd's more upbeat but still great track), not the rapping over it. I like rap, but I don't really care about Hunnid-P's.

    But hey, if this is a harbinger of an interesting new game, cool, I guess!
  18. TheKazeblade


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    I'm not a fan of rap really (with one or two exceptions) but I agree, the tracks themselves were awesome. Aquatic Mine especially, but Death Chamber, and Meteor Herd are dang catchy tunes and they've stuck in my head for these ten years!
  19. Samurai Echidna

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    Well, it helps when the rap avoids any kind of offensive, perverse, or degrading language, has a positive or family friendly message behind the lyrics, and lets itself be catchy. Someone else might have written the lyrics for those songs in SA2, but the ones for Knuckles accomplish all of this while delivering the lyrics from Knuckles' perspective.

    Honestly, if more rap music was like the ones from SA2, I would never complain about rap music ever again. Even that rap song/3rd ED from Sonic X accomplished all this. There was nothing offensive about the lyrics (I was one of the first to commission a translation for the lyrics), and it let itself be catchy in the right way.
  20. XCubed


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    Of course it's not. Sonic Heroes is.

    Anyways, I'm not too thrilled by this because although some of his music is "ok", the in-audibleness of the lyrics drove me up a wall. I forever associate his musical style with the horrible treasure hunting levels that I would spend 30min+ on to the point of getting motion sickness. Knuckles needs a new identity, stat. As Aero said, this suits Vector much more.