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New info on MJ involvement?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by serpx, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Captain VG

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    Welp. I'm gonna have this on loop for the rest of the day. Also someone needs to make a hack with "Hard Times Zone" with a frozen Jetson's sky-scape type feel to it.
  2. FlackoWeasel


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    Same here. I have it on Youtube and I keep re listening over and over again, I even get a cool animated Sonic cartoon about Ice Cap in my mind :D
  3. SGR


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    Kind of off-topic, but has anyone managed to make an FM version of Black or White by MJ yet?
  4. ICEknight


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    I am amazed at the Jetzons track. Isn't the Sonic 3 drum sample the same one used in this song, even?
  5. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    I honestly can't really tell. I would just like to know why Brad Buxer credited Michael with composing Ice Cap with him, when he either did it on his own, with his band a decade prior, or stole it from said band. Makes me wonder if the other replaced tracks have an equally messy origin that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with MJ.
  6. Retroman


    Just read the news. Mind = Blown. I cannot even believe it. It's exactly like Ice Cap Zone! This is the original Ice Cap! Amazing how the composers translated it into the YM2612 Chip.

    Man I need to chill out. :v:

    So why did Sega of America changed the Ice Cap music in the PC Release of Sonic 3 & Knuckles? Weren't they aware that it was Brad Buxer who composed that song and not Michael Jackson?

    I wonder what's the inspiration for Launch Base Zone?
  7. Jayextee


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    Brad Buxer phones it in by rehashing an old unreleased track, and it becomes one of its new franchise's most popular tunes. Typical.
  8. Blastfrog


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    Well, holy shit! I wonder if CNZ and LBZ were by Buxer too? Those tracks have very heavy MJ influence.

    What I find strange is that HCZ and MGZ might be Jackson's songs, yet don't use any of those "fancy" samples, and were not replaced in SKC.

    The competition menu doesn't use anything beyond standard drums either IIRC, yet that was gutted, which seems to imply the cuts were more legal precaution than tech concerns.
  9. Sir_mihael


    I don't think you guys realize how far my pants have flown outside of Earth's atmosphere in finding out about this new Buxer discovery.

    I wish I could contribute some actual discussion towards finding out the credits for other mystery Sonic 3 tracks, but my jaw is too far on the floor. Not to mention said pants from before...
  10. Ravenfreak


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    So my favorite track in S3K is a 16 bit remix of a unreleased 80's song? And here it's been hiding under our noses for four years now! xD I don't care for the vocals in the track, but damn that's cool.
  11. Captain VG

    Captain VG

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    I know its on youtube, but if you're down for supporting the song with a little moolah, Amazon's got it for 99c. Worth the buy for a proper mp3.
  12. Willie


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    "September 12, 2008"

    Took us over half a decade to discover this song. o_O
  13. Seems like someone noticed their similarities earlier. A review of the song on that Amazon page compares the song with Ice Cap, dated at May 26, 2012.
  14. TmEE


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    itunes is not an option, and Amazon does not sell mp3 outside USA... so want it though.
  15. TheKazeblade


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    What a weird twist of events. Maybe this adds credence to the report that Sega had to pull MJ's songs. If this happened late in development, it would make sense for Buxer, under pressure to complete the score on time, to grab one of his band's unreleased recordings. It belonged to him, he wrote it, and it would only take as long as was needed to get it converted. It makes logical sense to me.

    It would make equal amounts of sense if Buxer did the same type of thing with unreleased samples and songs of MJ's. They would technically be his, but would also be MJ's, since that was their original purpose for existing. It would clear up a LOT of conflicting reports, as well as explaining what the alleged legal issues were that causes Sega to decline comment. It would also explain why the clip from 3's credits appeared in Strangers In Moscow: again, using unreleased sampled and clips previously composed. That happens in the music industry all the time.

    Anyone see flaws in this reasoning?
  16. ICEknight


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    They'd better figure out who owns the rights to each song, before Taxman and Stealth finish the Sonic 3 & Knuckles remake. =P

    In all honesty, if the remakes so far have done so well, and specially now that the involvement of all these famous artists' is in everybody's mouths, I can imagine a proper remake of Sonic 3 (&K) being a huge hit and well worth paying any needed music royalties.
  17. Jayextee


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    This is actually one of the more coherent things I've seen written on the matter. It remains a possibility, and until there's any solid proof one way or the other is as valid as MJ personally writing the Carnival Night theme, etc.
  18. Dario FF

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    Obligatory video. Thanks Sonic 3 Complete for being able to disable music. :)
  19. muteKi


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    It's pretty close to the argument I'd been trying to make last time this came up -- nothing that we've seen is really good evidence that anything by MJ is still actually in the game, and when it comes right down to it; even the people who worked with him that Sega tried to contact to get music can only do so much work and so we get like 4-5 songs from them, most of them based on old ideas they already had lying around. Add in boilerplate last-minute contracts and you have a licensing/royalties mess that makes the Sonic CD lyrics issue seem cut-and-dry by comparison.

    There are of course still some issues from where I am on this -- like who did Hydrocity? Supposedly it's by these guys but Sega's never had any problem including it in their games.
  20. Overlord


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    Yeah, this seems pretty sane to me other than the fact some of MJ's work fairly obviously is still in there (Stranger in Moscow springs to mind). This is still an incredible find, though - the most blatantly obvious Sonic 3 theme that's shown up elsewhere from before the game was made. Even moreso that it's been on the web for years - and spotted by some! - without the big sites getting wind of it.

    This I like. It's like Sonic 3 CD =P