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New Genesis (Sega Genesis Classic Console)

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by XCubed, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. XCubed


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    Has anyone seen or even heard of this??

    So would this be considered the Genesis 5 (due to finding the Genesis 4 on the wiki)?

    The most interesting thing about this is that it takes all the original carts and that there are wireless controllers, yet there are actual ports.
  2. Graxer


    That looks almost identical to the Blaze Mega Drive which has been on sale in the UK for a few years. Looking into it further it seems to be called the Sega Firecore in the US and has been on sale since 2008. (If Wikipedia is to be trusted)

    From what I have heard in the past, the sound emulation on these things isn't very good.
  3. Overlord


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    Yeah, that's an Atgames system. They play alright... but anyone who's ever used a Mega Drive will wince the first time they hear one of these.
  4. Black Squirrel

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    AtGames and friends do an inconsistent job when it comes to names, but Wikipedia is wrong. Sega Retro is generally better when it comes to Sega-related matters.
  5. Blaxer


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    Funnily enough, I actually seen a whole shelf full of these in my local pharmacy store the other day at my moms. I have also seen how this thing plays too. it plays like that of a pal version of the megadrive and the sounds are way off than what they should sound like. still cool that they made another genesis though, not to mention that it's also compatible with the official cartridges and controllers too.
  6. Compatibility with original carts is a rare thing these days, since most of these consoles are based on (bad) emulation, so that's a big plus. I'll take a bad hardware clone over bad emulation any day. I wonder if it works with the Everdrives, and whether it has support for Master System games.
  7. ICEknight


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    Aren't these emulation-based as well, though?
  8. I guess not, since they use original carts. Unless they dump the carts every time before running the games, which would mean that carts with co-processors (Virtua Racing) or bankswitching (Super Street Fighter II) wouldn't work. It's not impossible, but I find it unlikely.
  9. Lyrica


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    but can't you use a cart with an emu? Doesn't the Retrode or whatever it's called work like that?
  10. KeebeeNacho


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    My little brother actually has one of these.

    I haven't seen him play anything besides Sonic, though. But with the Sonic games, the colors are wonky, and the sound effects are garbled.

    Edit: Nope nope nope nope. I was wrong about the music. So very, very wrong.
  11. An emulator can't access data directly in a ROM chip, it would be too complicated to have a modern computer (I.e. one fast enough to simulate a whole MD/Genesis) interface with the slower ROM chips in real time.

    I'm fairly sure the Retrode dumps the game to its internal memory and serves it as a file to the emulator. The emulator then loads the contents of this file to its internal memory, and the cart is not used at all during actual gameplay.

    EDIT: Don't you love how this forum turns all lowercase I's into uppercase? I know it's annoying to see people referring to themselves with a lowercase I, but it's equally annoying to not be able to use lowercase I's at all!
  12. ICEknight


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    Yes, it does.
  13. Chilly Willy

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    These consoles are using a low-power ARM SoC and running an emulator. Accessing real carts from an emulator is really no different than accessing BIOS rom, you simply may have a different number of wait states in the bus-cycle than for ram or bios accesses.
  14. ICEknight


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    Wait wait wait, what?
  15. Blastfrog


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    Yeah, this. Go confirm it, although unlikely, it'd be pretty neat if there were official SMPS versions of the PC music.
  16. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    All the games lists and videos I've seen show S1,2,&K, and spinball, but not 3.

    S3 is the only half of the game that has the alternate soundtrack, right? Maybe someone is just remembering wrong or the horrible sound emulation is causing confusion.
  17. KeebeeNacho


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    I'm drawing something, not that you'll ever see it.
    Gah, scratch that.

    I just plugged it in and did a comparison. It turns out that I was wrong. It's been a been a while since I heard the S&K Collection soundtrack. =\

    Anywho, the music is definetly off somehow. Some tracks sound better than others, but there are others that I didn't even recognize at first. Some notes are really off key, and some instruments are much louder than in the original tracks, or just straight up missing from the song.

    But I suppose that's typically what you'd expect from a bad emulation. So, nevermind. No S&KC music. I'm an idiot.

    S&K has an alternate soundtrack too.

    But you're right about the rest.
  18. LockOnRommy11


    Yes, these consoles go on emulation as I'm aware. in the same way that I can use PS1 discs in my computer via emulator, the same applies to these consoles. They aren't built like the original Mega Drives, hence their tiny size, and their shitty emulation of built in games with absolutely fucking terrible sound. I'm not just talking "Ooooh it's a bit tinny here and there", I'm talking "Holy fuck Satan's I AM AN UNFUNNY SHITSTAIN my D-Sub ports!".

    Seriously, I cannot understand why anyone would ever want to buy this Mega Drive. I suppose the only appeal is for normal folk who see this in a shop window and go "Oooh I used to own a Mega Drive these things are awesome and look it comes with loads of games!!".

    The reality is that the picture is blurry and poor, the sound it usually mono and scratchy (only usually has a white and yellow cable), the sound effects are off, the pitch/tone is lower or higher (making the games sound creepy) and they are expensive for what they are.

    A good old original Mega Drive costs about a tenner, and I got mine with two perfect controllers and the manual and all cables. Yeah it's a bit bigger but y'know, that's kinda the appeal.
  19. LockOnRommy11


    Haha, I must be an unfunny shitstain.

    This post is also a test, because although I cannot edit posts, after I posted another in succession earlier, it merged it in to my previous post. Kinda cool.
  20. muteKi


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    Is this in the sense of 'Mushroom Hill 1 and Hydrocity 2 (and maybe a few others) have slightly different arrangements in the MIDI version'? Because if not, you're talking crazy.