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    Oh yeah definitely on a surface level. I just feel like if someone was going to dislike SA1, they would dislike it a lot faster playing the current releases than if they played something that was closer to the Dreamcast version's quality. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I really felt like every SADX port after the GCN one felt a bit... odd? Still, wouldn't hurt for the game to scrub up as best as possible for fans.

    Also purely anecdotal, but it seems most people I've spoken to on/offline about SA1 who don't like the game seem to have played only the recent ports. Although this could easily go down the nostalgia factor road which is another discussion entirely...
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    You have good instincts, Mihael. The "DX" version fails so hard that there is an entire website dedicated to documenting said failure (and fixing it in the initial PC port).

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    Just want to make sure somebody sees this quote and archives things on the wiki.

    On Sonic Adventure:

    Band Aid released Do They Know It's Christmas? in 1984, where it received a very mixed reception from the music industry. It's was considered a bit too corny, billed as a platform in which to boost the career of flagging celebrities (including Bob Geldof), and it has a bizarre, very-Westernised view on "Africa" that seems to imply everyone is living in famine in a desert.

    But they still play it every year and you all know the words (if you live in the UK at least). It's kinda garbage, but it's a classic.

    The song has been re-released three times; 1989, 2004 and 2014. Each version is terrible and you rarely hear either of them played on the radio. But how can this be? They've all been released for similar causes and they all try and address problems in the lyrics - statistically they should be better versions, and yet they are worse, because they were created by people who didn't understand what the original song represented. And that's despite Bob Geldof and Midge Ure being involved in all of them. The moral of the story? Leave it alone. It's fine.
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    Where did you hear this? And when was the last restructuring? Is that why Forces didn't have many people (comparatively) working on it? Or were they restructured after Mania/Forces?

    Interesting if true.
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    It was apparently restructured after Mania/Forces. What was apparently Sonic Team or CS3 I guess dissolved into CS2, with most major Sonic development along with Iizuka shifted to SoA.

    So things are a changing.
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    The levels already have acts, the only difference is they aren't treated as separate levels.
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    Yeah, shit's happening and I feel optimistic about it because it could be very good for Sonic? Also of note is that this integrated new studio that absorbed Sonic Team are working on a new IP - meaning "Sonic Team" as it existed won't be working on the next Sonic game providing Sega intend to produce one in the near future.

    I think with Sega's higher ups apologising for the quality of Sonic games and spearheading a company wide initiative to focus on quality - and then Sonic Team produces Forces which is a trash fire at worst and depressingly mediocre at best - I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the recent business machinations were a corporate directive - as in Sega finally stepped in after all this time adamant to finally change things. You're burnt out on working on Sonic? Fine our fresh team in America will produce the next game whilst you're now working on something new. Feels like it's something that came from very high up at Sega. I mean we can only speculate without knowing what's going on behind the scenes - but I think this is probably the most likely scenario.

    Sonic has a very interesting future to say the least. Could be a bright one if Mania 2 is coming and we have the next game produced by a new team in the US. Things are indeed changing.
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    I'd definitely champion the idea of an Adventure remake. It's still one of the most enjoyable 3d Sonic flaws-and-all. Whilst I would prefer a SA2 remake, I think SA deserves it more. Has arguably better gameplay & level design over SA2, and SA's cutscenes, physics and graphics (my experience is the DX version) feel rather dated 20 years on.

    I wouldn't trust Sonic Team (as they were structured a few years ago) to do a good job remaking Adventure. Honestly I'd be happy if they outsourced a remake to a team of developers (like Team Mania) who are passionate about Adventure and know exactly how to do a good remake, get the physics and level design right.
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    I'd find an Adventure remake more appealing if whoever programs it manages to fully implement the classic physics.
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    Whether it turns out good or bad, a Sonic Adventure remake at this point in time would be a good way to ride the coattails of the Crash and Spyro remakes. People are practically begging for remakes of older 3D titles now.
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    I really don't see what the point of a remake of Adventure would accomplish at this point. They have established "Classic Sonic" and "Modern Sonic" thus far, giving really no room for an Adventure or Advance era Sonic to exist. They branched the Boom series out to cover some unexplored territory and have a movie coming out as well soon to cover the remaining toddlers who haven't been introduced to Sonic yet.

    It would be akin to saying Mario 64 needs a true Switch port when we have Super Mario Odyssey. This would do nothing but please a dying fanbase.
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    Adventure era Sonic is already modern Sonic. It wouldn't be a different pillar.
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    The different "pillars" aren't doing any good as they are anyway. I hope if they do give the Mania team more autonomy to turn Sonic around they let Tyson bridge the gap with new designs that use elements of both design eras and we can finally move on in a new direction that isn't an ill-conceived gimmick.
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    If we're going to talk about Pillars, the general trend has been one 3d game (by Sonic team, may not actually be 3d) and one 2d game (usually by Dimps, this trend continued through Boom with Sanzaru, recently got Sonic Mania with Whitehead, Stealth, and PagodaWest Games). I'd say this is one thing about Sonic that has been correct. "Adventure" is just a variant of 3d Sonic so ask Sonic Team about that.
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    Alright theory time :v: :

    Yuji Naka wanted to join sega again before going to square enix instead: (its in there but i dunno the timestamp)

    Remember when CW said that he would like to make a 3d game? :

    Alright now we know that a new sonic team is being build in the US:

    And NOW Iizuka is saying that he would like to make an Adventure Remake :

    Sonic The hedgehog social media posted a meme with a adventure Plush:

    CW is very silent while the others at the mania team have moved on to others projects

    to me its very clear that Whitehead is on the new sonic team.

    NOOOOW maybe there's no adventure remake on the work, but at least i am 100% sure that Sonic will be controlling differently than in Colors - Forces era (which is 100% good for the serie)
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    That doesn't necessarily mean much; he's always had a smaller social media and forum presence than a lot of the other team members.
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    SoA Sonic game may bring back what we had in the mid 90's. Lets hope so anyway. A remake of Sonic Adventure would require a restructure of the levels and better voice acting tbh. Something like the Spyro remake but with even more creative control. Dunno if they can pull it off.
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    Is there anything about that plush that makes it specifically adventure-era, rather than just a standard Modern one? I'm not seeing any tag or otherwise visible date aside from that of the tweet itself.
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    It's not an Adventure era plush, it came out last year and it's from Toy Factory. They also have a Classic Sonic variant (lighter blue, black eyes) and Modern Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Shadow.
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    Well, putting aside whether it's Classic or Modern or whatever sub-variant people want to put these games into, Sonic Adventure is a very different experience to the current Modern Sonic games. There's a lot more value to a remake of that than say, Mario 64, which has a lot more in common with Odyssey.

    If Adventure was remade nowadays, SEGA would very much count it as a 'Modern Sonic' game anyway.